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Keirsey Temperament Type Keirsey Temperament Type.

Dec 29, 2015



  • Keirsey Temperament Type

  • Personality Typeand Career Satisfaction Prior studies have shown that a persons personality type, along with other demographic variables, is a key ingredient in predicting satisfaction and effectiveness in ones chosen career. To recruit and retain the best employees, some organizations have been looking at personality type as a preliminary place to start in continuing efforts to improve their profession.

  • What is Personality Type?An identifiable pattern in the manner that an individual prefers to perceive and make judgements

    A complex network of interacting systems that strive toward eventual harmony with oneself and ones environment

  • Personality TypesThere are 16 identified unique personality types

    Each personality type describes the various strengths and gifts of individuals

    We all have characteristics of each personality type but there is one we are most comfortable with, most of the time

    One type is not better than another or more talented than another

  • Type and Career ChoicePeople tend to be attracted to, and have the most satisfaction in, careers that provide them with the opportunity to express and use their preferences

    Knowing your personality type will help you apply your personal preferences in a positive way

    The key is finding the career that meets the needs of your personality type for gathering information and making decisions

  • Type and Career Choice, cont.If your daily work has the most need for the kind of perception you naturally prefer, you will handle the job better and find it more satisfying and energizing

    If your daily work needs the kind of decision making that comes most naturally to you, your decisions will be better and will be made with more confidence

    In choosing among careers, find out how much chance each will give you to use your own combination of perception and judgement

  • Type and Career Choice, cont.Remember type doesnt explain everything and you will want to consider other factors along with type in making career choices

    All types may be found making a contribution in every career field

  • What do the letters mean? Energizing: How a person is energized

    E Extroversion: Preference for drawing energy from the outside world of people, activities or things

    I Introversion: Preference for drawing energy from ones internal world of ideas, emotions, or impressions

  • What do the letters mean? Attending: What a person pays attention to

    S Sensing: Preference for taking in information through the five senses and noticing what is actual

    N Intuition: Preference for taking in information through a sixth sense and noticing what might be

  • What do the letters mean? Deciding: How a person decides

    T Thinking: Preference for organizing and structuring information to decide in a logical, objective way

    F Feeling: Preference for organizing and structuring information to decide in a personal, value-oriented way

  • What do the letters mean? Living: Life style a person adopts:

    J Judgement: Preference for living a planned and organized life

    P Perception: Preference for living a spontaneous and flexible life

  • What is your Type?Percentage of the American Population:

    ENFJ 5% ESTJ 13%INFJ 1% ISTJ 6%ENFP 5 % ESFJ 13% INFP 1% ISFJ 6%ENTJ 5% ESTP 13% INTJ 1% ISTP 6%ENTP 5% ESFP 13%INTP 1% ISFP 6%

  • What is your Type?Percentage of the American Population:





  • Can My Type Change?

    Type is determined by factors such as:

    Genetics - what you were born withEnvironment - influences from your home, community, family and friendsCircumstances - the sum total of your life experiences

    The first and last letters of your type have the potential to change over time as they can be influenced by your life experiences as you age.

    The middle two letters of your type are linked to your genetics, which tend not to be influenced by other factors, and tend not to change over time.

    The middle two letters have a greater bearing on your career choice, and career satisfaction over the life-span.

  • Personality Types, in Summary.Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your type when considering the needs of certain careers will help you make an informed decision

    Remember, personality type does not explain everything

    Other factors along with personality type should be considered when making career choices

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