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John R. Kasich, Taylor, It. Scott J. Nally, John R. Kasich, Governor Mary Taylor, It. Governor Scott J. Nally, Director I;J OIi Re Richland County M&D Real Estate NPDES Permit August

Mar 16, 2020




  • 40 EnviroAmental Protection Agency

    John R. Kasich, Governor Mary Taylor, It. Governor Scott J. Nally, Director



    Re Richland County M&D Real Estate NPDES Permit

    August 23, 2011

    Mrs. Shelly Fisher M&D Real Estate Investments 1862 Westover Court Mansfield, Ohio 44906

    Dear Mrs. Fisher:

    On August 3, 2011, an inspection was made of the wastewater treatment facilities serving your property located at 4732 Lincoln Highway, Springfield Township, Richland County. At the time of the inspection, all major components of the treatment system appeared to be operating normally.

    During the inspection, it was noted that the tablets in the chlorine feeder were not in contact with the water. Several tablets at the bottom of the feeder tube had partially dissolved and become soft; however, they were preventing full tablets from failings down the tube to replace them. While performing checks at the treatment plant, the operator needs to be sure that the tablets are falling down the tube. This requires the tube to be removed from the box and visually inspected. Please see the enclosed photograph.

    The operator's log mentioned that the left sand filter dosing pump was malfunctioning beginning on July 18. It did not appear that this pump has been repaired. This should be done immediately if not already completed.

    Our office has received your discharge monitoring reports for the months of January through July 2011. A review of the data submitted revealed five violations of the limits contained In your NPDES permit. Four of the violations were for exceeding the pH limit; the other was for exceeding the total suspended solids limit.

    A copy of our completed inspection report has been enclosed for your review. If you have any questions, please call me at 419-373-3070.


    Walter ̂ Jds S P. E. Environmental Specialist II Division of Surface Water

    /jlm Enclosures pc: Lonnie McGhee, McGhee's Technical Water Service Inc.

    çNWD0 File - ---

    Northwest District Office

    419 1352 8461 347 North Dunbridge Road

    419 1352 8468 (fax)

    Bowling Green, OH 43402-9398


    WWTP'S LESS THAN 25,000 GPO oNPDES Permit No._________________

    Facility Name 4t L) t47 Expiration Date____ Facility Address Z1712 2,2z/-r Date Time ______ City -County 47L Township_________________

    Name and Address of Owner S((y /7c4 Person Contacted__________________ Owner Flow: Design Q, (2)0 GPO Present (_I) GPD (metered _______ Tub. Pop. - estimated) Weather at time of inspectiorc Temp OEPA Personnel 47 //7r_'4-, _. District NWDO

    Plant Effluent - Mark Severity No.


    Effect of effluent on Receiving Stream Name:

    a. Plant has excellent good __________fair ________ poor operation b. Plant has __ excellent >c good fair poor maintenance c. Sand filters have _____ excellent good fair ' poor maintenance

    d. Not operating at expected efficiency due to:

    (1)hydraulic overload (2)organicf solids overload (3)___,,,,,personnel inefficiency 4)equipment failure

    wastes (6)

    Disinfection: (Required May I thru Oct.31.) IN OUT

    Chlorination Tablets - Dechlorination Tablets U.V.

    Yes No

    4• .Compliance with NPDES Permit,,

    Periodic Violations

    Chronic Violations

    NParameters:' -

    5. Adequate plant safety

    6. Operation and Maintenance Service Name /4et$_,722T Frequency of visits _____________________________

    Revised 6/05 RZ Page 1

  • Preliminary tirease irap

    Bar Screen

    Cornrninutor ........

    Flow Equalization

    Aeration Plant Timer _YN Equipment

    Motor/ Blower Unit Secondary Treatment Aeration Tank


    Final Settling Sludge Return

    / Surface Skimmer

    Fixed Media Clarifier

    Tertiary Surface Sand Filter


    Treatment Polishinq Pond

    0 -I

    Color c'2/ ./.ç Adequate Aeration:

    In -^5 Out — fcvvi

    - Out

    Chlorine Tube Feeder

    Disinfection Dechlorination Tube F

    Ultraviolet (UV)

    ' Elapsed Pump Time Flow Metering -V---

    Recorder (continuous

    Raw Wastewater (typE Pumps

    Sand Filter Effluent Dc

    Sludge -'' Aerated Storage Tank Sludge Drying Bed

    Municipal P01W Sludge Disposal Landfill

    Land Application

    Post Aeration Advanced Treatment Spray Irrigation

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