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John R. Kasich, GovernorJerry Wray, Director “Big Data & Asset Management” Ohio Planning Conference 2014

Apr 01, 2015



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John R. Kasich, GovernorJerry Wray, Director Big Data & Asset Management Ohio Planning Conference 2014 Slide 2 John R. Kasich, GovernorJerry Wray, Director Ohio Department of Transportation Big Data: Asset Management Andrew Williams, Administrator Office of Technical Services Slide 3 Big Data Big data is a collection of large data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools. More data tends to lead to more accuracy. More accurate analyses may lead to more confident decision making. And better decisions can mean greater operational efficiencies, cost reductions and reduced risk. Slide 4 The four dimensions of use Aspects of the way in which users want to interact with their data Totality: Users have an increased desire to process and analyze all available data Exploration: Users apply analytic approaches where the schema is defined in response to the nature of the query Frequency: Users have a desire to increase the rate of analysis in order to generate more accurate and timely business intelligence Dependency: Users need to balance investment in existing technologies and skills with the adoption of new techniques Slide 5 Data Cycle Slide 6 Asset Management Video Click link below to watch Asset Management Video on YouTube: Big-Data-Video.aspx Slide 7 John R. Kasich, GovernorJerry Wray, Director Ohio Department of Transportation Managing Big Data with GIS Dave Blackstone Transportation Information Management Section / Office of Technical Services Slide 8 County Boundaries Slide 9 Slide 10 Township Boundaries Slide 11 Slide 12 City Boundaries Slide 13 Slide 14 Urban Boundaries Slide 15 Slide 16 State Route System (19,467 miles) Slide 17 State (19,467) & County (28,973) Slide 18 State (19,467), County (28,973) & Township (41,530) Slide 19 State (19,467), County (28,973), Township (41,530) & Muni (31,664) Slide 20 Road Inventory Slide 21 Slide 22 PCR Slide 23 Slide 24 ELLIS 2014 - 2016 Slide 25 Slide 26 ELLIS Slide 27 Slide 28 Surface Projects & PCR Slide 29 Slide 30 Bridges Slide 31 Bridges by System Slide 32 Bridges by GA Slide 33 Bridges Slide 34 Bridges & OSIP Imagery Slide 35 Rail Lines Slide 36 Rail Crossings Slide 37 Airports Slide 38 Intermodal Slide 39 Crashes - 2013 Slide 40 Slide 41 Crashes by Severity Slide 42 ADT Slide 43 Underground Mines Slide 44 Slide 45 Underground Mines & Road Segments Slide 46 Road Section & Mines Slide 47 PCR Slide 48 ADT Slide 49 Crash Slide 50 ADT-PCR-Crash Slide 51 Number of Crashes/Segment Slide 52 Crash Rate Slide 53 Contact Information Dave Blackstone Office of Technical Services Transportation Information Management Section 614-466-2594 [email protected] TechServ/Pages/default.aspx Slide 54 John R. Kasich, GovernorJerry Wray, Director Ohio Department of Transportation Big Data It All Counts Dave Gardner Traffic Monitoring Section / Office of Technical Services Slide 55 Traffic Monitoring Section Slide 56 Traffic Monitoring Program Count Programming Data Collection Data Processing & Editing Reporting Slide 57 ODOT Count Program Where do we (ODOT) collect traffic data? 3 Year Cycle State System Roads (Interstate, US, and State Routes) 14,200 6-Year Cycle (Local Roads) HPMS Universe Counts 4,200 Safety 3,700 Modeling 5,500 Additional Counts Received from County Engineers 6,200 MPOs 12,000 Total Program Counts 45,800 Slide 58 Data Collection - Types of Counts Portable Vehicle Classification Counts Portable Vehicle Volume Counts Manual Intersection Turning Movement Counts Permanent Traffic Counter Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) Slide 59 ODOT Count Program How do we (ODOT) collect traffic data? Short Term Counts ODOT - Collected by 3 Consultants Statewide Local Agency Coordination Have acquired close 18,000 counts from the county engineers and MPOs. Slide 60 ODOT Count Program How do we (ODOT) collect traffic data? Permanent Counts ODOT/Contractor Maintained Slide 61 ODOT Count Data Processing (Current) Short Term Counts application/Access Database Permanent Counts -Traffic Keeper Ohio (TKO) Client/Server Weigh-In-Motion -TKO/Mainframe Slide 62 Reporting Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) Vehicle Volume Data Vehicle Classification Data Adjustment Factors Various Summary Reports: Daily Weekly Annually By direction, by lane Equivalent Single Axle Loadings (ESALs) Slide 63 ODOT Count Data Reporting (Current) Traffic Survey Report/Map Slide 64 ODOT Count Data Reporting (Current) TIMS Slide 65 ODOT Count Data Processing (Future) Midwestern Software Solutions -Cloud based system -Offers Traffic Count Database, Traffic Count Segments, and Turning Movement Modules -Consolidates processing, storage, and reporting for Short term, permanent, and turning movement counts. Slide 66 ODOT Count Data Reporting (Future) Slide 67 ODOT Count Data Processing (Future) Integration with: -Roads and Highways (RI) -TIMS -BTRS -Safety -Permitted Lane Closure -Pavements -Others Slide 68 Contact Information Dave Gardner Office of Technical Services Traffic Monitoring Section 614-752-5740 [email protected] TechServ/Pages/default.aspx Slide 69 John R. Kasich, GovernorJerry Wray, Director Ohio Department of Transportation Brian Schleppi Infrastructure Management Section / Office of Technical Services Slide 70 Slide 71 1 Cycle of Images Roughly 27,000 miles X 200 shots per mile X 4 camera views (left, front, right, & rear) = over 21 million images = over 11 TB of data (single copy) Slide 72 1 Cycle of Images ~ $ 1 million to support per cycle < 5 cents per image really becomes < 1 cent per image when you prorate for other data collected Road profiles Macrotexture Rutting Surface images Spatial reference Slide 73 1 Cycle of Images All data inclusive of: Linear Reference: County, Route, Logpoint/Milepoint Spatial Reference: Latitude & Longitude Date & Time Stamp Free access to ODOT & J. Q. Public Slide 74 Asset Extractions from Images Building Asset Inventories for Barrier and Overhead Signs 71,816 barrier runs for 5,612 miles of barrier Concrete barrier (rigid) 1,031 miles Guardrail barrier (semi-rigid) 4,296 miles Flexible barrier (cable rail) 284 miles 25 interns completed in 3 weeks time Slide 75 Overhead Sign Inventory Collection Process Slide 76 Locating signs with BOX 76 Left click and use cursor to drag a box around sign. Slide 77 Recording info into database 77 Once sign or signs are boxed, now fill out the database record window. Slide 78 Selecting Correct Sign 78 Select correct sign based off of image. Slide 79 Legend Data & Number Of Signs 79 Select number of signs being collected. Any wording on signs will be placed in the Legend. Slide 80 Selecting Sign Supports 80 Select sign support from support menu. Slide 81 Continue Collecting 81 Slide 82 Macrotexture Analysis Safety Component Proactively Identify potential High Wet Crash locations Slide 83 Slide 84 1 Cycle of network road profiles Roughly 27,000 miles X 5280 feet per mile X 12 elevation points per mile X 2 wheel paths mile = over 3.4 Billion stored profile points Slide 85 Network Road Profiles FHWA / MAP-21 Requirement to report data nationally as performance metric (IRI) Used in OH DOTs Pavement Management System Leveraged to develop IRI based smoothness specifications for highway construction Slide 86 International Roughness Index (IRI) Using profiles to simulate vehicle response (What the public feels) Slide 87 Click the link below to watch Road Profiling Videos nce/Pages/Road-Profiling-Videos.aspx Slide 88 Network Road Profiles In-house Research Interstate Bridges 2.5 X rougher than Pavement Bridges make up less than 4% of network by length Bridges raised network IRI by almost 8% Set the stage to develop PN 555, IRI for Bridges Happy motoring public Infrastructure Benefits Slide 89 Contact Information Brian Schleppi Office of Technical Services Infrastructure Mangement Section 614-752-5745 [email protected] TechServ/Pages/default.aspx

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