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John Dietz - Defence Housing Australia - Building better communities

Jan 20, 2015


Real Estate

John Dietz delivered the presentation at the 2014 ADM Defence Housing Australia Summit.

The 2014 ADM Defence Housing Australia Summit had a theme and focus on ‘Supporting the defence community with an accommodating housing model’ and examined: the current management of the defence property portfolio, Australian housing economics, effective procurement modelling, community and family engagement with defence, efficient logistics co-ordination and the future of defence housing in Australia.

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  • 1. Building better communitiesJohn Dietz, General Manager, ProvisioningGroup

2. DHA Building Better Communities Meeting the Defence Need What, how, when and where An Evolution of the Defence Housing Product Construction / Built Form Development / Urban Design Opportunities Working with DHA 3. DHA Meeting the Defence Need DHA managers ~18,000 dwellings Located throughout all states of Australia We provide ~ 2,000 dwellings a year Houses, Townhouses, Integrated dwellings Apartments Add new stock Development, Construct, Acquire, Direct Lease Extend the life of existing stock Upgrade, Leases - option, renew and extend 4. DHA Meeting the Defence Need Acquisition Relatively fast, flexible, lower risk/low margin Failure in some markets to providewhat we need ~3 month time frame Leasing Direct leasing similar to Acquisitions Little/ no capital outlay Low risk, little/ no margin 5. DHA Meeting the Defence Need Construction Dependent on market for retail land Build what we need Less capital commitment, less risk,lower return 6 12 month time frame Development Surety of supply Build a community suitable for ourmembers Build what we need when we need it Big projects, big capital commitment,higher risk, higher return Land sales ~70% 3 10 year time frame 6. The DHA Product Some Examples 7. An evolution of the DHA product Built Form 8. An evolution of the DHA product Built FormConcept House 9. An evolution of the DHA product Built FormTropical Design Guidelines 10. An evolution of the DHA product Built FormMuirhead Designs 11. DHA - A unique opportunity to build better communities 12. Muirhead Not just a better house, a better community 13. Muirhead An award winning communityAward winning homes in an award winning urban design 14. An evolution of the DHA product Urban Design Precincts Large, sometimes gated, housing divisions. On or off base Lacked integration beyond Defence community Salt & Pepper Spread DHA product throughout thecommunity Usually between 30% - 50% takeout Civilian neighbours can bedisheartened by the transient natureof Defence personnel Reduced support to Defencemembers from neighbours whounderstand the Defence community 15. An evolution of the DHA product Urban Design Clusters/ Pockets Groupings of 6-10 Defencehouses within larger urbanareas Shared amenity for Defencemembers Better for those who appreciatethe support of living within aDefence community but alsolike to be part of non DefencesocietyAselec'onofdifferingdesignsisrequiredformemberswithdifferingwantsandneeds 16. An evolution of the DHA product Urban DesignThe Great Good Placemost needed are those third placeswhich lend a public balance to theincreased privatisation of home life. Thirdplaces are nothing more than informalpublic gathering places. The phrase thirdplaces derives from considering ourhomes to be the first places in our livesand our work places the secondRay OldenbaugNothing beats good amenity able toprovide informal social centres to fostercommunityThroughlong-termbenefittoitsmembers,DHAreapstherewardforgoodamenitymorethanmostotherdevelopers 17. DHA - A unique opportunity to build better communities 18. DHA - A unique opportunity to build better communitiesCrimson Hill 19. DHA - A unique opportunity to build better communitiesBluewattle 20. DHA Future innovation for better communities Innovation in energy usage benefits communityand saves Defence members money DHA have started discussions on Total Energy Planninginitiatives with EDQ (Economic Development Queensland) A holistic set of strategies to deliver:1. Energy costs reductions of 30% to 40%2. Sustained lower peak demand of 50%3. Lower infrastructure requirements for developersand utilities Existing trials endorsed by the QLD Govt for EDQresidential developments 21. DHA Future innovation for better communities Smart Dwellings House Design Materials: PCM Technology: Solar, Geothermal Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) Smart neighbourhoods/ centres Micro-grids 22. Opportunities Working with DHA Our Panels Consultancy Panel Builder Panel No panels for Civil Works or Major/Commercial Construction Our Process Tendering Procurement Cycle 23. Opportunities Working with DHAWhats on the horizon? Civil Works tenders TODO Add upcoming Civil Works tenders Construction tenders, TO DO: Add upcoming construction tenders 24. Anyques)ons?