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Jeff Lynn - Seedrs - UK - Equity Crowdfunding in Europe - Stanford Engineering - Feb 10 2014

Aug 17, 2014



Talk by Jeff Lynn, CEO & Co-Founder of Seedrs, London, UK - at Stanford Engineering School, Feb 10 2014

  • Fuelling Great European Startups Je Lynn | CEO and Co-Founder Seedrs Stanford Engineering European Entrepreneurship & Innovation February 10 2014
  • About Me CEO and Co-Founder of Seedrs Non-Executive Director of Companies House Founding Chairman of The Coalition for a Digital Economy Former M&A/securities lawyer with Sullivan & Cromwell LLP (New York and London)
  • The leading European platform for discovering and investing in great startups
  • Seedrs Overview Entrepreneurs can raise seed and early-stage investment from friends, family, angels and their communities. Investors can invest from 10 up into the startups they choose. We act as nominee to ensure investors are protected and entrepreneurs arent burdened with a huge cap table. Our fees are success-based: 7.5% commission on funding, 7.5% carry on prot.
  • Our Activity 65 deals to date 6.1M ($10M) raised though us 94K ($154K) avg. deal 24 avg. days to fund 115 avg. investors per deal 703 ($1,153) avg. investment Net Investments $5,000,000 $4,500,000 $4,000,000 $3,500,000 $3,000,000 $2,500,000 $2,000,000 $1,500,000 $1,000,000 $500,000 $0 H2 2012 H1 2013 H2 2013
  • Case Study: Future Ad Labs Raised 60K ($98K) from 70 investors. Pioneering a new age of CAPTCHAs that are Engaging, Simple & Secure. Has since raised top-tier VC round.
  • Case Study: Mikes Fancy Cheese Raised 80K ($131K) from 98 investors. Creating Northern Irelands rst raw milk, artisanal, blue cheese for direct and wholesale distribution.
  • Case Study: Happy Days A New Musical Raised 250K ($400K) from 336 investors. 26-week UK theatre tour for original musical. First major theatre production to raise online equity crowdfunding.
  • Our Advisory Board James Alexander - Co-founder of rst major peer-to-peer lending platform, Zopa Mike Butcher Editor-at-Large of TechCrunch Dale Murray CBE - Investor and entrepreneur , British Angel Investor of the Year (2011) Todd Ruppert - Former CEO & President of T. Rowe Price Global Investment Services Ralph, Lord Lucas - Member of the House of Lords
  • Our Funding History 2009-2011: 350K ($575K) in pre-seed capital (before FSA authorisation) from friends, family and small angels 2012: 1.1M ($1.8M) in seed capital for launch from nance and tech angels 2013: 2.6M ($4.3M) crowd round after 18 months from 909 customers, angels and funds
  • Equity Crowdfunding Will Thrive In Europe Growth in entrepreneurship Geographic dispersion (hubs) Global reach and mindset Characteristics of capital and investors
  • Timing Is Right For Entrepreneurship In Europe Technology: High online and mobile adoption. Economic: Financial crisis leading talented people to create their own value. Cultural: Successes being celebrated. Failure being embraced.
  • We Have Multiple Startup Hubs Dozens of tech clusters are developing rapidly throughout the continent each with their own unique fabric. Increased interconnectivity cluster of clusters. Easy for entrepreneurs to travel and network with other hubs. More accelerators and support for entrepreneurs.
  • and Each Has its Unique Value London Fintech and media capital of the world, favourable tax regime. Stockholm Thriving digital sector and large population of early- adopters. Berlin Aordable talent and real estate; high concentration of accelerator programmes. Barcelona Climate, culture and universities draw global tech talent.
  • Small Countries with a Global Reach And Mindset We didnt think about one market the world is our market. Niklas Zennstrm, Skype co- founder
  • A Dierent Approach to Capital Less intensive concentrations of angel investors and high- net-worth individuals Signicant mass auent base of capital Regulatory environment more open to innovative forms of investing
  • Europe Is Ablaze With Great Startupsand Seedrs is Fuelling Their Growth [email protected] @jeseedrs @seedrs