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Java Two 2012 ADF

Mar 18, 2018



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  • Java AndroidiOS

  • Agenda

    Oracle ADF Oracle ADF Mobile

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    Introduction to Oracle ADF

  • Oracle ADF Overview Productive Application Development End to End Framework Simplified Database Access Rich Web User Interface Advanced Controller Pluggable Business Services

  • Oracle ADF Key Features Component For Rich Enterprise Applications Page Flow 2.0 Drag and Drop Data Binding ADF Business Components Multi-channel Clients Declarative Application Customization

  • Oracle ADF Architecture

  • Business Services Layer

  • Business Services Layer

    Interaction with data persistence layer Data persistence Object relational mapping Transaction management Business logical execution

    Implement by following options Java Class, EJB, Web Services, JPA Objects Oracle ADF Business Components

  • Controller Layer

  • Controller Layer

    Application flow Handles user input Two options for web-based applications

    Standard JSF controller ADF controller

  • View Layer

  • View Layer

    Support multi-channel access to business services

    Can reuse and access business services from Web client Client-Server swing desktop application Microsoft Excel spreadsheets Mobile devices

  • Model Layer

  • Model Layer

    Connect business services to other layers Utilize metadata files to define interface Consists two components

    Data controls Data bindings

  • Benefits of Oracle ADF

    End-to-End Solutions Development Environment Platform Independence Metadata-Driven Declaration Customization Enhanced Reusability Source availability

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    Next Generation Mobile Development Framework

  • Software Development

  • Software Development

  • Software Development

  • Oracle ADF Mobile

    Mobile Enterprise Challenges ADF Mobile Features and Benefits

    Rapid Development of Rich Mobile Applications

    Flexible Runtime Architecture Mobile-optimized User Experience Declarative Device Services Integration

  • Oracle ADF Mobile Oracle OpenWorld October 4, 2011 Extension of the Oracle ADF Part of Oracle Fusion Middleware Write once and deploy multiple device

    platform Apple iOS BlackBerry 4.2 and higher Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 and 6 Nokia s60 Plain HTML

  • Rapid Development of Rich Mobile App

  • Visual Task Flow

  • Oracle ADF Mobile Browser

  • Input Components Output Components Layout Components Navigation Components Data Visualization Tables and Trees

    Component Supported

  • ADF Mobile Browser Skinning Enables device-dependent style sheets Provide optimal display pages on various

    mobile browsers Refer to Apache Trinidad Skinning


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  • Resources

    Oracle ADF Home

    Oracle ADF JDeveloper Home


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