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INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH · PDF file INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH PROGRAM CONG HOA CAMPUS Congratulations to all students on achieving excellent grades this month! Chau Nguyen Minh An Starter

Jun 14, 2020






    Congratulations to all students on achieving

    excellent grades this month!

    Chau Nguyen Minh An Starter 1

    Nguyen Huu Hoang Lan Starter 1

    Nguyen Tien Loc Starter 1

    Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc Starter 1

    Chau Duc Nguyen Starter 1

    Nguyen Anh Tuan Starter 1

    Nguyen Duoc Viet Starter 1

    Nguyen Ngoc Lam Starter 2

    Nguyen Nhat Minh Starter 2

    Tran Thanh Nhan Starter 2

  • Nguyen Pham Huong Thy Starter 2

    Truong Van Hai Tien Starter 2

    Nguyen Linh Buu Tran Starter 2

    Pham Ngoc Tran Starter 2

    Dang Minh Tu Starter 2

    Nguyen Nhat Tuong Starter 2

    Pham Co Minh Van Starter 2

    Dang Thanh Vu Starter 2

    Dinh Thi Mai Huong Starter 3

    Lam Nhat Minh Starter 3

    Dang Ngoc Yen Nhi Starter 3

    Nguyen Hoang Tu Nhien Starter 3

    Tran Minh Tri Starter 3

    Hoang Mai Trung Starter 3

    Nguyen Minh Tung Starter 3

    Le Vu Phuong Nghi Starter 4

    Pham Minh Bao Ngoc Starter 4

    Tran Ngoc Hanh Nguyen Starter 4

    Nguyen Ho Thanh Nhan Starter 4

  • Nguyen Hoang Van Nhi Starter 4

    Huynh Luu Gia Nhu Starter 4

    Le Ha Thien Phuc Starter 4

    Le Huynh Hieu Quan Starter 4

    Dao Thanh Thanh Starter 4

    Nguyen Ngoc Dan Vy Starter 4

    Tran Nhut An Starter 5

    Nguyen Duc Anh Starter 5

    Tran Mai Quynh Chau Starter 5

    Truong Nguyen Quynh Hoa Starter 5

    Doan Nguyen Phuong Khanh Starter 5

    Nguyen Thanh Tuyet Ngan Starter 5

    Ho Thanh Truc Starter 5

    Tran Quoc Dat Starter 6

    Ho Minh Khoi Starter 6

    Lu Anh Nhu Starter 6

    Loakhajorn Nguyen Thanh Starter 6

    Do Hong Thy Starter 6

    Phan Thanh Mai Starter 7

  • Truong Hoang Cao Nguyen Starter 7

    Tran Minh Quan Starter 7

    Lu Minh Tran Starter 7

    Nguyen Quynh Trang Starter 7

    Lam Quoc Vinh Starter 7

    Doan Nam Duong Starter 8

    Bui Dinh Thuy Hien Starter 8

    Vo Nguyen Bao Khang Starter 8

    Tran Khanh Linh Starter 8

    Nguyen Hai Minh Starter 8

    Nguyen Man Nhi Starter 8

    Vu Trung Tin Starter 8

    Nguyen Thuong Tung Starter 8

    Nguyen Tang Nhat Vy Starter 8

    Nguyen Trong Minh Starter 9

    Nguyen Truc Vi Starter 9

    Nguyen Bao Vy Starter 9

    Le Kha Han Starter 10

    Hoang Lac Nam Starter 10

  • Bui Do Minh Nguyen Starter 10

    Tran Phat Nguyen Starter 10

    Nguyen Anh Huy Starter 11

    Dang Quan Nghi Starter 11

    Phan Hoang Dan Uyen Starter 11

    Pham Khanh Bang Chau Starter 12

    Duong Dat Starter 12

    Ngo Gia Khang Starter 12

    Ly Nguyet Nhi Starter 12

    Le Vu Minh Chau Starter 13

    Pham Minh Nhu Starter 13

    Duong Nguyen Bao An Starter 14

    Pham Phu Gia Starter 14

    Huynh Vinh Tuan Starter 14

    Nguyen Thi Xuan Mai Elementary 1

    Pham Huynh Yen Nhi Elementary 1

    Nguyen Huu Gia Phu Elementary 2

    Ngo Nhat Uyen Elementary 2

  • Le Nguyen Thanh Hoang Elementary 3

    Nguyen Le Lan Huong Elementary 3

    Do Khiet Quan Elementary 3

    Le Thuyen Quyen Elementary 3

    Nguyen Pham Hoang Elementary 4

    Tran Tuan Lam Elementary 4

    Dinh Quoc Minh Elementary 4

    Luu Hue Nhu Elementary 4

    Le Kim Nghia Bao Phuc Elementary 4

    Tran Thanh Phuong Elementary 4

    Vo Minh Quan Elementary 4

    Lam Nhut Quan Elementary 4

    Le Thi Minh Thao Elementary 4

    Do Thuy Lam Elementary 5

    Nguyen Hoang Lam Elementary 5

    Nguyen To Nghi Elementary 5

    To Phuong Nghi Elementary 5

    Nguyen Duc Nhat Quan Elementary 5

    Diep Tuyet Dinh Elementary 6

  • Dang Ngoc Nguyen Hung Elementary 6

    Nguyen Phuc Huy Elementary 6

    Tran Vinh Huy Elementary 6

    Phuoc Le Hoang Long Elementary 6

    Nguyen My Ngoc Elementary 6

    Doan Khoi Nguyen Elementary 6

    Chu Thuy Trang Elementary 6

    Nguyen Trang Anh Elementary 7

    Le Thien Huong Elementary 7

    Nguyen Hoang Phi Long Elementary 7

    Dang Ngoc Anh Thu Elementary 7

    Huynh Ho Quang Tung Elementary 7

    Doan Thanh Xuan Elementary 7

    Nguyen Thuy Duong Elementary 8

    Van Nam Kiet Elementary 8

    K'Thang Elementary 8

    Le Hoang Long Elementary 8

    Nguyen Binh Minh Elementary 8

  • Tran Tien Thanh Elementary 8

    Nguyen Dinh Hung Thinh Elementary 8

    Dang Hoang Mai Anh Elementary 9

    Nguyen Huu Dang Elementary 9

    Phung Hong Phuc Elementary 9

    Le Thi Minh Trang Elementary 9

    Van Tu Uyen Elementary 9

    Nguyen Thien An Elementary 10

    Le An Chi Elementary 10

    Pham Ngoc Quynh Nhu Elementary 10

    Trang Thanh Minh Tam Elementary 10

    Nguyen Thi Hong An Elementary 11

    Nguyen Lan Anh Elementary 11

    Tran Hoang Quoc Huy Elementary 11

    Pham Maandy Elementary 11

    Nguyen Thanh Thien Elementary 11

    Nguyen Thi Quynh Tien Elementary 11

    Nguyen Quynh Anh Elementary 12

  • Nguyen Anh Duc Elementary 12

    Nguyen Tuan Hung Elementary 12

    Nguyen Do Uyen Nhi Elementary 12

    Tang Khanh Van Elementary 12

    Tran Le Yen Vy Elementary 12

    Nguyen Ngoc Tuong Anh Elementary 13

    Pham Ngoc Han Jenifer Elementary 13

    Do Hai Hoang Nam Elementary 13

    Truong Lan Trinh Elementary 13

    Nguyen Gia Tue Elementary 13

    Nguyen Thao Uyen Elementary 13

    Le Bao Vuong Elementary 13

    Le Van Anh Elementary 14

    Nguyen Tran Trong Anh Elementary 14

    Le Xuan Duc Duy Elementary 14

    Phan Hoang Anh Khoa Elementary 14

    Truong Lam Ngoc Linh Elementary 14

    Phan Nguyen Hoang Long Elementary 14

  • Quach Gia Uyen Elementary 14

    Nguyen Huu Minh Anh Elementary 15

    Nguyen Le Quynh Chau Elementary 15

    Quach Thuc Nghi Elementary 15

    Tran Duc Huy Elementary 16

    Chiu Duy Khang Elementary 16

    Bui Minh Long Elementary 17

    Le Chi Uyen Nhi Elementary 17

    Le Thuy Tien Elementary 17

    Nguyen Duy Thong Elementary 18

    Ngo Cao Quynh Huong Elementary 19

    Nguyen Manh Khuong Pre-Intermediate 1

    Vu Tran Khanh Ngoc Pre-Intermediate 1

    Ton Nu Y Nhi Pre-Intermediate 1

    Dao Viet Hoang Pre-Intermediate 2

    Doan Khang Hy Pre-Intermediate 2

    soi Y Huong Pre-Intermediate 3

    Nguyen Ngoc Quynh Mai Pre-Intermediate 3

  • Hoang Tuyet Nhi Pre-Intermediate 3

    Dang Quoc Trung Pre-Intermediate 3

    Nguyen Xuan Tung Pre-Intermediate 3

    Nguyen Dang Thuc Anh Pre-Intermediate 4

    Pham To Kim Bao Pre-Intermediate 4

    Hoang The Huy Pre-Intermediate 4

    Nguyen Vu Hoang Oanh Pre-Intermediate 4

    Pham Vu Hung Pre-Intermediate 5

    Nguyen Huy Pre-Intermediate 5

    Nguyen Le Dang Khoa Pre-Intermediate 5

    Luong Khanh Linh Pre-Intermediate 5

    Hua Thang Phat Pre-Intermediate 5

    Nhieu Canh Van Pre-Intermediate 5

    Nguyen Quynh Anh Pre-Intermediate 6

    Tran Thanh Tam Pre-Intermediate 6

    Ngo Tran Khanh Thu Pre-Intermediate 6

    Vo Thi Van Anh Pre-Intermediate 7

    Nguyen Doan Khoa Nguyen Pre-Intermediate 7

  • Le Hong Gia Bao Pre-Intermediate 10

    Luu Tran Le Huy Pre-Intermediate 10

    Nguyen Ngoc Lan Phuong Pre-Intermediate 10

    Tran Dinh Nguyet Ha Pre-Intermediate 11

    Le Phan Van Hang Pre-Intermediate 11

    Vo Thi Thuy Hanh Pre-Intermediate 11

    Ngo Cao Hung Pre-Intermediate 11

    Le Huu Minh Tri Pre-Intermediate 11

    Pham Dang Ngoc Han Pre-Intermediate 12

    Ngo Uyen Khanh Pre-Intermediate 12

    Nguyen Tuong Khanh Nguyen Pre-Intermediate 12

    Don Trung Hieu Pre-Intermediate 13

    Nguyen Thien Khiem Pre-Intermediate 13

    Luong Nguyen Khoa Pre-Intermediate 13

    Nguyen Huu Kien Pre-Intermediate 13

    Pham Cong Duy Phuc Pre-Intermediate 13

    Bo Van My Pre-Intermediate 13

    Ly Vinh Bai Pre-Intermediate 14

  • Le Tran Duc Huy Pre-Intermediate 14

    Nguyen Tran Ngoc Nguyen Pre-Intermediate 14

    Dao Nguyen Nhu Quynh Pre-Intermediate 14

    Tran Gia Nhat Thuan Pre-Intermediate 14

    Nguyen Dieu Linh Pre-Intermediate 15

    Loakhajorn Nguyen Ngan Pre-Intermediate 15

    Le Vuong Tuyen Pre-Intermediate 15

    Nguyen Ton Nu Bao Vy Pre-Intermediate 15

    Nguyen Anh Tuan Pre-Intermediate 16

    Nguyen Thi Minh Chau Intermediate 1

    Nguyen Ly Hoa Hong Intermediate 1

    Do Le Khai Hung Intermediate 2

    Nguyen Bich Nga Intermediate 3

    Dao Doan Quoc Thinh Intermediate 3

    Cao Co Tinh Intermediate 3

    Hoang Minh Hieu Intermediate 4

    Bui Dang Doan Thuy Intermediate 5

    Truong Thinh Xuong Intermediate 5

  • Tran Van Anh Intermediate 6

    Tran Mai Quynh Chi Intermediate 6

    Pham Nam Phuong Intermediate 7

    Vu Ngoc Minh Anh Intermediate 8

    Chang Yuan Anh Intermediate 10

    Phan Quynh Uyen Nghi Intermediate 10

    Bui Nhu Ngoc Intermediate 10