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Innovating Business Process Improvement Panel May 2010

Nov 30, 2014



Innovating with Business Process Improvement: Three Keys to User-Centric Innovation. Donna Tellam presented as a portion of a panel discussion at the DBMA Supply Chain Leaders in Action business forum, Scottsdale, AZ, May 26, 2010. Highlights of forum at .

  • 1. Innovating with Business Process Improvement Annual Business Forum May25-27, 2010 Scottsdale Resort & Conference Center

2. Welcome to Innovating with Business Process Improvement

  • Moderator :Tom Goldsby, PH. D., University of Kentucky

L everaging Change Management George Duggan , VP Domestic Intermodal, BNSF Railway User-Centric Innovation Donna Tellam , Director User Experience, Global 360 Focus on the Customer: Retailer-Manufacturer Collaboration Jim Pleiman , VP Supply Chain, Merck Consumer Care 3. 4.

  • What is themost importantpart of any successful process improvement initiative, and the part on which most companies spend the least amount of time?
  • User experience design

2010 SCLA Annual Business Forum 5.

  • Place theuserat thecenterof the design

The User-Centric Approach to Innovation Focus on the userresults in a solution that iseasier to useandincreases processor productivity . 2010 SCLA Annual Business Forum 6.

  • Understand the processfrom theusers point of view
    • How muchtimedoes it take?
    • What are thepain points ?
    • What are theproductivity killers ?
    • How muchtimewould it take totrain a new user ?
    • What is the frequency oferrors ?

Listen 2010 SCLA Annual Business Forum 7. Listen 2010 SCLA Annual Business Forum 8. Observe

  • Get adeep understandingof the process
  • Uncoverunknown issues , and do a reality check against how youthinkthings work
  • Uncoverprocess inefficiencies
  • Understand thepain pointsfor each participant in the process
  • Understand whatmotivatesthem

If you simplyask questionswithoutobserving the workbeing done, you willmiss many key process improvement opportunities . 2010 SCLA Annual Business Forum 9.

  • One of the benefits of automating your business processes is theease of collecting metricson your process
  • Those metrics are useless if you dont haveeasy accessto the information
  • Process metrics are usually viewed as useful only to management personnel, but there are many benefits to be realized from keeping processors aware of the metrics as well

Provide Visibility & Ease-of-Use at all Levels 2010 SCLA Annual Business Forum 10. Provide Visibility & Ease-of-Use at all Levels Management Dashboards 2010 SCLA Annual Business Forum 11. Provide Visibility & Ease-of-Use at all Levels Processor Dashboards 12. Whats the Impact? Visibility into theProcess Improved Process Efficiency75% Reporting &Oversight time Better Insight Into Process Processing Cost Measurable Results: Quantitative Targets: # ofPeople Requiredto Do the Work2010 SCLA Annual Business Forum 13. Whats the Impact? Customer Yearly Cost Savings Payback Period Services Provider Claims Processor Loan Processor $ 475,000 $ 439,000 $ 1,800,000 7.2 Months 9 Months 7.2 Months 14. Changing how work gets done. We are able to better serve our customers and effectively manage SLAs.-- Revlon Improvement:Automated claims resolution processes with the user in mind-- reduced cycle time and resources, and captured lost revenues. ROI:Broke even at 18 months and saw payback within 24 months. 2010 SCLA Annual Business Forum 15. Contact Info: Donna Tellam [email_address] 1642 Market Street, Suite 204 Denver, CO80202 P 303.350.5194|F 800.381.1325

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