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illegal motorcycling - London Borough of Bromley ... motorcycling Bromley Council is working in partnership with The Metropolitan Police to combat the problem of illegal motorcycling.

Jul 16, 2020




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    Bromley Council is working in partnership with The Metropolitan Police to combat the problem

    of illegal motorcycling.

    This leaflet gives details of legal requirements of owning a motorcycle or go-ped® using it on roads, other places and

    on private land.

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    illegal motorcycling...

    Several people have been KILLED in the borough over the past few years when riding illegal motorcycles. Illegal riding causes a major danger to other road users and pedestrians. Anyone who rides a motorcycle dangerously and injures or kills someone else faces possible imprisonment

    powerstoseize Under the ‘Police Reform Act’, the police can now seize your motorcycle if you cause alarm, distress or annoyance to members of the public.

    Parents are warned that they may be liable to pay a minimum of £105 recovery cost of any motorcycle seized from their child.

    Repeat offenders could have their motorcycle taken away from them and disposed of.

    Think twice before you let your child out on that bike!

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    noisenuisance Anyone caught causing annoyance to the public could face prosecution and having their motorcycle seized.

    damage You could commit the offence of criminal damage to land, parks, playing fields etc. If so you could be sued in court for the value of the damage done.

    For example, a school playing field may be damaged because of ruts left behind by motorcycles riding over it.

    The rider who caused the damage could be arrested. If the owner chooses to sue you, you would have to pay the costs for the damage to be repaired.

    publicplaces If you ride a motorcycle on a pavement, in parks or fields without permission, you are committing a serious offence, which could lead to prosecution.

    Remember, Crash helmets are required by law,

    they must be done up and they

    off-road motorbike save lives

    private land If you ride your motorcycle on private land, without the landowners permission, you can be prosecuted.

    ‘Noise nuisance’ prosecutions can be brought when you ride your motorcycle in public places or on private land.

    pavements Pavements alongside the road are part of the road. Even pushing a motorcycle along the footpath is counted as it being on the road.

    This means it should still be street mini-motolegal, with lights, brakes, brake lights,

    speedometer etc all being in working order. The person pushing it must be licensed and insured to ride it.

    What is a ‘motorcycle’ ? Whenever it says ‘motorcycle’ in this leaflet it is referring to any mechanically propelled vehicle intended or adapted for use on a road.

    This includes off road scramble bikes, scooters, go-peds®, mini motorbikes, electric scooters and almost any other

    electric scooter form of bike other than bicycles.

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    If the parents are the owners of a motorcycle being ridden by a youngster, it can be classed as ‘aiding and abetting’ if they permit the illegal use of the motorcycle.

    Even if a parent buys petrol for an illegal motorcycle, they can be ‘aiding and abetting’ the rider to commit the offences. This means the parents can be prosecuted in addition to the riders.

    supplyingpetrol Petrol must not be sold or supplied to a person under the age of sixteen. It is an offence to do so and could lead to the supplier being charged.

    If you supply petrol to someone over sixteen the petrol must be supplied in a suitable container.

    Illegal motorcycling can kill It can be expensive in fines Your motorcycle may be confiscated And it can lead to imprisonment


    To drive on the road legally you will need:

    • A driving licence • Insurance • A CBT test certificate • Tax and registration • Your motorcycle to be

    street legal and, if you’re under 17 years old, it must not have been modified in any way to make it go faster

    Otherwise you are breaking the law and run the risk of fines, confiscation, prosecution or even imprisonment.

    If you have any information about persons committing these offences, or where they live please contact Bromley’s Antisocial Behaviour Unit on 020 8461 7907

    Any information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

    To report offences currently being committed in a park or public open space, call Parks and Community Services during office hours on 01689 862815, or out-of-hours call Ward Security Dog Patrol on 0845 8476180

    To report offences currently being committed on a public road or pavement, call the Metropolitan Police on 01689 891212

    For information about motorcylcing, please log on to:, or

    or call Bromley’s Road Safety Unit on 020 8313 4546