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IKSA April Newsletter 2011

Mar 23, 2016



IKSA Irish Kitesurfing Newsletter 2011

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    0Welcome to the first edition of our

    IKSA Newsletter April 2010. The main aim

    of this issue is to keep such a dispersed

    group of kiters in Ireland in touch with the

    Kite Events around the country...not

    everyone lives in Dublin... ya for some of

    us in the sticks as well.

    Also we decided to do a little truthful

    review of some kite gear you might like to

    test. We have a Rider of the Month

    review with Keith kindly agreeing to tell us

    all his business and why he loves

    kitesurfing on a surf board. We have

    Oscar in Dublin in Me my Van, who

    gives us an insight into the advantages of

    making tea while still in your wetsuit! And

    we have some info on a secret spot...they

    still exist!

    We are also encouraging Ir ish

    Kitesurfers to join IKSA for insurance

    reasons. The insurance this year has now

    improved. Its always nice to know you are

    covered when kiting on the beach should

    anything happen to passers by as a result

    of your kiting!

    April 2010

    You cant afford not to!

    New improved Insurance for 3rd party liability insurance to cover you up to 5,000,000

    Free IKSA t-shirtFree board stickerFree copy of KiteWorld magVoting rights at the AGMSupporting IKSA Events


    Warren Vance - Northern [email protected] McCourt - [email protected] Irwin - [email protected] Roche - South/[email protected]n Shelly - Galway/[email protected] Barry - Limerick/[email protected] Armstrong - Sligo/[email protected]




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    Kyra McKennaCiaran GilsenanEDITORS:


    24th Rhino Wave Charge

    24th Competition Prep in Achill PureMagic

    1-3rd Sligo IKSA event

    15-16th IKSA SandyBurger in Achill

    22-23rd Rhino Wave Charge

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    Events for May and JuneThe Kite Wave event of last year is back and the first event starts on the 24th April and 22nd May. These event known as Rhino Wave Charge are voluntarily run by Ryan Cootes, one of the best Wave Kiters in Ireland and also recently featured in the latest issue of KiteWorld magazine. Check it out at

    Achill boot camp has been organised for the weekend of the 24th April for those who want to beat the pros at their own game. More info at the PureMagic website

    Kiting is a natural spectator sport which pulls in the crowd. With the wild antics on display from sponsored to beginner kiters, every event is always worth the drive. The next big IKSA event will be the Sligo event starting on the 1st May. Check it out at

    At last the IKSA Sandy burger is back! Its a free event where all levels of riders turn up and get to know the kite community. The next one is at Achill on 15-16th May. It will be kindly hosted by PureMagic. Phone Francois on 0851056344 or email [email protected]


    24th Rhino Wave Charge

    24th Competition Prep in Achill PureMagic

    1-3rd Sligo IKSA event

    15-16th IKSA SandyBurger in Achill

    22-23rd Rhino Wave Charge










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    Rider: Keith McGeown

    Co-founder of Elementsportz, Keith is one of the top wave kiters in Ireland. Originally from Drogheda and now living in Belfast he gives us some background into his passion for wave kiting.

    How did you start kiting?I started surfing in 93 when I was in college. Once I graduated I decided to do my own endless summer surf trip around the world that lasted a glorious18months Most of this time was spent living and surfing the northern beaches of Sydney where I had a house. You cant beat surfing before and after work, especially in boardies or a steamer! When I got back to Ireland I was frustrated by the lack of water time and inconsistent swell I was getting, after having been swell-spoiled in Oz, Indo and Hawaii. A friend suggested checking out kitesurfing but being a surfer and having seen it in the mags I kind of dismissed it. But after some convincing I decided to go have a look at some lads doing it in Dublin. On arrival some fella was doing 3 or 4 jumps and crashing down like a rock. At that point I thought to myself 'that looks like fun!'. 3 days later I booked a lesson. That was June 2001 and I've not looked back

    Is any of your family into surfing or kiting?Ya my partner, Sweva kited and competed back in the day but she hasnt been on the water for a while, career break I think they call it. Ive had my 2yr son Killian on a long board and an SUP but hes still a little too young for it yet defo potential there tho! Ive swapped all his Bob the Builder dvds with surf movies hoping for a brain-wash effect:-D

    Where is your favourite beach and what conditions are best?Its hard to call a favourite spot as there are so many both in Ireland and aboard, and on the

    right day and in the right conditions anywhere can be magic. And the same place can just as quick do the nasty on you too if the wind shifts or the tides are wrong! Scored the Mullet a couple of times last year in perfect cross-off which was very nice, just a park and ride down the line Theres a reef in Donegal (secret spot?)that on the right tide, wind and swell direction can be amazing - but it's so rare to score it with everything on. Keep watching the charts! It's hard to beat Rossnowlagh as beach break though.

    Whats the deal with the shorts over wetsuit look?I used to wear boardies over the wetsuit back in my freestyle days to save the wetsuit. As anyone that rode with me back then would tell you I spent half the time getting dragged up the beach unhooked from a missed handle pass or other trick, and the shorts saved many an innocent beach-goer from a flash of McGeown cheek! Now I only ride waves I dont bother with the shorts, it just makes a big swim back to the shore more hassle. You can forget about looking stylish if youve a kilometre plus swim to make and rollers breaking on your head the whole way in.

    What gear are you riding?Ive been riding Ozones since 07. Found them mega stable in the waves and because they have their own factory, build quality is second to none. In this year's quiver Ive a 10m C4 and 8m, and a 6m Catalyst. All fast with loads of depower. And the biggest factor for me... no pulleys! Gives me all the windrange without the stress of something breaking or jamming when a big set is bearing down. As for boards, definitely wave boardsHavent owed a twin-tip in a couple of years. I ride a 61 Al Merrick K-small custom, a 511 Firewire yum yum and a 58 Slingshot Celeritas. Each have their conditions for excelling which makes choosing on the day pretty easy. All strapless of course.

    A lot of the Northern kiters are flying Ozones. Are you responsible?I guess I had a part to play in that, Eddie Hawkins as well but the reality is people will ride what they like, what suits their style and most importantly whats reliable. You can read all the hype on the internet and in the magazines but the fact is until to try it you cant tell if its for you or not. Luckily the local riders all love the kites.

    Can you jump on a wave board?Oyes but be careful most wave boards arent constructed to handle the impact of a heavy landing on the deck. I normally take out the 58 if Im having a strapless jumping/trick session. Its good craic when the waves are small or not there at all. Its also good to practice keeping your feet on the board when in the air, something that comes in very useful when youre trying to get out the back on the bigger days. Just try not to land on an upwards facing fin

    Whats your worst wipeout story?Other than the 3 months on crutches Ive been very lucky. Couple of big swims over the years but if your going to go out in waves then I guess you have to be prepared for that long swim to the shore.

    Favourite kite clip?But if you want inspiration in the waves I think you have to look beyond kiting into surfing and whats going on there. your kite daddy?

    When is the next big event in your kiting life?Just waiting the next big swell. When I started it was all about the wind and any wind would do... now its hard to get excited for anything less than 18knots and a 3m swell. Just a wind snob now I guess... ; )

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    BOARD REVIEWBoard: Fone Acid IIIYear: 2010Size: 130/39Reviewer: CatherineKite Experience: 3 years

    Catherine at Puremagic has the luck of being surrounded by all the latest gear, but this board in particular caught her eye and she has kindly offered to review it for us.

    How did you get this board? I just got it few months ago, u s e d t o h ave t h e F l x underground. Fone is one ofthe brands we sellat Pure Magic and so I have a lot of g e a r t o c h o o s e f ro m . However, this is the one I liked best. It has a great pop a n d i t a l l ow s s m o o t h landings, so responsive too.

    What your level rider are you? Freer ider ! Doing some jumps, rotations, starting to

    unhook and if conditions are really easy and I'm brave enough I'dtry to loop the kite ;-)

    Why did you choose this board?The Acid IIIhad great reviews, I actually took if for my holidays without trying it before and I have to admit that I have been very impressed and loved it straight. I also