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iconic directors

Jan 13, 2017



2 Iconic directors

2 Iconic directors What inspiration can you take from them?

By: Melanie.V.A

David Fincher is known for the four movies below. He was born in 1962 in Denver, Colorado, and was raised in Marin County, California. An inspiration this director gives me is the choosing's of his actors. From his past work we can see that he works with extremely successful actors such as Brad Pitt staring in several of his movies which also indicates he is a well known, respected director.I am also inspired by his passion as most of his films revolve around thriller, drama and mystery. Every film is also different and captivating in its own way. Which makes me want to watch the film to see the ending. This also demonstrates his creativity and talent for film making.

David Fincher

Brad Anderson is also known for the four successful movies below. Anderson was born in 1964 in Madison, Connecticut, USA. He is a director and producer.One piece of inspiration I can take from this director is that as well as being a producer he is also a director and writer. Since he write this could be where he comes up with film ideas as he may be able to envision a successful movie which he will them try to recreateLastly, Anderson also inspires me as for example with the film The call it has a strong plot which engages the audience as we get to see two points of view of a horrible event and at the same time we grow a relationship not only with the caller but the girl as we get to know them through out the film and sympathise with them.Brad Anderson