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IBM PureSystems A new family of expert integrated systems
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IBM PureSystemsA new family of expert integrated systems

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Announcing the first two members of the IBM PureSystems family

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Understand the IBM top line portfolio positioning

SystemIBM PureFlex System

PureApplication System•WebSphere, DB2

PureFlex System

•Power 4S and 2S•X86 4S and 2S

•Storage •Networking

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Page 7: IBM Pure Systems

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IBM Flex System

Compute NodesPower 2S/4S*x86 2S/4S

Storage NodeV7000Expansion inside or outside chassis

Management ApplianceOptional

Networking10/40GbE, FCoE, IB8/16Gb FC


IBM PureFlex System

Chassis14 half-wide bays for nodes

IBM PureApplication System

Starts at Acquisition: A continuum of value from building blocks to systems

Simplified experience Reduce time, effort and risk throughout the solution lifecycle Expert


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• Designed for Cloud - SmartCloud Entry included on Standard and Enterprise

• Designed for choice of architectures: IBM POWER7 and/or Intel x86 processors within the same systems

• Designed for choice of OS: AIX, IBM i, Microsoft Windows®, and Linux from Red Hat, SUSE

• Designed for choice of hypervisors: PowerVM, KVM, VMware, or Microsoft HyperV

• Designed for simplicity: Integrated, single system management across physical and virtual resources

IBM PureFlex SystemConfigurations that ease acquisition experience and match your needs

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Remote Presence Setup Wizards

Quick SearchChassis Map*

*Some capabilities planned for future delivery; IBM Plans subject to change

Simplified management experience with advanced automationReduced risk through integrated platform management

• New user interface and configuration automation brings new components online faster*

• Cross-resource integration and automation enables transformation from managing resources to managing applications, services and workloads

• Works with the management you have - other IBM platform tools, Tivoli and third party enterprise management (e.g., CA, BMC, HP, etc.)

• Easier monitoring, alerts and problem management through automated resolution processes with integrated expertise




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FSM Hypervisor Support Strategy

VMware Hyper-V Others…

Integrate with Others

Focus on D


� Focus on richness of capabilities for IBM Systems

� Integrate with others and extend via Service Management

Resource Pooling

VM Placement

VM Relocation

Workload Resilience

Energy Efficiencies

Workload Performance

Security Isolation

Discovery and Inventory

Cloud Services

Image Management

Health and Status

PowerVM, KVM

VS Lifecycle

Disaster Recovery

Storage & IO Virtualization

Extend with Service Management

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IBM PureFlex System

IBM PureApplication System

Business Process as a ServiceSoftware as a Service

Platform as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service

Design Deploy Consume

20-30X faster deployment with application patterns expertise

Accelerate adoption of private clouds with built-in virtualization and superior automation

Built for cloud

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IBM Flex Systems Chassis Overview

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Diverse offerings to match the diverse workloadsIBM Flex System x220

IBM Flex System x240

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What is the Storwize V7000 - Start Small and Grow Easily

Start smallOne 12 or 24-bay control enclosure

12- and 24-bay expansion enclosures can be intermixed in a system

Drive sizes can be intermixed in an enclosure

20 U = 1 M



Scale UpEasily add up to 9 expansion enclosures, expand capacity up to 240TB and 39 expansion enclosures (4 x V7000)

Drive choices

2.5-inch (SFF)– 146GB 15K RPM SAS– 300GB 15K & 10K RPM SAS– 450GB 10K RPM SAS– 600GB 10K RPM SAS– 900GB 10K RPM SAS– 1TB 7.2k RPM NL-SAS

3.5-inch (LFF)– 2TB 7,2k RPM NL-SAS– 3TB 7,2k RPM NL-SAS

Solid-State Drive (SFF)– 200GB, 300GB, 400GB

RAID level

RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and 10

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Features: Internal & External Storage Block-level virtualization

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Managed Disk (Mdisk) – Lun / Logical Device imported from external virtualized arrays (example 100GB ldev of HDS USP-V array)

The Storwize V7000 uses basic storage units called managed disks and collects them into one or more Storage Pools

These Storage Pools then provide the capacity (extents, base size 256MB) to create volumes for use by hosts.

Virtualization Features: How it “internally” works

Managed Disk (Mdisk) – Lun / Logical Device imported from external virtualized arrays (example 100GB ldev of HDS USP-V array)

Managed Disk (Mdisk) – Raid Array build on Internal StorWize V7000 disk drives (example RAID-5 built on 5 SAS internal disk drives or RAID-5 on SSD disk drives)

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Page 24: IBM Pure Systems

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Features: Thin Provisioning

Without thin provisioning, pre-allocated space is

reserved whether the application uses it or not. With thin provisioning, applications can grow

dynamically, but only consume space they are

actually using (on demand)

Traditional volumes, reserve physical capacity of the entire capacity even if it is not used. Thin provisioning volumes allocates and uses physical disk capacity when data is written



Features: Flashcopy






FlashCopyPossible Integration with Tivoli Flashcopy Manager (for Application consistency flashcopies)

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Page 26: IBM Pure Systems

© 2012 IBM Corporation26 Massimo Fumagalli – IBM STG Storage2626

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

� Storwize V7000 will collect and display real-time performance information� CPU utilization; port utilization and I/O rates; volume and Mdisk I/O rate, bandwidth, latency

� Updated every 5-10 secs

� Provides “immediate” real-time performance information� TPC provides longer-term data collection, storage, and analysis

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IBM PureFlex System Storage interoperability

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FSM Chassis Map – w/ Flex System V7000 Storage Node


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IBM PureFlex Systems Chassis

• 4 scalable switch bays• 10U Chassis, 14 bays

• Standard and Full width node support• Up to 6 2500W power supplies N+N or N+1

configurations• Up to 8 cooling fans (scalable)

• Integrated chassis management through CME

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Compute Node Connections to I/O Modules

2 Port Adaptors 4 Port Adaptors

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Proven Interoperability: IBM and Cisco

� Extensive IBM interoperability testing with Cisco, Juniper and others� Cisco-like command line interface – familiar to Cisco-trained admins� IBM Networking OS uses standards-compliant IEEE & IETF protocols� Common IBM Networking OS on PureSystems, BladeCenter and RackSwitch� 14M+ Ethernet ports shipped worldwide connecting to servers, storage and other


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IBM Virtual Fabric - vNIC Topology at Pure Chassis levelThe vNIC (or Virtual Fabric approach) is the possibility to create 4 virtual independent pipes (via QinQ) on the 10Gig link between the Compute Node and the ScS. The operating system in the compute node will find 4 independent NICs (named vNICs).

At ScS level, to keep the independence of vNICs, vNICGroups are implemented and dedicated uplinks per vNICGroups are used to connect to different L2 domain in the Cisco

& BPDU Guard

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Etherne t MAC addresses are ass igned to blade s lot by the Advanced Management Module

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Automate failover with IBM Fabric Manager

New blade inherits I/O addressesmove to new blade ass igned to s lot

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