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sustainable economy SWO seminar, 24 february 2010 Huw Robson | [email protected]

Huw Robson: Sustainable Economy

Jun 19, 2015



Huw Robson from Forum for the Future talks to the SWO Future Skills Policy Seminar on how to embed sustainability into the skills debate.
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2. forum for the future - who are we?We are a charity committed to sustainable development.Our vision is of business and communities thriving in a future thats environmentally sustainable and socially just.Our mission is to find practical ways that private and public organisations can deliver a sustainable future.We work with business and organisations that have a top level commitment to make their operations sustainable 3. JT Group 4. a sustainable economy:robust, stable and one in whichhealthy economy over resources are notthe long termused up faster than nature renews them 5. global population figures 200820506 million9 millionpeople people 6. reduction in emissions needed:by 205080% 7. Global move to green economy Global= Green economy $3,086B in 2007/8USA = $100B of $800B stimulus package China = McKinsey: China a green economy by 2030 Clean-tech predicted to outgrow automotiveGermany = by 2020BERR: Low Carbon and Environmental Goods and Services: an industry analysis 2009 McKinsey: "China's green revolution: Prioritizing technologies to achieve energy and environmental sustainability2009 UNEP Silver Lining to Climate Change - Green Jobs 2008 8. Global Market LCEGS Sector BERR: Low Carbon and Environmental Goods and Services: an industry analysis 2009 9. LCEGS Sector Top TenMarket Bn United States (20.6%)10793China (13.5%) 128629 191Japan (6.3%) 191 India (6.3%)411Germany (4.2%) United Kingdom (3.5%) France (3.0%)BERR: Low Carbon and Environmental Goods and Services: an industry analysis 2009 10. Photovoltaic EnvironmentalConsultancy ContaminatedAdditionalLandEnergy RenewableSources AlternativeWater & consultingFuel Vehicle Waste Water Energy ManagementWaste MarineManagement Building PollutionEnvironmentalNoise &Technologies Control VibrationMonitoring Control Geothermal Air Pollution Wave & TidalBiomass Wind CarbonHydroRecovery &CaptureContaminated&Carbon FinanceRecycling LandStorage 11. the south west good fundamentals 12. the south west good necessary but fundamentals not sufficient 13. LCEGS by region BERR: Low Carbon and Environmental Goods and Services: an industry analysis 2009 14. the race has started ... Economic Development Investment PlanThamesfocused on environmental research &Gatewayinnovation + Institute for SustainabilityPushing green New Deal for NE. New and Newcastlerenewable energy industry. 3:1 leverage ofRDA funding.Strategy: Capturing the Potential A green JobsWales Strategy for Wales. Steering regenerationbudget to green skills & Innovation.Sustainable Glasgow consortium, led by theGlasgow University of Strathclyde, supported byScottish Govt. Aiming at most sustainable city. 15. Strong SW green sector what would it look like? Globalreputation AttractsAttractsemployees businesses Strong Attracts supporting investment eco-system 16. How do we do it?Commit : ambition for SW to be Green jobs/Clean-tech leaderPrioritise: areas where SW has strong comparative advantageCross-link: to other strong regional sectors (creative/IT?)Simple early interventions media/materials; web; UK conference? 17. robust dimensionsEngineering Design Business 18. a SW sustainable economy?enormous prizelong term opportunitysome starting advantageplan to win take action 19. thank you Huw Robson | [email protected] | registered charity no. 1040519 20. Sector groupingsEnvironmentalRenewable EnergyEmerging Low Carbon Air Pollution Control HydroAlternative Fuels * Environmental Consultancy Wave and Tidal Alternative Fuels for Vehicles Environmental MonitoringBiomassAdditional Energy Sources Marine Pollution ControlWind * Carbon Capture and Storage Noise and Vibration Geothermal Carbon Finance Contaminated Land Remediation Solar PV*Energy Management Waste ManagementRenewable Consulting Building Technologies* Recovery and Recycling Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment* Purple text = leading sub-sectors in SW * = leading export subsectors in SW