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How to save 40% in your Mobile Strategy with Apple+IBM?

Jan 22, 2018



  1. 1. Georg Gerdon, Digital Sales Mobility Services DACH Februay 2017 How to save 40% in your Mobile Strategy with Apple+IBM
  2. 2. 2015 IBM Corporation2 12 April 2017 Rumor of expensive Hardware Primary Investments Strategy, Design and Architecture Implementation and Set-Up Infrastructure Hardware (or Soft Hardware) Application Remediation Hardware Cost PC Mac Delta Hardware & OS $ 900 $ 1,600 $ 700 3 Year Depreciation 85% 55% Residual Value $ 135 $ 720 Real Cost $ 765 $ 880 $ 115 Real Cost (monthly) $ 21.25 $ 24.44 $ 3.19 Recurring Benefits Primary Hard Benefits OS provided software No anti-virus/malware software No Encryption software Deployment costs No kitting/shipping No image management Help desk Typical ratio from 300:1 to 1,000:1 Other Hard Benefits Lower Energy User Lifetime OS Upgrades Primary Soft Benefits Employee Productivity Employee Acquisition and Retention
  3. 3. 2015 IBM Corporation3 12 April 2017 MobileFirst Strategy Devices Accessories Cellular plans Procure Device Enrollment Program (DEP) Mobile Device Management (MDM) Secure Shipping Zero-touch User experience Deploy End user support IT department Support Replace/ repair Damaged devices Support Lease options Planned refresh Asset buyback Asset disposal Refresh
  4. 4. 2015 IBM Corporation4 12 April 2017 Smart Leasing of Apple Devices ACE - AppleCare for Enterprise MobileFirst Services Saving Potential Secure and Manage your Devices Mobile Strategy Consulting Q&A Agenda
  5. 5. 2015 IBM Corporation5 12 April 2017 Smart Leasing of Apple Devices 2412 } $2M $1.6M $ 0 36 48 Old deviceses returned for disposal $0.8M Cumulative Lease Payment Cumulative Lease Payment 2-year Refresh cycle can drive 20% Savings vs. Cash purchase (example: purchase price = $2M) Acquire new deviceses Acquire new devices Old devices returned for disposal1st Client Savings $400K! 2nd $ / month Procurement price is determent by model, volume and contract length
  6. 6. 2015 IBM Corporation6 12 April 2017 Smart Leasing of Apple Devices ACE - AppleCare for Enterprise MobileFirst Services Saving Potential Secure and Manage your Devices Mobile Strategy Consulting Q&A Agenda
  7. 7. 2015 IBM Corporation7 12 April 2017 ACE - AppleCare for Enterprise Helps review your IT infrastructure Tracks issues and provides monthly activity reports for both support calls and repairs. AppleCare Account Manager IT departmentlevel coverage IT departmentlevel support by phone or email for all Apple hardware and software Support for complex deployment and integration scenarios, including MDM and Active Directory. Troubleshoot your IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps solution Provides IT departmentlevel support for six technical contacts designated. Number of contacts can be increased for an additional fee. Support is available 24/7 with one-hour response times for top-priority issues, such as when a production service is down. . Help for your help desk . Reduces the load on your internal help desk by providing technical support for your employees over the phone, 24/7. Provides technical support for Apple hardware and operating systems; Apple apps such as Keynote, Pages, and Numbers; and personal accounts or settings.
  8. 8. 2015 IBM Corporation8 12 April 2017 Option to get onsite service coverage for two or three years from the date of your hardware purchase. If you have a hardware issue during that time, AppleCare for Enterprise will help get you back up and running quickly. IBMs Global Technology Services, a worldwide Apple Authorized Service Provider, will provide onsite service within the next business day. To minimize downtime, AppleCare for Enterprise can be combined with the AppleCare iOS Direct Service Program, so you can replace your hardware without waiting for a technician. Onsite hardware service Device replacement Replace up to 10 percent of your covered iPad and iPhone devices. If an employee accidentally damages an iPhone or iPad, AppleCare for Enterprise allows you to exchange it for an equivalent device. In most cases, Apple can exchange the device within one business day. ACE - AppleCare for Enterprise
  9. 9. 2015 IBM Corporation9 12 April 2017 Smart Leasing of Apple Devices ACE - AppleCare for Enterprise MobileFirst Services Saving Potential Secure and Manage your Devices Mobile Strategy Consulting Q&A Agenda
  10. 10. 2015 IBM Corporation10 12 April 2017 MobileFirst Services IBM Mobility Services can help clients achieve higher efficiencies as they begin to develop a mobile leadership position Mobile Device Management Mobile Application Management Enterprise email and calendar Access to corporate content Container: segregation of business and personal use Help Desk IBM services freeing up your critical resources
  11. 11. 2015 IBM Corporation11 12 April 2017 MobileFirst Services Integrate near-real-time provisioning for mobile users who are included in your corporate directory Scalable support and transparency to device posture through compliance reporting for multiple operating systems Over-the-air device management capabilities, such as device wipe, authentication and prioritized user access Self-service capabilities enabling around-the-clock end-user management of their device Cloud delivery model Device oversight provides the hub for all mobile enterprise activities: 108 percent return on investment over 3 years1 Mobile device management provides endpoint control, bringing all the elements of the mobile enterprise together, while heightening security and device posture. Mobile Device Management
  12. 12. 2015 IBM Corporation12 12 April 2017 MobileFirst Services Two-way synchronization of email, contact and calendar between the enterprise messaging service and mobile devices Enables employees to respond quickly to e-mail Provides multiple e-mail capabilities depending on e-mail security requirements Employees can share and collaborate more easily while on the move 81%1 OF EMPLOYED ADULTS use at least one personally owned electronic device for business Create a high-performing mobile workforce by leveraging your enterprise e-mail, calendar and contacts on mobile devices. Enterprise email and calendar
  13. 13. 2015 IBM Corporation13 12 April 2017 MobileFirst Services This level gather as much information as possible to identify the underlying problem and is attempting to solve a symptom instead of a problem this group is to handle 70%-80% of the user problems IBM Service provides with Level-1 Support a frictionless user experience Help desk service helps resolve complex end-user mobile device issues Help Desk Level-2 Support takes on irregular problem cases based on Level-1 information and solves it Level-2 provides mobile user administration following clients established policies and procedures to perform moves, adds, deletes and changes to mobile users Level-3 team can analyze the code and data, fix in depth technical problems and develop new solving solutions Level-3 provide materials (such as procedures, FAQs) for clients Level-1 help desk about mobile device solution and general mobile device setup Support providing Level-2 through to Level-3 Support Provide all mobile end-user support via a centralized team near shore or off-shore Support language English Service provides problem resolution for individual end-user issues from Level-1 through to Level-3
  14. 14. 2015 IBM Corporation14 12 April 2017 MobileFirst Services Manage document distribution and mobile access to corporate documents Security-rich encryption on devices Security-rich web browsing on the mobile devices to the enterprise by protecting both data-in-motion and data-at-rest on the device Containerization can protect business data and applications driven by regulatory and legal requirements Container: segregation of business and personal use Containing corporate and personal data in separate and protected areas on the end point can enhance data and application protection.
  15. 15. 2015 IBM Corporation15 12 April 2017 MobileFirst Services IBM provides a set of standard activities across all services. Application server support Installation and configuration of enterprise mobility management application on physical/virtual hardware provided by the customer Support for all high-severity incidents, including escalation to application vendor, if needed Help assure proper backup of server data and configuration information IBM Mobility Services support engineers can seamlessly integrate with clients support teams, such as Microsoft Windows, network and firewall, telecom expense management and help desk teams Application capacity performance Determine and implement optimal performance settings for the mobility application server Regularly monitor and report on mobility application server capacity Security and compliance Advise, apply and enforce required security policies for mobile devices Maintain and protect privileged system administrative user identifications Manage and maintain required application licensing information Participate in required audits and root cause analyses IBM Mobility Services utilizes your incident/problem/change management tools and processes to deliver a complete mobility infrastructure management service Maintenance Monitor vendor announcement mailing lists to stay up to date with latest updates and releases from each vendor Proactively recommend and implement upgrades to the enterprise mobility management tool Functional testing after a system upgrade to mobility infrastructure using devices dedicated to client environment to validate normal operations Customer relations Assign an IBM mobility engineer to each client ('IBM account focal') who is committed to the client's enterprise mobility success IBM account focal helps foster better communications, reporting and