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Household water use Molly.W

May 11, 2015



  • 1.Household water UseResults found without water meter.Created by Molly.W

2. Water usage week oneMonTue WedThu FriSat SunCleanTeeth TeethTeeth TeethTeeth TeethteethNo oneWash clothes dishesinclotheshouseShower ShowerShower ShowerShower ShowerShowerteethteeth teethteeth teethteeth teethdishes clothes dishes This is a average households timetable for water usage. 3. And this is just an ordinaryhousehold.Oh no sorry! 4. Just a normal household , kind of.2 adults1 child 5. when we (as in us journalists) suggestedthat they (the family) make an action planto use less water they thought it was agreat idea and would be a real successesbecause they were obviously using toomuch water.So they decided to wash their dishes andclothes less! 6. Water usage week 2Mon TueWedThuFriSatSunClean TeethTeethTeethTeethTeethTeethteethNo oneWash Washat home dishes clothes and dishesShowerShower Shower Shower Shower Shower Showerteeth dishes teethteethteethteethteethteethSee how their water usage has declined. Now they are notusing water in the afternoon everyday.Next they will try only having showers every other day! 7. Water usage week 3MonTue WedThu FriSatSunCleanTeeth TeethTeeth TeethTeethteethTeethNo onedishesClothesin&house dishesShower ShowerShower ShowerShower Shower ShowerDishes teeth teethteeth teethteethteethteethAs you can see their plan didnt work. This is because acertain mother forbad them to not only have a shower once aweek.Though as you can see they have already got into a habit ofwashing clothes and dishes less. 8. After their little experiment thefamily said that they were veryhappy with the results butunfortunately they were not ableto do their final action plan.Other than that they think thattheir action plan went well and isstill doing so. Seeing as they gotinto a habit because it was so easyto follow. 9. Now you have seen how its done you can doit toThank you for reading this leafletBut if you didnt read it go back to the start ordoom on you