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HOQ(final ppt) 24-9-2011(6 pm)

Sep 11, 2014



Indian Institute of Technology, DelhiHauz Khas, New Delhi : 110016

Submitted to : Prof. K. C. Iyer

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Dr. K. C. IYER CEL-773 2011 CET 3058 2011 CEC 3670

1. Shailaja Gautam 3. Nilesh Gadge

2. Prabhat Shrivastava 2011 CEX 5530


Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a planning tool used to fulfill customer expectations.

The primary tool used in QFD is HOUSE OF QUALITY (HOQ)

The HOQ translates the voice of customer into design requirements that meet specific target values and matches those against how an organization will meet those requirements


We are the members of research and design group to develop user-friendly facilities for the commuters. The task given to us is to finalize the standards of design for metro stations on the basis of customer requirements. Therefore we are using HOUSE OF QUALITY for our analysis as it gives direct relationship between customer expectations and design elements.

Ref: Total quality management by D.H. Besterfield,3 rd Edition, Chapter -12 Quality Function Deployment.


Our sample mix include:1) Commuters using Public Transport ( DTC Buses)daily. 2) Commuters using Private Transport Daily. 3) Construction team


There are 7 steps in making HOQ1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

List customer requirements (WHATs) List Technical descriptors (HOWs) Develop a relationship matrix between WHATs & HOWs Develop an interrelationship matrix between HOWs & HOWs Competitive assessment ofCustomer competitive assessment Technical competitive assessment

6. 7.

Develop prioritized customer requirements Develop prioritized technical descriptors

Using the above mentioned steps we have developed the HOQ for our project

Ref: Total quality management by D.H. Besterfield,3 rd Edition, Chapter -12 Quality Function Deployment.

STEP-1: customer requirements (WHATs)

STEP- 2: Technical descriptors (HOWs)

STEP- 3: relationship matrix between WHATs & HOWsRelationship between customer requirements and technical descriptors 9 6 4 1 Very Good Good Medium Weak

STEP- 4:

interrelationship matrix between HOWs & HOWs

STEP- 5: Competitive assessment

STEP- 6 prioritized customer requirements

STEP- 6 prioritized technical descriptors


Note: For readable HOQ table please refer the PDF file attached


INFERENCE Technical descriptors w.r.t. S.No Customer requirements 1) Flooring 2) Column finish 3) Railing

4) Vertical movement 5) Joinery method 6) Air-conditioning

7) Security system

8) Information media

Suggested alternatives as per HOQ analysis Remark Granite Granite Stainless steel Consensus for all four to make the Lift+ design Staircase+Escalators+R Universally amp Accessible Welding HVAC system Consensus for all options to have all Combination of all levels of options security Digital Signage + dolby sound system