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Holocaust Research Paper

Oct 29, 2014




holocaust Research Paper

Research Paper Holocaust Overview

Jordan Byrum

Mr. Neuburger English Comp 102-127 18 October 2012

Byrum During one of the darkest periods the world will ever know, genocide was happening in Eastern Europe. This genocide was designed to get rid of a race of people who were considered filthy and no good. This mass killing became known as the Holocaust. In addition to the over twelve million murdered, the Holocaust becomes a wound on the heart and flesh of the people who survived, and for some these wounds will never heal. The story will never be forgotten as long as the history books still teach and the survivors stories live on. How the Holocaust occurred began with the Nazi partys well publicized anti-Semitic beliefs. Anti-Semitism The term anti-Semitism originates from a man named Wilhelm Marr; he coins this term


to describe a hatred and discontent for Jewish people. The term is used and taken to extremes by Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi party. According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) website, Nazis spread their ideas and views about Jewish people by anti-Jewish economic boycotts, staged book burnings, and enacted discriminatory anti-Jewish legislation. These are shortly followed by riots which, USHMM asserts, are started by government rumors where it is said they used the blood of Christian children for religious rituals. This along with the mass selling of Hitlers book, Mein Kampf, brings much of the German population to join the Nazis in the rise of anti-Semitism. In Hitlers book he describes the Jews as power hungry people who want to gain world leadership. Once the book is released and he becomes the head of the Nazi party, the antiSemitism movement takes off and becomes wide spread, as there were ten million copies of his book distributed in Germany alone. With the Nazi party and anti-Semitism on the rise the Adolf Hitlers book cover for his novel, Mein Kampf.

Byrum Holocaust begins with a night that made way for the rest of the events to happen. This night becomes known as Kristallnacht. Kristallnacht Kristallnacht, Night of Broken Glass, as USHMM translates it to be called because of the amount of windows broken and shattered these nights. The purposes of the raids are to


destroy Jewish communities, businesses, and homes. Over the course of two days at least ninetyone people are dead, many more beaten or arrested while others lose everything they have. Jewish synagogues, hospitals, schools and cemeteries are all targets for vandalism as well. All this happens while the police and fire department stand idly by watching. A meeting is held days later about this incident, it is A Synagogue burns during the night of Kristallnacht.

decided the Germans are not to be held responsible for these actions, which they consider necessary. But rather the

Jews are to be held responsible and they need to be ejected from the economy since it is their fault. They also decide the insurance money for the damages is not to be given to the Jews but to the state coffers. They try to rationalize in this meeting more attacks like this one are necessary in order to get the Jews out of Germany for good. This whole attack is sparked when a Polish Jewish student in Paris shoots and kills the Third Secretary of the German Embassy. He does this because he wants to make the world know what is going on with Jews in Europe and he is angry about his parents being deported from their home, where they have lived since before the Nazis came into power. As soon as the news reaches the Nazi leaders they decide the only way to make the Jews pay is by performing

Byrum dramatic acts of violence against them. After this incident the Jews start to resist the Nazis coming and destroying anymore of their property and loved ones. Resistance In July of nineteen forty-two, in the Warsaw Ghetto, the Nazis declare a resettlement of almost four-hundred thousand Jews who live here. In this plan they are supposed to deliver sixthousand people per day to extermination camps. Two and a half months later only sixtythousand Jews remain in the camp. In January of nineteen forty-three it is ordered for the rest to be removed to their final death. What the Nazis do not count on is for the remaining Jews to be prepared for the deportation. According to The History Place (THP), the Jews have secretly started a fighting organization, called the ZOB and have been in contact with the anti-Nazis Poles, who smuggle into the Ghetto enough weapons for the Jews to defend themselves against the Nazis when they


come to collect them. When the fighting begins they shoot from rooftops, attics and cellars. As a result twenty Germans are killed and fifty are wounded. On April nineteenth, nineteen forty-three over two-thousand Germans invade the ghetto with the intent to capture the fighting Jews and end the resistance. However the few weapons the Jews have, which according to THP includes smuggled in pistols, rifles, a few machine guns, grenades and Molotov cocktails. manage to hold off the Germans for a while longer. The Germans find it difficult to track down the group of fighters as they retreat after the fighting is over to a maze of cellars, sewers and hidden underground passageways. Nazi leaders were infuriated by the resistance and ordered the Germans to burn down the rest of the ghetto to get the Jews to come out. According to THP, in a file reported by one of the Nazi leaders, General Jrgen Stroop, in t he says, The Jews stayed in the burning building until

Byrum because of fear of being burned alive they jumped down from the upper stories. With their bones broken, they still tried to crawl across the street into buildings which had not yet been set on fire. Despite the danger of being burned alive the Jews and bandits often preferred to return into the flames rather than risk being caught by us. German-Nazi soldiers burn the buildings in Warsaw in the final days of the resistance.


Finally after twenty-eight days of resistance the Germans are ready for the fighting to end and launch a large scale attack to blow up the synagogue. After this day fifty-six thousand sixtyfive Jews are either dead or arrested. Warsaw was said to no longer be in existence. This plan, before the resistance, was all part of the Final Solution. Final Solution The Final Solution is a plan thought up and put in place by Adolf Hitler. Hitler wants all the Jews out of his country because he thinks they are to blame for the downfall of the German race, and that his Aryan race is superior to them. He also thinks all the Jews are banded together to achieve world domination, also they are behind the anti-war propaganda in Germany during World War I. In Hitlers mind they are disloyal to Germany and would conspire against him if there were another war, so they need to be exterminated. The plan consisted of getting all the Jews out of Germany in numerous ways. When the plan is implemented, in the Wannsee Conference, Hitler wants all of the Jews out of Germany so the surrounding countries have to deal with them instead of him. He starts by taking away rights and privileges, the Nazis implemented anti-Jewish boycotts, legislation, racism and finally Kristallnacht. When the Jews tried to immigrate to other countries they were rejected and sent

Byrum back to Germany. This infuriated Hitler and he orders all the Jews to be round up by the SS, some are shot immediately, but most were sent to ghettos to be isolated and controlled. These ghettos are overcrowded, have not enough food and are very unsanitary. Many people died of starvation, disease and exhausting physical labor before the Germans could kill them. But if they unlucky enough to live through the starvation and disease they are eventually shipped to This is an anti-Jewish campaign sign which reads "Help liberate Germany from Jewish capital. Don't buy in Jewish stores.", according to USHMM.


killing centers and are subject to shootings, gassings, and other acts of horror inflicted by the Nazis.

Extermination Methods Extermination camps, concentration camps, and ghettos are established in the now German-run-Poland, they are built by the German-Nazi workers. They are meant to keep the Jews all together until it came their turn to be exterminated. The Jewish people are shipped to these places on overcrowded cattle trains, and are merely told they will be moving to a new place for new jobs and homes. Once they are off the train men and women are separated and the selection process takes place. Those allowed to live, in concentration camps for the purpose of working, are allowed to stay in buildings which are shared with family and strangers alike. Food is usually rationed to one meal a day and is not enough to keep a person in proper nutrition. Without the proper nutrition their bodies are not able to function at full capacity or fight off disease and infection. Eventually most people died from starvation, exhaustion, or disease. The Nazis could have gotten enough food to help feed these people but it was cheaper not to and it seemed to help kill them off just as well.

Byrum In the death and concentration camps the initial method of murder is to shot them and


throw them into mass graves, but this proved ineffective as it took too much time and effort, with the results being minimal. As the Jews are sent, by the train load, to the camps they are filling up fast, another method has to be enforced to deal with them faster. Immediately upon getting off the train the weak are picked out from the rest to be sent to gas chambers. These gas chambers are buildings which are made to look like showers on the inside. The Jews are told to strip down so they can be sho