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HILL 70 QUANTOCK RANCH “Barn Burnin’ Bull Sale” Sat., Feb. 1, 2014 at the Ranch, Lloydminster, AB Call Bill the “Bull Guy” any time - any day! 1-800-665-7253 email: [email protected] 380 BULLS ... 100 Females... 105 Red Angus – Two’s & Yearlings – see page 4 50 Hereford – Two’s – see page 4 80 Black Angus Two’s & Yearlings – see page 5 80 Charolais Two’s & Yearlings – see page 6 45 Red & Black Angus X Simmentals – Yearling & Fall Born – see page 5 & 6 17 Red Angus X Gelbvieh Two’s – see page 7 15 Black Simmental Two’s – see page 3 100 Commercial Females Bred & Open – see page 8 Order your full color 80 page sale catalogue and DVD today!

Hill 70 Quantock Ranch "Barn Burnin' Bull Sale" Brochure

Mar 28, 2016



Hill 70 Quantock Ranch "Barn Burnin' Bull Sale" Brochure
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Page 1: Hill 70 Quantock Ranch "Barn Burnin' Bull Sale" Brochure

Hill 70 Quantock RancH“Barn Burnin’ Bull Sale”Sat., Feb. 1, 2014 at the Ranch, lloydminster, aB

Call Bill the “Bull Guy” any time - any day!

1-800-665-7253email: [email protected]

380 Bulls... 100 Females...

105 Red Angus – Two’s & Yearlings – see page 4

50 Hereford – Two’s – see page 4

80 Black Angus – Two’s & Yearlings – see page 5

80 Charolais – Two’s & Yearlings – see page 6

45 Red & Black Angus X Simmentals – Yearling & Fall Born – see page 5 & 6

17 Red Angus X Gelbvieh – Two’s – see page 7

15 Black Simmental – Two’s – see page 3

100 Commercial Females – Bred & Open – see page 8

Order your full color

80 page sale catalogue

and DVD today!

Page 2: Hill 70 Quantock Ranch "Barn Burnin' Bull Sale" Brochure

Page 2

Call Bill the “Bull Guy” any time - any day!

1-800-665-7253email: [email protected]

Welcome to our Barn Burnin’ Bull Sale. As always it’s great to be in agriculture, but even better now that things are rebounding. Even greater to have the winter of 2012

- 2013 behind us.Our ranch had a great summer, growing lots of feed and providing us with

enough grazing which has taken us into the fall. Abundant feed grains and lots of forage across all of western Canada will be a real positive for the livestock industry.

Our excitement for the business comes from the great people we are privileged to do business with every year. We listen to your suggestions and advice and work hard to use your thoughts to guide the direction of our cattle.

When you are thinking of your future and charting your course, we would be honoured if you consider our program to be part of your future.Call, email or use the clip and mail to receive your free 80 page colour

catalogue. We would be more than happy to talk bulls with you and you will be glad that you did... we’d appreciate your business and look after you from start to finish. Bill & Sherry

A Word from Bill...

Sight Unseen Purchase Order Form



PC Phone

Breed of Bull(s) Required

No. and Age of Bulls

Potential Use: (heifers, cows, breed of cow herd producing replacements)

No. Cows to be Bred Turnout Time

Bull Specs: BW WW YW Frame

Maternal Traits Growth Traits

Budgeted Price


Mail to: Hill 70 Quantock, Bill & Sherry CreechBox 756, Lloydminster, AB S9V 1C1

Fax 780-875-8332

...the Industry’s Premier

Sight Unseen Purchase Program…trusted by hundreds of cattlemen just like you!How do we do it? Your most economical way to access all your bull requirementsthis year. Especially when combined with our unique 60/40 Finance Plan. In fact we sell hundreds of thousands of dollars of bulls this method annually. All Sight Unseen orders are handled by Bill.

How do you do it?● You set the price – the quality plus appraise them to your satisfaction before they are yours.● We know our cattle – that’s our business – their strengths and weaknesses. I will personally help you select cattle to improve your bottom line.● Complete data on all bulls – easy to read, easy to understand, completely documented no hidden formulas.● Free Delivery on All sight unseen purchases in Western Canada. Cost share past that point. We arrange the trucking – the drop off points – you have no worries the job will be done and done right the first time.● No Obligation – satisfaction on arrival or we take them home.● Think about it – folks if I went to your cow herd, you know - the best – the worst and everything in between. I would ask you for your input on your herd. Think on it – it really makes the most sense.● Leaving an order doesn’t suit you – again this year we have our 6 live phone lines at ringside.

Order Early Order 1-800-665-7253

Give Billa call about

our Sight Unseen Program, he

will be with you from the

1st phone call to the


Page 3: Hill 70 Quantock Ranch "Barn Burnin' Bull Sale" Brochure

Page 3

or use the Clip & Mail on the back page!

5620 - 44 StreetLloydminster780-875-6113

1-800-661-7221Special Hill 70 Quantock Rate


3,501 - 4,500

2,501 - 3,500

2,000 - 2,500


0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100

% of Bulls (2013 Sale)





Afforda“BULL” Bulls2013 Sale Results on all Bulls

5610 - 44 StreetLloydminster780-871-6940

Special Hill 70 Quantock Rate

New foR 2014!

– Black Simmentals – 15 Two’s

Black & Baldies

April born Black Simmental bulls gently developed to be sold as 2 year olds, never pushed. Feed to be

sound for years. AI sired by Full Throttle. Performance bulls for your cowherd to add lbs. to

a calf crop yet still deliver calving ease. Our introductory offer won’t disappoint you. These

pictures tell the story... order your catalogue for all the data and DVD.

We have feedlots waiting for these


Start warming up your truck

now!Good lookin’ boys that mean business.

Page 4: Hill 70 Quantock Ranch "Barn Burnin' Bull Sale" Brochure

Page 4

– Red Angus –... where the heck are

you going to find 70 two year olds... all in one day

and from one outfit?

70 Two’s – 35YearlingsMore two year olds!

More yearlings!All look-a-likes in large groups of 1/2 & 3/4 brothers. Bulls sired by the industries elite performance and maternal

bulls plus our powerful natural service herd bulls. Thick butts - deep bodied - yet still long. They are all ready for heavy service. Shop objectively - order your DVD TODAY - study the weaning wts., yearling wts., gains and

complete EPD package on every bull. Stop by the bull pens any day or call me toll

free to discuss more.Use our Red Angus bulls to

add performance, maternal traits and convenience to any red, red whiteface or Charolais base cow herd.

…Birth weights that will easily work with your

heifers (70-80 lb. BW) and more than enough

performance for your mature cows (80-100 lb. BW).

…600-700 lb. weaners 3 lb.+ gainers on test…

... order your DVD today... that will be one phone call you’ll be glad you made

– Herefords – 50 Two’s – a few select Polled B.S., our Herefords are not Herefords as you might think of Herefords. They are thicker, deeper, more chest and have some middle. Best of all they are not the giants your used to seeing most places.... these are the Herefords that everyone says they can’t find...

…Herefords - more hybrid vigor cause so much of the industry has been Hereford free for years

...order your DVD and have a look

…No feet trimmed, wegave that jobto the killing


...They are ideal crosses for your exotic and Angus

cross cows.

More brains... best disposition in the industry.

Fifty of the best damn Herefords you will find this spring. Our Herefords won’t

average a ton plus, but they dam sure will be some of the leanest you will buy this

year. All the data, documented and across the entire breed - not just within herd as

some of our competitors do. The EPDs really mean something here and they will

match the quality of the bulls, Structurally sound, moderate framed, thick and milk and udders like Angus, no B.S. we manage them

all side by side every day!! There is a reason our Herefords

are so popular.

Many 70-80 lb.

Hereford heifer bulls.

“The added milk and udder quality in our cow herd has made us money!”– Miles Kingdon, Cow BossQuilchena Cattle Co.

... Hereford and Red Angus bulls Quilchena Cattle Co. calves out 1500 head in the Nicola Valley at Quilchena, BC. Miles says “It was nine years ago we came looking for a program that would improve our cow herd. We were looking for more volume and moderate framed cattle. Your bulls have made our cow herd quiet and improved the maternal qualities plus added pay weight. Trailing our cattle home, we really notice the added width over the top and how the muscle carries down.”

Call Bill the “Bull Guy” any time - any day!

1-800-665-7253email: [email protected]

Page 5: Hill 70 Quantock Ranch "Barn Burnin' Bull Sale" Brochure

Page 5

“We’ve bought bulls from Hill 70 Quantock for 6 years. What you see is

what you get... no melt downs. We can do all our bull shopping in one weekend.”

– Bryce & Dawn McKenzieZealandia, SK

14,000 Extra Pounds... The McKenzie’s winter and swath graze 700 cows. They calve April and May, their calves are backgrounded and sell March/April. Bryce says “The extra length is what the order buyers are impressed with. We moved

our calving back by two weeks and quit using implants. Our weaning weights have gone up by 20 lbs. across the board.”... you do the math.

– Black Angus – 60 Two’s – 25 Yearlings...moderate framed, beefy and “big bodied bulls” everywhere.

…Use our black bulls to put the black color in your calf crop. They’ll add length and top the market. Work exceptionally well on red or black base

cows or buckskins, to add performance and convenience. The heifer calves will be the envy of your neighbors.

…order your DVD today... it will sure be

worth your time

...600-700 lb. weaners

...3 lb.+ adg on feed

...1100-1200 lb. yearling weights

Cowboys, these are stout, deep, 2 year olds plus exceptional yearlings. A balanced offering of exceptional first time to town 2 year olds plus super yearlings.

They’re all moderate, deep and beefy, just the way everyone likes them. Sired by Stout, Copenhagen 1167J, Copenhagen 1207W, Predominant 351W, Networths and Yardstick, all common sense, high EPD beefy bulls. Spend your $$$ wisely, quality is what sets us apart from the competition. Don’t buy anywhere till you check out these bulls - on DVD - at the

ranch or on our website. from an outfit that “lives the commercial cattle

business” every day... just like you

…they say pictures don’t lie. See for yourself when you order your DVD.

…The best of both worlds!

Black Simmental X Black Angus mama cows. Simmental sired using thick, low set Black Simmental bulls. It shows extra

depth and rear end. Purebred Black Angus mama’s – maternal traits and longevity at their best. Think of the possibilities of 1/4 Simm calves by these

lads on a wide range of cow herd colors and types. Easy keepers – easy to handle – true black color on both sides – we know you’ll love ’em. Just what

your black cows need to get that little extra out of every calf cheque.

…Angus udders and

convenience. Simmental

muscle, milk and hair!

or use the Clip & Mail on the back page!

– Black Angus Simmental Bulls – 25 Yearlings

Page 6: Hill 70 Quantock Ranch "Barn Burnin' Bull Sale" Brochure

– Charolais – 40 Two’s – 35 Yearlings...huge demand for tans

& silver calves.

…Polled Bulls

…order your DVD today... it’s quick... concise and not boring like some... and its free!

…Red Factor

…Fantastic hair coats

…Sensible birth weights, most under 100 lbs.

Bulls designed for the commercial trade. Polled bulls,

red factor and all beef. Moderate convenience type

Charolais bulls bred for easy fleshing, good haired buckskin and silver calves that are born unassisted. Quality and numbers

on offer sets us apart. ...4-5 lb. gainers on test

...No feet trimmed... we gave that job to the killing


Page 6

– Red Angus X Simmental Hybrid Bulls –

...just the cross you’ve been needing for your Angus cows to squeeze that last $ out of them!!!

Fall Born Bulls This is truly the best of both

worlds – moderate framed, thrifty calves that are always

popular. Use our bulls on a wide range of cow herds to build maternal strength and total


“We sold the steer calves the first week of October right off the cows and heifers, no hold backs and had $1000 per calf in our

pocket, using your Red Angus Hereford and Charolais bulls.”

– Tim OleksynPrince Albert, SK

Tim, Terry and Doug Oleksyn run a grain and cattle operation at Prince Albert, SK. Tim is the cow guy and has been purchasing Hill 70 Quantock bulls for over 25 years.

Tim says “The performance and uniformity of our calf crop now is one of a kind. Yours are maternally balanced genetics, growth and tremendous females. Working with

Bill over the years and now starting to work with the next generation has been a real partnership... You guys know your cattle best, you know what will work with our

operation. It is a win/win opportunity.”

Call Bill the “Bull Guy” any time - any day!

1-800-665-7253email: [email protected]

Page 7: Hill 70 Quantock Ranch "Barn Burnin' Bull Sale" Brochure

Page 7

– Gelbvieh X Red Angus Bulls – 17 Two’s

…Angus thrift and fleshing – Gelbvieh carcass and early sexual maturity …just one more planned

crossbreeding option

They were great last year... but this is an even better offering of this exciting beef option. Don’t miss this

exciting maternal option that is

documented to really work. The best of both worlds with

registered Gelbvieh bulls crossed onto

some exceptional Red Angus cows. Come look in person – this years

offering is more impressive than last

year. Come help yourself.

60/40 Finance…If it works for works for us!

We have developed a 60/40 finance program with 0% interest. Pay us 60% down sale day, leave a post dated cheque for the 40% due July 1, 2014, O.A.C.

plus sign a legal lending agreement.It’s simple... it’s easy and it helps us all.

Give me a call “Bill the Bull Guy” any time - any day.

Good Neighbor ProgramBRInG yOuR neIGhBOR TO The sAle.

If they have not bought bulls in 2012 or 2013 and you both buy bulls, we will refund each of you $150.

you must register at the office before the sale. (Min. bull purchase per customer of $2,500.)

If it works for you, it works for us!!

Delivery…So Come In The Car

It’s Still Free,If yOu lIve In Any Of The fOuR WesTeRn PROvInCes... OuR TRuCk WIll Be DARn ClOse TO yOuR DOOR BOTh In feBRuARy AnD AGAIn In APRIl.shortly after the sale we will arrange delivery of all cattle, safely to within a short distance of their new homes. This delivery will be provided to central ranch and stockyards convenient to every buyer, and it’s fRee. Ontario and east, hill 70 Quantock pays for the delivery to the Manitoba/ Ontario border and we make All the arrangements to get them very close to you, no matter how far east. Just leave it to us – we’ll get the job done.


haul “yer own” Credit

on each bull!

Hill 70 QuantockHandshake Warranty…hill 70 remembers when a handshake meant your word and your word was good enough. so we’d like to extend to you our handshake Policy: “It’s as easy as that. you have our handshake on it.” simply put, when you buy a bull from hill 70 Quantock we guarantee that you will have a bull to breed your cows – no matter what happens. not just window dressing, one call is all it takes.

Hill 70 QuantockBull Development Program…

More value Than ever $100 On yearlings, $130 On Two’sWe have established a program to develop these young bulls here at hill 70 Quantock to better serve our customers. We will keep the bulls at home after the sale and feed them until early April on a total mixed ration to gain about 2-1/2 lbs./day. We will then independently semen test them and deliver them to central points throughout Western Canada. Delivery will be from about early April to early May.The price for this service is $100 for yearlings and $130 for two’s payable at sale time. It’s a real value as it includes 75 days board, independent semen test, and central point delivery. Insurance will be on site to insure all bull purchases.

Wanted!!Repeat Buyers

Folks... if you bought bulls in the 2012 or 2013

Hill 70 Quantock Ranch Barn Burnin’ Bull Sales

you qualify to discount 3% of your total bull purchase in the 2014 Barn Burnin’

Bull Sale.

Hey... It must be a good way to go....

93% of the bulls are left on bull development.

or use the Clip & Mail on the back page!

…more grass economics, less diesel

...add a touch of Gelbvieh maternal

excellence to your program. Documented

sexual maturity plus carcass.

Page 8: Hill 70 Quantock Ranch "Barn Burnin' Bull Sale" Brochure

Page 8

✄ ✄

– REPLY CARD –Name __________________________________________


Address ________________________________________


Phone _________________________________________

Fax ____________________________________________

#________ of Cows ❏ Sight Unseen Purchase Plan❏ DVD on Sale Bulls ❏ Red Angus ❏ Black Angus ❏ Charolais ❏ Horned Hereford ❏ Black Simmental Bulls❏ Black Angus X Simmental Hybrids❏ Red Angus X Simmental Hybrids❏ Red Angus X Gelbvieh Hybrids❏ Commercial Females - Bred & Open❏ Reg. Red Angus Females

Mail to:Hill 70 Quantock Ranch,

Box 756, Lloydminster, AB S9V [email protected]


Come the night before the sale for a casual evening of visiting, viewing the bulls with fully lit pens and complimentary supper.

Everyone welcomeRemember to bring along your branding irons...

and leave your brand on the wall of the sale barn!

See you all there!

– Commercial Females Bred & Open

No NoNseNse girls...

for cattlemeN

with No NoNseNse

cow seNse.

…Commercial females sorted to groups of 3 and 5. The best in the industry Reds & Red Baldies, Black Baldies and Red Angus X Gelbvieh – bred & open!

100 Head

Red Angus, Hereford, Black Angus, Red Baldies, Black Baldies, Red Angus X

Simmental and Red Angus X Gelbvieh.

These heifers are produced by Hill 70 Quantock and Hill 70 Quantock bull customers.