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High School and Beyond Senior Graduation Requirement

High School and Beyond Senior Graduation Requirement.

Jan 16, 2016



High School and Beyond

High School and BeyondSenior Graduation Requirement

Goal/RequirementTwo required documents:Cover letterResume(For work or to get accepted to a college, university or trade school of your choice based on your work from Career Cruising last year.)

Cover Letter:Cover letters have one specific goal and that is to entice the reader to take action. All letters must have:Inside addressCurrent dateAddress of person you are sending the letter toSalutation (Dear..)Paragraph one why are you writing? Be specific and to the point.Paragraph two explain yourself sell yourself with facts and specifics that sell your qualifications.Paragraph three make them do something, or you need to promise to do something. (Example: I will contact you by October 11, 2011 to set up an interview.)Closing (Sincerely yours,)Your typed nameEnclosure (Used when something is attached)

Types of Letter StylesFull-Block Letter Style: Everything begins on the left-hand margin. Nothing is indented. This is the most popular letter format used.

Modified-Block Letter Style: The inside address, closing, and typed name start at the center of the document.

Open Punctuation means no punctuation at the salutation or closing and closed punctuation means a colon after Dear Mary: and a comma after Sincerely yours,Things to think aboutUse nice paper such as bonded #24 stationary paper. Stick with cream or a light color. Use a matching envelope. Keep the resume in a simple format that is used throughout the resume. Dont change halfway throughbe consistent.Do not exceed 2 pages. 1 to 1.5 is plenty!!!Keep the letter to the point. Make sure you show how qualified you are by matching your background with the skills being mentioned in the letter. Direct the person to your resume so they can see your wide range of experiences.Use words carefullyshow that you are knowledgeable about technical terms related to your field of study.

Assignment:College/Letter of Interest Write a letter to a college or university that you are planning on attending next year. Make sure you include all of your school activities, things you are proud of, and what your intentions or goals are.ORCover Letter for a job If you dont plan on going to college and will need to work next year, find a job posting and write a letter expressing interest in this job. Make sure your last paragraph asks to have an interview!You cannot have any errors spelling, punctuation errors. Make sure the document is pleasing to the eyes.ResumeThe purpose of the resume is to get noticed, sell yourself using the different categories that show off your strengthsNOT your weaknesses.Resumes must be perfectno errors of any kind and set up so they are appealing to look at.Always use quality paper and printing.Resume StructurePersonal InformationObjectiveEducationWork Experience (If you have any.)Volunteer ExperienceInternshipsAwards and AccomplishmentsSkills and AbilitiesSchool Clubs, Sports, and Activities (Include out of school activities)References (When necessary.)Using this list, pick what works for YOU!Personal InformationObjectiveEducationWork Experience (If you have any.)Volunteer ExperienceInternshipsAwards and AccomplishmentsSkills and AbilitiesSchool Clubs, Sports, and Activities (Include out of school activities)References (When necessary.)Personal InformationFirst name, last nameAddressCity, State ZipPhone NumberCell Phone NumberE-Mail AddressObjectiveWork:I would like to pursue a career in the fashion industry and would like to start by becoming a sales associate at Nordstroms at Bellevue Square.School:To attend the University of Washington and receive my bachelors degree in business with a minor in accounting, with further plans to receive my masters in international business.EducationBellevue College, Bellevue, WA GPA: 4.00Took Tech Prep College courses in business, material science, and technology. Attended: 9/2010-6/2011

Eastlake High School, Sammamish, WA GPA: 3.49Took advanced placement courses (list), UW English, participated in football, wrestling, and track (2010-2012). Involved in Leadership (2011) Attended: 9/2008-6/2011

Do not list junior high or elementary school.

Work /Volunteer/Intern ExperienceEscape Outdoors, Bellevue Square (6/2009-Current)Position: Sales AssociateResponsibilities: Cashier, helping customers, inventory, folding clothes, cleaning store, organizing displays, customer service, and returns.Employer: Jane Doe, 425-800-4949

Always list the place, location, time, position, responsibilities, and a contact.Awards and AccomplishmentsAny awards or accomplishments you have been recognized for should be listed.WAVE Scholarship, 2011Inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, 2011National DECA President, 2011Athlete of the Year, 2010

Skills and AbilitiesHere is where you can brag about your talents or skills. If you know computers and software well, put this here. If you have been a leader, or have organized huge events brag about it. See how you can include things here that the job description is asking for or a college would be interested in for that particular program of study.Example:Computer Skills:Know HTML, C++, and other program language. Designed several web sites for small businesses.Can operate the Adobe CS3 Software proficiently.Can operate the Microsoft Suite software proficiently.Helped students in computer lab at school.Leadership Skills:Co-Captain of high school football team.ASB officerChaired the Senior Prom Committee.

Clubs/Sports/ActivitiesClubs:Leadership (2010)DECA (2008-2011)Senate (2009)Art Club (2009-2011)Sports:Varsity Football (2008-2011)Most Valuable Player (2009)Co-Captain (2010)Wrestling (2009-2010)

ReferencesYou should have 3 references. Teachers, old employers, friends that are NOT your age (teenagers).

Name of person (first and last name)TitleAddressCity, State ZipPhone NumberE-mail Address (if possible)

AssignmentCompose a resume to attach to your cover letter.

A resume for educational purposes. ORA resume for a job after graduation.Due DatesBelchers classes: Presented September 30, Due October 3 and 4.Hechts classes: Presented October 14, Due October 19 and 20.Wards classes: Presented October 14, Due October 19.Running Start:Presented September Due when Running Start Coordinator makes it due.

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