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FROM THE EDITORIAL TEAM The Editorial team is happy to place this much delayed issue of Harmony in your !! hands 2012 is passing by . fast Our colony has witnessed some . changes The much and long discussed ABC has finally been . implemented Our colony has many new houses, hence more residents have joined the . RWA Welcome to you !! all We look forward to meeting all our member residents at the 2 AGM on September nd . at the Rectangular Park . We have included a list of various civic amenities contact numbers Please use these as a first resort . to obtain quick redressal of your problems Harmony is at the risk of becoming a newsletter carrying / articles opinions from the few regular contributors to the rest of you ! We would love to get contributions from all our members. Short articles on the professions or interests of our residents with topics ranging from health , matters , engineering , safety , travel education . etc which will lead to mutual enhancement of knowledge are . welcome Harmony can be the platform for your creative !! writing We invite the youngsters in our colony , too to tell us about their scholastic or sporting or other extracurricular . achievements ~ S.M. Subba Rao ( ~ Supriya Singh ( ~ Renuka Konchady ( HARMONY Voice of RMVRWA July-September 2012 ANNOUNCEMENTS Annual General Body Meeting will be held on September 2, 2012 at the Rectangular Park at 11:00 am. This     is     an     election     year, so     all     members    are requested  to     attend   PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS. Nomination Forms for election to the RMVRWA Committee for the period 2012-2014 will be sent out to all members soon. Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) is overdue for the FY2012-13. Those who have not paid or are unsure about the amount to be paid please contact our Manager, Mr. Prabhu @ 9341333510.

Harmony 20121 Jul Sep

Mar 12, 2016



Manu Konchady

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The Editorial team is happy to place this much delayed issue of Harmony in your !!hands

2012 is passing by . fast Our colony has witnessed some . changes The much and long discussed ABC has finally been .implemented Our colony has many new houses, hence more residents have joined the .RWA Welcome to you !! all We look forward to meeting all our member residents at the

2 AGM on September nd .at the Rectangular Park

. We have included a list of various civic amenities contact numbers Please use these as a first resort .to obtain quick redressal of your problems

Harmony is at the risk of becoming a newsletter carrying /articles opinions from the few regular contributors to the rest of you ! We would love to get contributions from all our members.

Short articles on the professions or interests of our residents with topics ranging from health ,matters ,engineering ,safety ,travel education .etc which will lead to mutual enhancement of

knowledge are .welcome Harmony can be the platform for your creative !!writing We invite the youngsters in our colony ,too to tell us about their scholastic or sporting or other extracurricular


~ S.M. Subba Rao ( Supriya Singh (

~ Renuka Konchady (


July-September 2012


Annual General Body Meeting will be held on September 2, 2012 at  the Rectangular Park  at  11:00  am.  This      is      an      election      year,   so      all      members     are   requested     to      attend   . PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS.

Nomination Forms for election to the RMVRWA Committee for the period 2012­2014 will be sent out to all members soon.

Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) is overdue for the FY2012­13. Those who have not paid or  are  unsure  about  the  amount  to  be  paid  please  contact  our  Manager,  Mr.  Prabhu  @ 9341333510.

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Dear Members,

Greetings from the Executive Committee.

Another year has gone by. Our long awaited Aerial Bunched Cables (ABC) are in place, all neatly bundled up. Since the ABC has its own insulation, no more short circuits during the rainy seasons and no more ruthless hacking of our trees!! The Association had to share 50% of the total expenses with the BESCOM, to the tune of Rs 8.2 lakhs for this project, which came out of the corpus fund. (This was discussed in the last AGM.) We thank Dr. Jagadeesh Belur, Mr. Raja Kumar spearheaded the project.

There are approximately 380 houses in our layout and only 164 residents have become RMVRWA members. We need more residents to come forward and pay the one time membership fee of Rs. 3000/- and become a RWA member. Be an active member of the association, attend the Annual General Body Meeting, exercise your right to vote and join the executive committee to make the colony a better place to live in.

Our patron members, by contributing Rs. 10000/-, have helped the RWA create a corpus fund to use in time of major works or repairs. Some expatriates became patron members despite their temporary posting in Bengaluru!

The Annual Maintenance Charge is what helps in keeping the colony a great place to live in. It supports the regular repairs and maintenance of the colony. It pays the salaries of the Manager and three park attendants and an occasional extra hand. It pays for the various colony social events. It supports SHOWS who keep vacant sites in the colony free of unwanted vegetation. To be more equitable, the AMC has been divided according to the size of the plots:

Site Size Amount

upto 2400 sq. ft. Rupees 2,000.00

2401 sq. ft. - 4000 sq. ft. Rupees 3,500.00

4001 sq. ft. - 6000 sq. ft. Rupees 5,000.00

6001 sq. ft. And above Rupees 7,500.00

Remember the AMC slabs amount to only about Rs.166/Rs.291/Rs.416/Rs.625 per month.All residents need to come forward and pay the AMC to help run the colony efficiently.

SHOWS, our garbage clearance and recycling unit is a boon to the layout. The Association helps them out financially whenever needed.

Be involved. Be supportive and caring. This neighbourhood belongs to you.

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RMVRWA reaches out to all the residents......

Together we have achieved a green and clean environment with well laid out roads, signages, mirrors and reflectors to create a safe neighbourhood.

We thank our residents for their co-operation in achieving this by ~

Separating the wet and dry waste and making it easier for our hardworking staff to handle the waste.

Using buckets instead of hose pipes to wash their cars, thus saving precious water- especially since water has become a scarce resource this year!

Guiding their dogs to the trees thus saving our roads from dog poop.Neatly stacking the garden cuttings on the sidewalks of their houses for easy


Paying the “annual maintenance charge” which helps us pay our dedicated and hard working staff promptly every month.A BIG thanks to all of you for being caring and sensitive neighbours which makes our corner of RMV a beautiful and peaceful place to live in.

~ Cleanliness Committee

Fun times will be here again....

The annual FunFest event has received very encouraging responses from all of you every year. The Social team has enjoyed organising the event too. Soon it will be time to put together the next FunFest. It is time for a dose of fresh enthusiasm and new ideas!

The Independence Day celebration was a grand success. It was heartening to see so many residents attend the event. The infusion of tricolours, the wonderful rendition of “Insaaf Ki Dagar Pe” and an inspiring speech added patriotic flavour to the day.

Residents are encouraged to come forward and join the Social Committee. It is a great way to get to know your fellow residents, hone your organisational skills, have a venue for your creativity and just have fun!!!

~ Cultural Committee

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FAQs about AMC

Our colony is one of the cleanest and well maintained residential areas in Bengaluru. The credit for this goes to the RMVRWA and its staff. The upkeep and maintenance of the colony is self supported by AMC (Annual Maintenance Charge) and donations by residents.

1) Why should I pay AMC? AMC paid by the residents is used for the maintenance and general upkeep of the colony which includes Dollar's Colony, Gokul Layout and Aswathnagar Extension.

2) But what exactly is the RMVRWA using this money for? The BBMP Parks have been handed over to the RMVRWA for maintenance at the Associations' own expense. The staff salaries, daily maintenance of park, hauling of residential garden waste, patching of roads dug up during BWSSB and BSNL are some of the expenses incurred by the RWA. The colony social events are funded by the RWA.

RMVRWA fills the gap in the services provided by the local government. Our corporation is unable to address minor issues due to excess citywide responsibilities.

3) Why do we need a Manager?The Manager's duties include

monitoring the park staff.handling RMVRWA office workhandling residents complaintsfollowing up on maintenance of civic amenities liaison with the local corporator and police.

4) Why am I asked to pay extra to clear my garden waste?BBMP does not haul away garden waste or construction debris. RMVRWA spends Rs.7000 every month to clear the garden waste. When the garden waste generated by a house is a tractor load or exceeds half a tractor load frequently, the home owner is asked to pay.

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• Enclose all four sides of your site with aluminum sheets before construction.

• Build toilets /enclosed bath areas for the site staff.

• Do not dump building materials on the road.

• Do not block neighbours' driveway. Please be considerate.

• Do not dump any materials in front of anyone else's wall or gate.

• Strictly adhere to the building time. No working after 6 pm and no working on Sundays.

• Strictly clean up the roads everyday after work, especially mud.

• Do not prepare cement mixture on the road.

• DO NOT CUT ROAD CUT TO LAY AMENITIES. All sewage and water connections and conduits for electrical connections have already been laid. Please contact the RMV RWA office for the points.

• Ensure trucks coming into your site do not damage any wires.

• If the footpath is damaged in front of your site it is your responsibility to fix it.

• Make sure your workers do not litter the area around the site especially with plastic tea cups and biscuit packets.


• Workers residing in the site have to give their household garbage (no debris, please) to the garbage collectors every morning. Please ensure that garbage is not thrown in the drains /roadside/surrounding sites.

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We heard the other day a lament from Keerthana Sudarshan about a neighbour throwing eggs and eggshells into Keerthana’s backyard – that too at close to midnight. Another resident, Anju Nanavati, has circulated an e-mail describing how on two occasions an ‘adopted street dog’ on 1st Main Road pounced on her pet dog when she was walking him on a leash. The gate of the offending dog’s ‘house’ was open and the dog was roaming free.

Many elderly residents are rudely woken up early in the morning by shrieking reverse-gear warnings of some cars in their neighbourhood. Are the owners such bad drivers that they need to caution fellow road-users to stay away from their path? Some owners have fitted their cars with impact-activated burglar alarm, which get triggered even if children are playing nearby. These raucous sounds disturb people in the neighbourhood.

Another type of problem, quite disgusting in nature, is that of finding dog-poop near gates leading to houses. Strangely enough, stray dogs do not usually commit this nuisance, as most of them seem to have learnt to ‘do’ their job at road edges or in vacant sites. The culprits are usually the domestic staff of dog-owners or sometimes the owners themselves, who are quite nonchalant about messing up someone else’s home.

Underlying all such unpleasant experiences is the offenders' indifference to the inconvenience caused to others by their thoughtless actions. “Who cares about inconvenience to others, as long as I am not affected?” seems to be their philosophy. Such folks justify their actions by the familiar statement “We are Indians. We are like this only!” or “Why are you targeting me, when many others are doing it too?”

Surely this isn’t right. Our colony is populated by highly educated people, many of whom have lived abroad and watched how communities in the developed countries are mindful of the common good. They, in fact, should be the role-models for others in civic behaviour.

How about every resident pitching in to do his or her bit to make ours a model colony by showing concern for others?

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Maya SinghGrade VIIIDelhi Public School

Outside the Window

Everyday I look out the window,And see great lush trees,Mountains in the distance

Waiting just for me.Clouds rolling across the sky,Painting images just for me

Becoming shapes I like to see,Making me wish to fly awayTo that heaven everyday.


In the meadows that filled the forest by the stream,I sang my song and lived along,

My life fun, full and free.

I ate my veggies and my meats,All on time indeed.

I raised my cubs and earned their love,My life full and free.

I wished to look beyond the Forest's trees,I stepped out, BANG!!Put aflame my being.

Now I hang on the wall with no substance indeed,My coat is dull, my eyes are numb,

All I do is listen to the two legs cawing.And ponder on the life I had,

Behind the Forest's trees.

(I wrote this poem when I went to Gulmarg in the summer of 2011. I wrote it after going to a restaurant with animal heads and hides on the walls as decorations. It is about a bear skin that was hanging there.)

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FOR YOUR HEALTH Dentistry - The Fi ne A rt

~ Dr. V. Malkan

Teeth - a gift of nature to living being (animal species) to enjoy their food and sometimes for their defence. Teeth are an essential part of the body; for good digestion of food and to have a good life :-) Dentistry is that branch of medical science which helps in prevention, and treatment of dental and oral diseases. DENTISTRY BRINGS “FEAR” IF NOT DONE WELL AND “CHEER” WHEN DONE WELL. With the advancement of technology and material sciences, Dentistry is a near painless therapy and has a high success rate. Although dentistry is a medical specialty, it is further specialized into multiple fields, keeping in mind the various intricacies involved during the treatment of the various tissues and the parts of the tooth and the oral cavity:-

Oral Medicine and DiagnosisOral (Maxillo-facial) SurgeryPeriodontologyConservative Dentistry includes EndodonticsProsthodonticsOrthodontics

PedodonticsPreventive and Social DentistryOral PathologyImplantologyAesthetic Dentistry

The work and the function of some dental departments is as explained below:

Oral M edicine and D iagnosis: It is a well known joke that “the dentist gave treatment on the wrong tooth”. Many a time the patient identifies a wrong tooth regarding his/her complaint. This results from the fact that teeth are placed very near to each other, and differentiation at the brain level is very limited. It is the duty of the dentist to find out the correct offending tooth. In addition to the examination of the tooth, the dental surgeon has to know the diseases and diagnose the diseases of the oral cavity and the peri-oral areas. The correct techniques and the use of X-rays is very useful and important in this field of dentistry.

Oral S urgery (also called as M axillo - facial S urgery): This field deals with the extraction of teeth and the various surgical procedures in dentistry, except, gum surgeries. The surgical procedures maybe because of diseases, trauma, or cosmetic reasons.

Periodontics: This field deals with the disease of the gums. The gum tissue is a very important part of the tooth structure for its good functioning. It is very important to have healthy gum (gingival) to be able to chew well. Unhealthy gum tissue will not only cause pain, but also lead to bleeding gums and foul smell from the mouth.

Conservative dentistry and E ndodontics : This branch of dentistry deals with the disease and problems of the tooth and the structure within the tooth i.e. the pulp. The disease of the tooth, refers mainly to the decay of the tooth and infection of the pulp (i.e. the structure within). Tooth structure that may be damaged due to trauma is also treated in this department. Treatments mainly involve fillings, and specialized treatment (endodontic treatment), more commonly known as root canal treatment.

Prosthetic D entistry: Cases of missing tooth or teeth are essentially treated by this branch. The replacement maybe in the form of a removable appliance or a fixed appliance. The removable appliance maybe given for a few teeth (RPD) or all the missing teeth(CD). The fixed appliance (bridgework) is cemented on to existing teeth. If the lost teeth are not replaced, it will lead to movement of the neighboring teeth as well as the opposite teeth into the vacant space. This in turn will lead to space in between the teeth, which will eventually trap food . DENTAL IMPLANTOLGY is a latest development in this branch, which involves fixing a tooth on to the jaw bones with help of screws. These implants can function as good as natural teeth.

Orthodontics: This branch of dentistry is the most recognized branch and the most popular with patients. It deals with the aligning of the crooked (mal-aligned ) teeth of the patient for better appearance and smile of the patient. This is carried out with a fixed or removable appliance. Previously, orthodontic treatment was rendered mainly during the teeth-age phase (after all the permanent teeth had erupted) and till 18-21 years of age. However, nowadays “adult” orthodontic intervention is also done.

Pediatric Dentistry: The human race has been endowed with two sets of teeth. The first set of teeth are called the milk teeth which appear at 6 months of age and are present till the age of 12-13 years. These teeth maintain space required for the permanent teeth in addition to their chewing function. This branch treats all the problems related to the milk teeth and introduces the child to dental treatment so that they do not end up having “Dental Fear”.

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Run for your Life ~ Rakesh Singh

As a child I planned and dreamt about my next birthday for months. As one gets older, the excitement and the gifts fade away. Still, nothing had prepared me for getting a diagnosis of diabetes for my 40th birthday.

After the initial shock and denial, I trudged down the dreary road of no rice, less fruit, bland tea, and medication. The summer dream of feasting on mangoes was replaced by snacks of Bengal gram and raw cucumber. All this made sadder still by the doctors and literature which say that no matter what you do, things will get worse.

No running away

Things began to change when I decided to make a fight of it, and took to running in 2009. Even though I had never run in my life, I was amazed to discover that it’s never too late to start. Everyone talks about Fauja Singh who started running in his 80s and has run several full marathons (42 Km) since then. But in real life, my coach Santhosh Padmanabhan brought both his parents to the orientation- both well into their 50s, and both recently having started running and finished half marathons!

Thus inspired, I huffed and puffed my first few hundred meters on 1st Main, before breaking into a walk. But over the years I became more consistent and better. Running with a group is definitely easier. Though at times running alone really clears the mind.

The running has helped me control my diabetes. It so impressed my endocrinologist, Dr Priya Chinnappa at Mallya Hospital, that she also joined a running club 2 years ago and is planning her first half Marathon later this year!

A few steps, a giant leap in health and happiness

Over the last 3-4 years, it’s great to see more and more Bangalorean’s hit the road. You don’t have to sprint. You can take walk breaks, you can slowly jog, and definitely don’t need to go somewhere else- our colony is a great place to run.

1st Main from the entrance of the colony to the end will get you around one Km. If you don’t want to deal with any traffic, start at 3rd Cross and go till 6th Cross. That half a Km is probably the quietest stretch of road in Bangalore! My personal favourite is a single loop with 1st Main and 3rd Main being the long arms, and cutting through on 1st Cross and 6th Cross. A juicy two kilometres!

If you are more adventurous, the Cubbon Park and GKVK offer great alternatives. All you have to do is set aside a few hours a week and get off the sofa.

No Pleasure, No Gain

We watched a play last week based on 25 years of letters between Tagore and Gandhi. Towards the end Tagore says that Gandhi represented "Tapasya" and he represented "Ananda", the balancing forces in life.

So I was wondering if good health, vigor and ability to do a lot more in life are the Ananda for all the Tapasya of running? But really, the running itself is the Ananda. And as we embark on our life transforming journey, it's important not to forget that.

Bangalore is a beautiful, green and temperate city. Running gives an opportunity to enjoy it to its fullest.

So what about timing, distance, running without breaks, you say? How did you start running longer distances? The only secret is to be regular with the exercise. To get up from your bed and show up. And to do that for the rest of your life, you have to enjoy it.

Everything else will come by itself with some encouragement. Maybe in 6 months, or maybe in 2-3 years. But the body will do it by itself when it is ready. The same way we might nudge a child to crawl and then to walk, but never need to force it.

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Is Windows a virus?

No, Windows is not a virus. Here's what viruses do:

✗ They replicate quickly - okay, Windows does that.

✗ Viruses use up valuable system resources, slowing down the system as they do so - okay, Windows does that.

✗ Viruses will, from time to time, trash your hard disk - okay, Windows does that too.

✗ Viruses are usually carried, unknown to the user, along with valuable programs and systems. - Sigh.. Windows does that, too.

✗ Viruses will occasionally make the user suspect their system is too slow and the user will buy new hardware. - Yup, Windows does that, too.

Until now it seems Windows is a virus but there are fundamental differences: Viruses are well supported by their authors, are running on most systems, their program code is fast, compact and efficient and they tend to become more sophisticated as they mature.

So Windows is not a virus.............. IT'S A BUG!!!!!

~sourced from the Internet by Shrey

I love this logic! I don't know WHY I didn't figure this out sooner!!!!…........It's the shampoo I use in the shower!

When I wash my hair, the shampoo runs down my whole body, and (duh!) printed very clearly on the shampoo label is this warning:

"FOR EXTRA VOLUME AND BODY." NO wonder I have been gaining weight!!!

Well! I have gotten rid of that shampoo and I am going to start using Dawn dish soap instead. Its label reads: "DISSOLVES FAT THAT IS OTHERWISE DIFFICULT TO REMOVE."Problem solved!!!!

If I don't answer the phone or email...I'll be in the shower!!!!

~ contributed by Kalpana Belur

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Civic Amenities DirectoryProvider Service Name Phone No.

Emergency Police 100

Fire 101

Ambulance 102

Traffic Complaints/Accidents 103

Police Law and order & traffic problems 2294 2533

94485 73303


99640 65495

BSNL Telephone and Broadband services Fault Reporting and Registering 2351 2198

2551 4444

94498 12244

94490 02632

94498 16699

2012 7394

2012 7394

2012 7399

BESCOM Electrical Line Services 2341-8189

Night Service 2333-5188

94817 86402

99729 76400

94498 44644

94498 44607

98457 84586

BWSSB 2294 5141

98454 44016

98454 44025

98454 44027

94491 22583

99454 37696

Office 2297 5863

97390 02351

94806 84243

BBMP Control Room Call Centre 2222 1188

94491 22583

99456 97425

94806 83732

94481 11261

Miscellaneous Street Sweeping 98454 40977

98445 35588

Street Light Maintenance 98452 67052

Mr. Raghu (Lineman) 99450 57674

Stray Dogs KARUNA 2341 1181

Snake/Wild Animal Rescue 98440 37424

Mr. Mukund 93413 24672

99458 01319

2341 7384

2351 8001

Mrs. Renuka Konchady 2351 4340

Police Station (Sanjaynagar)

Mr. Nagaraj (Circle Inspector)

Traffic Police (R.T. Nagar)

Mr. H.S. Murali (Traffic Inspector)

24 hrs Online Information

Mr. Kedar (Div. Engineer )

Smt. Padmaja (JTO)

Mr. Srinivasamurthy (SDE)

Mr. Sharavan (Only Broadband)

Mr, Gururaj (Phone & Internet Repair)

Mr. Muniratnam (Lineman)

Office Sanjaynagar (7am-7pm)

Mr. Shankarnarayana (JE)

Mrs. Sudha (AE)

Mr. Suresh (AEE)

Mr. Bidari (EE)

Nagaraj/Loknath (Lineman)

Water supply & leakage, sewage problems

Office - Sanjaynagar

Mr. Amrutesh (EE)

Mr. Rajshekar (AEE)

Mr. Satish Reddy (AE)

Mr. Batiah (Work Inspector)

Mr. N. Srinivas (Meter Reader)

Public Officials (BBMP)

Public Health includes cleaning roads, drainage, spraying pesticide

Dr. Devaki Umesh (Medical Officer)

Mr. Muniyappa (Sr. Health Officer)

Civil Works includes drainage and footpath construction,

Mr. Naveen (Work Inspector)

Mr. Keshava Murthy (AE)

Mr. Muniraju (AEE)

Mr. Prakash Kumar (EE)

Mr. Shankar Reddy (Contractor)

Mr. Suresh (Supervisor)

Mrs. Rama(Contactor & Incharge)

Mr. Anees

Solid Waste Management

Collection and disposal of household waste & recycling

Mr. Ashwathnarayan (Supervisor)

Mrs. Shalini Shenoi

Mrs. Supriya Singh

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ZOLLNER ILLUSIONAre the diagonal lines parallel? Of course, they are - angle of the short lines helps to create the impression that one end of the longer lines is nearer to us than the other end. (by Johann Karl Friedrich Zollner)