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Great American Strings Players of the 20th and 21 Century PowerPoint

Sep 03, 2014




A small presentation about modern day strings players.

  • STRINGSREALLY? Yes, theyre not just made for classical music. NO WAY! Yes, way. I DONT BELIEVE YOU.
  • A BRIEF HISTORY: THE 20TH CENTURY During the 20th century, we saw a global emergence of jazz, and an emergence of country in the United States. Strings, the violin in particular, began to gain popularity in these areas of music. Starting a branch out from the standard
  • IN THE EARLY HALF OF THE CENTURY We saw musicians such as old time fiddlers Bill Hensley and Asa Helton, who tore up competitions in the South.
  • WESTERN SWING Western swing gained popularity between the 20s and 40s. A big group to come out of this movement was Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys, who had several hits between 1938 and 1944.
  • AND THE RISE OF JAZZ VIOLIN. Left to right: Stephane Grappelli, Stuff Smith, and Joe Venuti
  • IN THE LATTER HALF OF THE CENTURY Irish fiddlers Liz Caroll and Martin Hayes emerged.
  • THE 1980S AND THE TURTLE ISLAND STRING QUARTET A quartet of revolutionary string players who stretched the limits of ensemble performance. Turtle Island was the first string quartet to achieve commercial success.
  • DAROL ANGER Founding member of Turtle Island String Quartet. Versatile violinist Chop master. All around cool guy.
  • KENJI BUNCH Juilliard Grad Violist and composer Blue grass fiddler (on viola and violin) Plays in a duo with his wife. His compositions are insane(ly good.)
  • BEN SOLLEE Singer-songwriter cellist. Kentucky native Passionate about social issues Plays cello in different ways, known for alternative styles of pizzacato. Rides his bicycle to gigs with his band. Really friendly guy.
  • THERE ARE SEVERAL MORE THAT WE HAVENT DISCUSSED Ralph Farris Jr (violist): Founding member of the contemporary quartet, ETHEL. David Wallace (violist): A member of the New York Philharmonic and a professor at the Juilliard school. Known for his Texas fiddling expertise and new age jazz compositions. Tracy Silverman (violin): Electric rock violinist. Rushad Eggleston (cellist): Jazz, Rock and Bluegrass cellist.