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Grace Hopper

Jun 15, 2015




  • 1. By: Joyce Blasingame

2. Grace HopperTeacherMathematicianComputer ScientistInventorSystems Designer Software ProgrammerMarketing WhizMilitary Leader 3. Grace Brewster MurrayHopper December 9, 1906 January 1, 1992 Married in 1930 Husband died in 1945 4. Education 1928 BA from Vassar College 1930 MA from Yale University 1934 PhD from Yale University 5. Admiral Hopper 1943 United States NavalReserve 1946 Harvards ComputationLaboratory 1949 Senior Mathematicianat Eckert-Mauchly ComputerCorporation 1955 Sperry Corporation 1967 Leader in the NDAC 1986 Retired from Navy withrank Rear Admiral, SeniorConsultant to DEC 6. Compiler 7. First Computer Bug 8. Military Medals Defense Distinguished Service MedalMeritorious Service MedalAmerican Campaign MedalWorld War II Victory MedalNational Defense Service Medal Armed Forces Reserve Medal with twoHourglass Devices Naval Reserve Medal 9. Quote from RetirementSpeech"Our young people arethe future. We must provide for them. Wemust give them thepositive leadership theyre looking for...You manage things; you lead people." 10. Interview with David Letterman 11. USS Hopper 12. Grace Hopper Conference 13.

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