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Gossip Goblins

Jan 21, 2018



Victor Freundt
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  1. 2. -What would I like? -Reproduce my voice (or anybodys voice) in different tones wherever I am. - Result? -The person who listens to the messagewouldnt knowwho sent itorwhere the one who sent it is - Other results? -Too shy to say something? Why not saying it through a Gossip Goblin? -Stimulate imagination -Use the sense of hearing to identify where the message is coming from -Use characters as storytellers -Express something according to your mood
  2. 3. Deepy will repeat your words with a deep voice (when you feel angry or want to be serious about something) Fasty will repeat your voice fastly (when you are in a hurry or need to say something quickly) Shrilly will repeat your words with a high pitched voice (when you are nervous or feeling really happy) Characters Dimension: 10X10X10cm aprox Material: clothe Glovy records your voice and will let you choose where you want to send the message (to Deepy, Fasty or Shrilly?)
  3. 4. How does it work?
  4. 5. 1- You need a person who wants to send a message. In thiscase, its a boy.
  5. 6. 2- The boy records his message using the glove.Glove made of clothe
  6. 7. Mom, I dont want to eat vegetables
  7. 8. 3- The kidschooseswhere he wants to send his message. Hedecides to use Fasty as its the closest to his mom. Wireless communication
  8. 9. 4- The nose becomes red because Fasty has a voicemessage. It has to be listened!LED
  9. 10. Mom, I dont want to eat vegetables 5- The message will be reproduced after Fastys hands aretouched. Fasty will say the message with a different (andfast) tone of voice . The nose turns into its original color.Touch sensor Touch sensor
  10. 11. 6- His mother might not feel happy after that message.However, shell make him eat vegetables
  11. 12. To be continued