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GLAStar Toni Blake Day 2 Session 5

Dec 02, 2014




Mobile Marketing and Consumer Generated Media

  • 1. 50% of mobile phones have web access

2. Video accounts for 66 percent of mobile data traffic with a 35-fold increase between 2010 - 2015 3. Are you marketing with CGM? 4. Build it and ADD A LINK!!!!!!Business Card Video Business Card / Profile on Google Floor Plan A personal tour through the model on Animoto Brochure a slideshow with music on YouTube Resident Newsletter a slideshow with music on SmileboxResident Activity on RandomActsofKindness.orgFollow-up - a personal video of their new apartment on Slideshare.netFollow-up a slideshow on SmileboxFollow-up message on 5. A Dutch film maker recently funded a new filmby turning tweets to Twitflicks! Even Twitter is going Video! 6. Paper or Plastic?This year we convert to digital! 7. Create your story digitally with voice, video, audio, word and picture 8. New digital assignments!Inventory your devices who has what? Inventory your talent who will do what? 9. New assignments!Build your story digitally with voice, video and picture Assign a person to searchAssign a person to record voiceAssign a person to record videoAssign a person to take pictures 10. Search your story Download Google Goggles 11. Search your story 12. Voice tells your story 13. Voice to text!No more stacks of paper this year! Download Dictation DragonSpeak slowly and clearly Produce fast copy for your idea 14. =This year we convert to digital! 15. Video tells your story 16. = 17. Great video is about how you make peopleFEEL! 18. Send the right signal! 19. Think positive for your health! 20. Think positive and create a positive solution! 21. Institute of HeartMath Research Center 22. Infograms tell your storySet up a FREE trial and use this with your team to build your story. 23. EasyInfograms 24. Create a Video of each available apartment titled by the address The Snugg Protective Case & Stand For iPad 3 - $29.99 25. Add your YouTube video to PowerPoint presentations andupload to for free hosting!! ONEEClickksharee ouON Clic shar ss ourrsecreetwith theelarg secr t with th larg steest social meedianetwosocial m dia netwo s! rk s!rk 26. You select the actors, write the scrip, direct their movement andshare an xtramormal message with your customer! 27. Lets take a peak at the weather right now! 28. Create a FREE YouTube 29. Garth, a large mouth lab puppet is the perfect spokes dog for your video pet messages!Plan a Barkery Night and make home made dog bones with your residents. Add a PetPortal to your website with links to vets, pet stores and local groomers. 30. What video message will you record?Lights Camera Video! Upload your entry to - Apartment Leasing Ideas Fabulous Fundamentals Contest runs October 15, 2012 November 15, 2012