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GHG audits @ SURFnet – Longitudinal effects Albert Hankel, SURFnet

Jan 13, 2016




  • GHG audits @ SURFnet Longitudinal effectsAlbert Hankel, SURFnet

  • SURFnet the Dutch NRENSURFnet is the Dutch National Research & Education Network (NREN)Services, innovation, knowledgeNot for profitTask organisation of Stichting SURF = ICT collaboration of higher education & research

    A small operation serving a large community:85 employees160 connected institutions1 million end-users*

  • SURFnet is part of the SURF familySURFnet - We make innovation work*

    SURFnet - We make innovation work

  • Two result areasNetwork infrastructure A hybrid fixed-wireless network as the basis for all collaboration, providing efficient, unlimited data transport

    Collaboration infrastructure a pioneering collaboration environment that seamlessly connects systems, services, tools, and peopleSURFnet. We make innovation work*

    SURFnet. We make innovation work

  • First audit (2010)

  • Little low hanging fruit leftCommuting is done by trainHardly any desktop computers in useVirtualization of services already in progress

    Actions taken:Continuous monitoring of energy usage networkIdem for officeSURFnet green team

    But predominantly:Focus on creating a green community for our institutions (see TNC 2012 )

  • Office energy use

  • Second audit (draft, 2011)

  • 2010 2011Comparison

  • 2010 2011 Comparison

  • Actions for 2012Pilot with energy management software

    Analysis office energy use at night and in weekends

    Stimulate the use of renewable energy and PUE reporting at our housing locations

  • Advantages of longitudional auditsBase lining and measuring progress

    See effects of actions taken

    Drive to continuous improvements

    BUTOur goal is to increase our footprint, because we think that increased and effective use of ICT has a mitigating effect on other processes.

  • WWF says: focus on the other 98%

  • Albert Hankel[email protected]

    Presentation released under Creative Commons Be green, read from the screen

    *CPL equipment: 9 bands of 4x or 8x 10 Gbit/sGigaPort3 introduction - SAC 2011

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