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GAYATRI VIDYA PARISHAD COLLEGE OF · PDF fileSri Y. Seetha Rama Rao, ... GAYATRI VIDYA PARISHAD COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ... Ms.N.Aparna of ECE was selected for MBA admission in Mudra

Feb 07, 2018




  • Sri Y. Seetha Rama Rao, Associate Professor joined the department of Mechanical engineer-ing on 9 th April. Prof. B. Govinda Rao assumed charge as HOD of Mechanical Engineering department . Prof. Roja , Hod of CSE is on long lien from 1 May,2009. Prof. V. Sita Ramam assumed charge as HOD of CSE since 6th May. Sri G.V.S.N.Murthy joined the department of CSE as an Assistant Professor. Dr. K. Narasimha Rao was promoted as professor in the department of EEE. Dr. K.B. Madhuri was promoted as a Pro-fessor in IT/ CSE/ MCA . Ms. N. Bhuvaneswari, Asst. Prpfessor, Eng-lish resigned her job since 27 May. Ms. Swarna Manjari, Asst. Prof. of CH E resigned in Febru-ary. Sri C.V.Nageswara Rao joined the Depart-ment of Chemical Engineering as an Assistant Professor( Senior scale). Ms. S. Padma joined as an Assistant professor in the same depart-ment in February.

    J N T U C O N F E R R E D AUTONOMOUS STATUS ON GVPCE FROM 2009-2010 ACADEMIC YEAR ONWARDS. A Revision of Curriculum and course structure has begun in earnest under the Autonomous status of GVPCE. Boards of study of various departments have been constituted. The Governing Body meet-ing of GVPCE was held on 27th May.


    Editorial Board Dr.J.Ravindranath Liaison persons Dr. N.Bala subra-manyam (ECE) Sri P.K.Das ( EEE) Sri MSN Murthy (ChE)

    April- May 2009 Volume 3 issue 2

    Inside this issue:







    GATE- ECE 4

    NAAC peer team visit took place dur-ing 8-10 April. Prof. S. Sridharan( Former Deputy Director& Ad-viser, IISc) was the Cha i rman and Prof.Om Vikas( For-mer director, ABV-IIT(M), former professor, computer science, IIT, Kanpur ) and Prof. Anand Mohan ( EEE, BHU) were other members of the team.



    Think it over

    MONDAY MORNING LEADERSHIP Sri Sastry (CICRD) When it comes to leading people, there is no problem that is unique to you. You could ask anyone with experience, and you would discover they have had to face the same issues, the same frustrations. So dont feel sorry for yourself. Thats a waste of valuable time. Just make plans to make things better. A real leader spends his time fixing the problem instead of finding who to blame. What happens when you place blame is that you focus on the past. When you accept responsibility, you focus on this time forwardon the future. Until you accept total responsibilityno matter whatyou wont be able to put plans in place to accomplish your goals.

    Alumni meetings were held on 15th March and 21st March in Visakhapatnam and Hydera-bad respectively. In the first meeting the office bearers of the association were elected. The meet at Hyderabad was attended by Dr. NSVSSJ Gandhi, Principal,and prof. P. Soma Raju, secretary , GVP.

    Mr. A. Prahasanna, an alum-nus of Chemical Engineering got SPECIAL recognition for his excellent performance in the second semester of M. Tech at IIT, Kanpur.


  • Dr.A.S.C.S.Sastry of ECE was awarded Doctorate on the thesis Extraction and recognition of middle zone com-ponents of Telugu script using language model at the J.N.T.University, Hyderabad on 16th Jan 2009. Mr.K.Kumar Naik presented a paper entitled Antenna Analysis synthesis and measurements II in the 7th Indian conference on Microwave, Antenna Propagation and Remote sensing at an International Center for Radio Scince ,Jodhpur on 9th Dec 2008. Sri K. Surya narayana , Asst. professor of Ch E joined Ph. D in IIT, Mumbai. Dr. K. B. Madhuri obtained her PhD in CS & E from the JNTU , Hyderabad in May 2009.

    AICTE gave grant-in-aid to the tune of 8 lakh rupees to GVPCE under entrepreneur-ship Development Council Scheme for the duration of three years. .

    Birthday Celebrations PLACEMENT CELL LIBRARY

    FIRST YEAR PRACTICAL EXAMS ( external) WERE CONDUCTED during 22 -28 May 2009. End semester exams of second, third and fourth B. Tech were conducted. First B. Tech theory( Regular) exams held from 1 19 June. VACATION The staff and faculty of the college have been given three-week vacation between 11 May- 13June 2009. Third B. Tech classes commenced from 1- 18 June.


    The operations of Sri B. Sarveswara Rao library of GVPCE have been automated. Bar coding of books has been going on since April, 2009. Xtrack09, Hard-ware Expo organized during 20th -21st March ,2009.

    STUDENTS MATTERS : From Mechanical engineering, the rank holders in GATE are as follows: Mr. Laxmijit Patnaik (106) , Mr.Srinivas(806), Mr.Pavan Kumar(1049), Mr. M.Siva Ganesh( 2169) and Mr. B. Rama Naik(6600). GRE scores of Mechanical engineering students: Mr.Ch.V. Pushkar, Mr. Karan Nanda, Ms. Sri Divya and Ms.Ch. Deepthi got 1470, 1430, 1150, 1130 respectively. Mr. Karan Nanda got 98.66 percentile in CAT . Ms.N.Aparna of ECE was selected for MBA admission in Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmadabad through CAT score. Dr.Namburi Aasrita, student of III.B.Tech. awarded honorary doctorate on sports by AIM West Brook University U.S.A, on 12th

    Feb 2009. Two students of Chemical Engineering joined M.Tech course in IISc , Bangalore. Ms. P. Sneha of M.Tech Chemical Engineering participated in Summer workshop at IISc , Bangalore.


    206th birthday celebrations of SIR AR-THUR COTTON were organized by Indian Concrete Institute, APLC, Indian Institution OF Bridge Engineers, Association of Con-sulting Civil Engineers ( India), Visakha Patnam chapter on 30 th May at Hotel Dolphin, Visakha Patnam.


  • Mr. V.Narendranath & Mr.M.V.K.Raju presented a paper , TECHNOCRAT in INTERFACE 09 organized by GITAM University during 2nd -3rd March 2009. Ms. S.Sirisha presented a paper, WINDOW DETECTOR in INTERFACE 09 organized by GITAM University during 2nd -3rd March 2009. Ms. S.Sirisha presented paper ,EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES in ZEITGEIST09 organized by JNT University, Kakinada during 20th -21st Feb 2009. Ms. R.Padmvathi & Ms. V.Madhu Bindu presented a paper, ANVESHNAM in PRAGYAN09 organized by NIT, Trichy during 12th -15th Feb 2009 Ms. K.Sravani & Ms.G.Ramya Krsihna presented a paper, PROBLEMS IN VLSI PHYSICAL DESIGN in AEON09 organized by J.N.T.University, Kakinada during 23rd -24th Feb 2009. Mr.K.Sai Ram presented a paper , FUZZY LOGIC CONROLLLERS FOR THE COORDINATION OF FACTS IN CONTROL-LER in AEON09 organized by J.N.T.University, Kakinada during 23rd -24th Feb 2009. Mr.W.Santhosh Kumar presented paper, VLSI DESIGN in STEPCONE09 organized by GMRIT, Rajam during 9th -10th Jan 2009. He also participated in AASTHA08 organized by RAGHU,Visakhapatnam during 22nd 23rd Dec 2008.. Mr.V.J.Ambareesh & Mr.Ch. Sunil Kumar presented paper, ROBO RALLY in IMPETUS 08 organized by GVPCOE, Visakhapatnam during 26th -27th Dec 2008. .

    A Workshop on HYSIS was conducted at HPCL for Technical services Employees Prof. B. Srinivas of Chemical Engineering acted as the resource person.

    Paper presentation by ECE STUDENTS- DECEMBER 2008 MARCH 2009

    Volume 3 issue 2 Page 3

    Department of EEE Sri P. K. Das, Associate Professor EEE Department was invited as a judge for a student technical paper con-test at PYDAH College of Engineering on 7th April 2009. Sri T S Sirish, Associate Professor of EEE Department has successfully completed Ph D (QIP) contact pro-gram at NIT Calicut. He will register for a period of three years from July 2009. Prof G Govinda Rao, Professor and Head of EEE department delivered two lectures on , Reactive Power Management and Power Quality and Voltage Stability as a Resource Person in Staff Development Pro-gram on Recent Trends in Power Electronics and Embedded Controls on 6-05-2009, at GRIET, Hyderabad.

    A Paper titled Analysis of Electrical Energy Consumption in Agricultural Sector is accepted by Asia Pacific Publication Net work in April, 2009 authored by K.V.S.R.MURTHY AND M. RAMALINGA RAJU, JNTU(K). Another Paper by the same authors titled Electrical Energy Loss in Agricultural Sector Case Study has also been accepted for publication in Asia Pacific Publication Network in April, 2009 . Sri G.V.E. Satish Kumar Associate Professor of EEE Department has sent a paper and the same is accepted for presentation I in IEEE International Conference - KO REA in August 2009.

    Prof C V K Bhanu, Professor, EEE department is awarded Ph D degree in Electrical and Electronics Engi-neering. Sri Sri K Narasimha Rao, Associate Professor, EEE department has been awarded Ph D degree in Elec-trical and Electronics Engineering on 29th April 2009 by JNTU, Hyderabad.

    WHAT YOU GET by achieving your goals is not as important as WHAT YOU BECOME by achieving your goals. Zig Ziglar

  • Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering

    (Accredited by NBA, AICTE,

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