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Franchisee czech republic ; slovakia; bebe de paris. baby gifts

Mar 21, 2017



  • Your best franchise opportunity

    Your baby gifts everywhere


  • Who are we ?

    Spanish company with more than 20 years of experience

    Leader in the Spanish baby gifts sector

    E-commerce business

    Large catalogue containing over 300 different products

    Expanding international company

    A very reliable business: there will always be births !


  • Internationalization plans

    bebedeparis is now looking for exclusive international franchisee partners in each country.The company has prepared a compelling business strategy aimed at bringing success to bothfranchisor and franchisee.More than 80 different domains have already been registered worldwide and we have thetrademark in 40 countries.






























    Mexico, 2016Saudi Arabia, 2016

    Spain, 1994

    France, 2016UK, 2016


  • Our Team

    Founder CEO Founder


    PurchasesCC Production Admin Sales International Marketing

    Product Manager

    Eva GarcaPaula EsonoSonia Vera

    Elena Flocea

    Leticia Rodera

    Paloma Munuera

    Laura Gmez

    Jos Snchez

    Elena Snchez

    Elisa Helguero

    Fernanda Baldissera

    Anna Castilla

    Roco Carrera

    Sara Fernndez de la Aldea

    Elena Gmez del Pozuelo

    Sergio Snchez

    Social Media


  • Our Target

    The company targets companies and people who want to send a gift to the new parents (retail). No physical shops, only e-commerce.

    A new commercial line has been opened by wholesaling to multi-brand shops (wholesale).


  • Customer Profile: retail

    Bebedeparis has a fixed clientele, divided into LargeAccounts or Multinational Companies and Small andMedium-Sized Companies, with over 12.000 customersonly in Spain.

    These customers have made special agreements with us,as their Human Resources policies include providing acourtesy gift for employees, customers and businesspartners when they give birth.

    The Human Resources Department, or GeneralManagers Assistant are normally in charge of buyingthe gift baskets.

    Some companies may prefer to order their baskets over the phone. The web page also includes a hotline in each country attended by a direct sales person.




    Large Accounts - Multinational Companies

    Small and Medium-Sized Companies



  • Some of our retail customers


  • Some of our wholesale customers


  • Why are we different?

    Visionto create the 1st world network in

    baby gifts

    Productperfection, glamour, elegance


    Competitorsthere is no other international network

    in baby gifts

    fast, exclusive, 100% customer satisfaction, our own bellboy


  • Business


    A baby is born.


    The customer buysa gift online or

    through his phone.


    We preparethe gift.


    We deliver it to the hospital or a

    home address.


  • Benefits of a bebedeparis franchise

    1. The future is online: sales on e-commerce and mobile commerce in Europe 2015:477 billion and is expecting to increase to 540 in 2016 and 609 in 2017.

    2. Country exclusivity: possible franchisee income is very high: ranging from 0.25million to 20 million, covering 2-5% of births in the country in 5 years. Theturnover in each country depends on 3 factors:The number of births per year.Internet penetration and development of e-commerce in the country.Purchasing power of companies and private individuals.

    3. No high street retail store is needed: only a local warehouse (around 300-500sqm on the outskirts of a large city) with no major investment outlay.

    4. A secure business: not subject to fashion, regulatory changes, etc. Babies willalways be born and companies and friends will always send gifts to new parents!


  • 5. Provided stock: the Franchisor will produce all the products needed by thefranchisees network. Franchisees do not have to worry about products. They onlyhave to place their orders 2/4 times a year to Franchisor (3 months in advance).There is no stock leftovers, because our gifts are always fashionable.

    6. Only one size products: in bebedeparis we sell only 1 size of baby clothes (3/6months), and always use traditional colors: blue, pink, white and grey. You wonthave to worry about settling the right sizes. Its much more practical!

    7. Exclusive, unique and best quality products at very reasonable prices: thefranchisee will order all the products he may need for the next three months. Onlythe first order will cover the first 6 months and it will be settled by the franchisor.

    Benefits of a bebedeparis franchise


  • 8. Possibility to work with baby shops: due to the big margin in products, theFranchisee can also become the exclusive distributor of all the bebedeparisproducts not only by retail but also by wholesaling to baby shops.

    9. We provide our franchisees with our client contacts in other countries: in Spainwe already have very big multinational companies working with us, that couldbecome customers in other countries.

    10. Franchise Network: every franchisee invests around 13% of its turnover in itsown digital marketing to get orders online in his country. The sum of all franchiseesinvestments will benefit everyone. For example, there will be Spanish companieswith employees in other countries, such as Mexico. The order is paid in Spain butthe franchisee in Mexico will dispatch it and get paid by the company in Spain.

    Benefits of a bebedeparis franchise


  • 11. Digital Marketing: franchisees do no need to worry about online and digitalmarketing as this can be managed by a central agency in Spain that employs SEMspecialists in several languages. If the franchisee has experience on digitalmarketing he can choose his own agency in his country. Nevertheless he will have acontractual obligation to spend a 9-15% of his annual income for his own digitalmarketing to promote its own sales.

    12. Website: the Head Office provides each franchisee with its own web in its ownlanguage. e.g.:,, etc.The Head Office will adapt the franchisees web to local country legislation andpayment methods.

    13. Big margin: a very profitable investment. The recommended retail price is 3.10times the purchase price. Franchisees have a 70% margin on their sales, which isone of the greatest margins on sales in European Franchises. Depending on thecountry, franchisees could start making profit in their second year.

    Benefits of a bebedeparis franchise





  • Relevant

    -Economical capacity. The starting investment is more or less 220.000.-Business experience and a client and contact network in the entrepreneurship sector of his country.-Entrepreneurship character and capacity to develop an economical activity.-Communication and business skills, specially with clients, suppliers and employees.-Disciplinary spirit but with capacity to be creative and innovative.-Perseverant.-Working capacity and being able to work towards targets.-Demonstrated abilities in management and an educational background on business, mkt or similar.

    Its a plus

    -Knowledge and experience in the e-commerce or digital marketing sector.-Having an operative warehouse.


    -Sex or age of the candidate are absolutely irrelevant.

    Franchisee Profile


  • Business Keys

    -Margin: 65% on retail sale (the best conditions in all the sectors).

    -Target: 70% sales of retail (companies, hospitals, online particular...) and 30% wholesales(shops, agreements...).

    -No stock break: the collection is permanent and the headquarter has a disposable stock inthe warehouse through all the season.

    -Assessment: personalised, continuous and technical.

    -Support and continuous communication amongst all the departments and the central.

    -Initial training (both theoretical and practical) as well as recycling seminaries.

    -Integration in a consolidated company in the childhood fashion business, with over 20years of experience and in continuous growth.


  • Czech Republic and Slovakia Market

    -Consumers: Both final clients and consu