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Story of me

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Oct 30, 2014


Story of me
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  • 1. Story of me

2. Who is me?
Who is me ???
3. Exactly! I am pondering up on that myself while dozing off in this fine mid-morning warm summer breeze through the half closed kitchen door, in this crowded valley called Las Vegas, which belongs to a 600 sq mile Mojave Desert.
4. That pinpoints me geographically on this planet to answer partly who I am.
5. What else could possibly define me?
6. Human has many parameters to identify themselves: SSN, DL, birthdays, height, weight, color, shape, properties, career, degree
7. I was wondering if one lost these would one still be the same person?
8. I think so, but I could imagine some people might not agree with me. They ask who are you, hmm I am a doctor; I am a pharmacist; I am a teacher, an artist, a studentas you introduce yourselves in a meeting, a class, a party.
9. Is that who you are?
10. To me these are layers of an artichoke; one acquires as many as desired or as capable of during her lifespan, then once all the layers revealed, is there an ultimate core or not depends on your belief and culture.
11. If your lady stop seeing you because you lost your career, your house or your Camaro, then perhaps these layers do define who you are, hence sadly determine your happiness in life.
12. As for me, my name is Penelope, or Penny if the first one is too mouthful for most people. I am also called Piglet, Pumpkin Butt; pee pee head, buttercup. I weigh almost 90 lbs.
13. Hi !!!!!
14. All right, I know I know. I might not look as ladylike as this one, or sophisticated as that one, or royal as some others.
15. but something about my clumsiness and my way with others that make me
16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. Human try to define me and my folks in different ways, one of which I found bizarre is that they have all of our birthday as 1/1/2001, with our owners last names while our first name intact with a (K9) at the end when we need medications from pharmacies.
22. So, It ends up looking like this:Penelope-(K9) Bettinger, birthday 1/1/1
23. Speaking of pharmacy, I do know lots of my acquaintance taking human anti-depression medications, which I do not approve most of the time. If I were a doctor, I would write prescription like this:
24. 25. 26. I am positive that they will
work so well. First, they
are home remedies, so they
wont mess up your serotonin,
norepinephrine, and dopamine.
Secondly, they are good stuffs, I would actually volunteer to get sick to be drugged up on Ribeyebonexetine and Walkalopram.
27. I would be a very good K.M.D
dont you agree? However my
priority is to take care of
Mr.B and little BB juniors to
come; I wont be one, I might
give consultation on the side
for my close friends only.
28. So by now you are pretty familiar with Mr. B. I technically run his house, and take care of him.
29. Mr B, together with his numerous flaws, is one of the most wonderful human being.He will be a whole other discussion between you and I
30. Mr. B
31. Getting to know me, you ought to meet Piquepenn and Twinkoflutt my two wonderful friends from the backyard.
32. Backyard is my favorite place to hang out with friends
33. I wasnt so fond of Piquepenn at first as he always tries to dive on me, startling the heck out of me. You would think birdies sound beautifully. Not this one. He has these irritating high peak short screeches. Scary at the same time.
34. I found that it was just Piquepenns way to get my attention. We became very good friends
35. 36. Of course you wont see
much of Piquepennas he
was there on that
wall corner until
few minutes ago.
37. While Twinkoflutt is the most indecisive creature. She cant never make up her mind. She always pauses for minutes, then, being ADD, she jumps on other things.
38. 39. 40. Now, move on to another way to identify myself, what is my religion? I cant speak for all pets, however in my humble opinion, we are all Buddhism.
41. We dont reminisce; I am not sure ifbecause we have short term memory or if we think past is past.
42. We dont worry about future; not sure because we dont have control over it anyway (our owners somewhat do) or because its yet to come.
43. And I am aware at times
that things
are not
44. I love this onepoem by TNH a famous monk worldwide. I apologize for changing his word tea to bone as real bones are such delicaciesthat bring me true happinessand joy, just about as much as tea does to him I am sure. Id like toshare with you here the :bone poem.
45. Chew Your Bone(TNH)
Chew your bone slowly and
reverently,as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves - slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future;Live the actual moment.Only this moment is life.
46. My EKG?? Hmm nah, I sure hope not as if it were, I wouldnt be here yapping away with you ! This is my happiness level analysis, with 100 is happiest on the Y axis, 0 is suicidal.
47. Before you wonder why it fluctuates, Ill just have to explain certain aspects about Mr Bs life. Hes my daddy, my whole universe. What does he do for a living?
48. Here he is, running about his workplace like a headless chicken on not even a very busy day, as he is a perfectionist.
49. I could never figure out why and how his schedule run itsway: his work days and off days differ every week, yet repeat every other week.
50. His company would probably never have on mind that this schedule is indeed the key point to my happiness levels. You can guess by now that Im depressed when hes working (12 hour days mostly), and happy when hes off.
51. As I look at my happiness rollercoaster in the skinny bars, it does look like a letter B if you tilt your head 90 degree to the left !
52. So yes, my overall daily happiness level evolves around my daddy B, repeat its cycle every two weeks, and thats how it looks in a month.
53. 54. 55. So, I wonder one day what else do I do besides sleeping 89% of my time
56. I realize that I sleep a lot as you can tell. I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime.
57. 58. 59. I eat a lot too! You probably figure by now what is my favorite delicacy.
60. 61. As for house chores, I am tremendously productive with vacuuming, not so much with laundries unless you consider me jumping about on the neatly stacks of clothes Mr. B just folded is helpful.
62. Vacuuming is fun !!
63. 64. 65. Mr. B calls this a shower, but I call it water playing time, one of my favorite games
66. 67. And I think thats it for me. I hope you have some idea about me by now. Why should you bother right?
68. Well because I am the silliest, most awesome, and sweetest K-9. Visit me on Facebook and YouTube, I would love to have more conversations with you there
69. My favorite quote at the moment is that if you are chasing your dreams or your dreams chasing you (MP)
70. Disclaimer from my friend who help me made this possible
1-Any views or opinions presented in this presentation are solely those of the author and Penny, and do not necessarily represent those of Mr B.
71. 2-This is not in any way a present for Mr. Bs birthday. WHY?
72. Theres so many things from little things, big things, to medium size things surrounding a person to make his/her existence possible: family, friends, the sun, the winds, the clouds, a daffodil, a bird, a dog, a beautiful music note
73. So in my humble opinion, if theres
birthday presents, they should be given to
the persons closest dearest friends/family members/beloved pets, to thank them
for taking such good care of that person,
for making another year of happiness,
peace and mindfulness possible.
74. But I guess it doesnt hurt to say:
75. happy birthday
76. ClosingCredits
Director: me
Writer: me
Producer: me
Executive Producer: me again
Lead cast: Penny
Supporting casts: Mr B., Piquepenn, Twinkoflutt
Director of photography: me
77. Editor: me
Costume designer: me
Music composer: iTunes
Casting director: me
Unit production manager: me
Sound/Visual effects: me
78. Music by
Hinder (Lips of an angel)
Late Night Alumni (Beautiful)
Clay Walker (Fall)
Hinder (Better than me)
Bond (Huljic Victory)