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Refractory Systems
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Refractory SystemsComplete refractory engineering, material supply, and installation from one sourceSTEULER-KCH is one of the most innovative suppliers and a market leader in the eld of refractory systems worldwide. Our produc-tionlinecomprisesshapednonbasicproductsonrawmaterial bases ranging from reclay to corundum, chromiumcorundum, zir-conium and SiC-materials as well as unshaped products. From Re-search and development over engineering up to own production and installation STEULER-KCH offers specic refractory solutions.Advancedrefractorysolutionsrequireanownresearchandde-velopment department. In our own laboratories we develop inno-vative and reliable materials which we test according to interna-tional valid engineer standards. To allow a steady innovation of refractory materials we do in advance all necessary analysis like raw material selection as well as wear- and slag resistance tests.Based on the respective process conditions we develop detailed liningconceptswithanindividualrefractory-engineering.Own factories and high qualied specialists in the eld of mould buil-ding and production enable us to highest exibility.We produce single shaped bricks as well as complete refractory linings according to your requirements. Based on steel construc-tion drawings and process data STEULER-KCH creates the com-plete refractory engineering for the particular aggregate. The en-gineering includes installation drawings as well as heat-transition calculations and heating up recommendations.Research and development, engineering, production and installation from one sourceDetailed lining concepts and refractory engineeringHighest exibility in the eld of mould building and productionComplete refractory-layout including installation drawings, heat-transition calculations and heating-up recommendationsComplete erection or installation supervision trough STEULER-KCH-SupervisorsIron and steel industryNon-ferrous metallurgyThermal waste treatmentChemical and petrochemical industryCement and lime industryRoof and wall lining concepts with ceramic anchoring systemsSpecial shape bricks / special applicationsCeramic industry and powder metallurgyAbove: Abrasion and slagging analysis of the refractory materials.Above: STEULER-KCH develops customized refractory-concepts with most modern CADengineering.Above: Moulds produced in our own workshops provide STEULER-KCH with utmost exibility in the production of special formats.Above: STEULER-KCH also offers erection services thereby ensuring the qualied implementation of the refractory system designIron and Steel Industry / Blast FurnancesDirect Reduction FurnancesRefractory linings for blast furnances STEULER-KCHoffersanextremelywiderangeofmaterials forliningblastfurnacesdependingonthespecicinstallation conditionsandloading.Highlywear-resistantandtemperature change-resistantcorundumbrickpre-redatupto1700C withstands the mechanical stresses in the top of the blast furnace where the burden is introduced. The reduction zones below that use special shaped bricks made of reclay and andalusite which provide outstanding reduction resistance. The highest temperatures and the pressure of the column of burden subjectthemeltingzoneoftheblastfurnacetoextremelyhigh stresses.Forthisspecialhigh-stressapplication,STEULER-KCH suppliesshapedbrickannuliinchemically/ceramicallybonded andalusite grades. The bottom of the blast furnace, the hearth, is lined with multiple layers of carbon brick. In order to protect that material from the pig iron, STEULER-KCH provides low-iron, high temperature-resistant reclay and andalusite grades for the cera-mic cup of the blast furnace along with high-refractory sintered mullite grades with outstanding corrosion resistance.Left:blast inletInnovative refractory concepts for direct reduction For the direct reduction process, STEULER-KCH supplies individual solutions for all kinds of aggregates ranging from air and process gas heaters to the reformer to the key component of the plant, the reductionfurnace.Thereisanincreasingdemandforinnovative refractory concepts to raise the efciency of the plants. Now in ad-dition to the high stresses already imposed on the refractory lining bythereducingatmosphereandtemperaturechanges,material throughputs beyond the originally planned capacity also cause in-creased levels of abrasion.Refractory products for ingot casting Moderningotcastingsteelworksneedextremelyhighquality refractory products to line the channels feeding their moulds. The steel blocks must be free of non-metallic inclusions and also have a consistent chemical composition and a homogenous structure.Withhighquality,highalloysteelssuchasmanganesesteels, STEULER-KCHreliesonthematerialB80UGwithareaction-bonded mullite matrix and free SiO2 contents of less than 1.5%. The use of these refractory materials keeps the casting channels from widening and prevents alumina inclusions.Right:State-of-the-art brickwork lining concepts for Midrex shaft furnacesTheRefractoryDivisionofSTEULER-KCHdesigns,produces andsuppliesaverydiverserangeofliningmaterialsforthe non-ferrous metal industry, e.g. for copper and aluminium mel-ting and treatment furnaces.These materials have to resist not only thermal stresses but also aggressiveabrasiveandchemicalattacks.Forroastingand melting furnaces and also for holding and casting facilities in thenon-ferrousmetalindustry,refractoryliningsaresupplied fromthecompanysownproduction.Theseliningswithstand extremelyaggressivechemicalconditionsrefractorymateri-als and engineering from STEULER-KCH are also well establis-hed in these applications.Below : Aluminium rotary drum tilting furnace.Above: Three-chamber melting-holding-casting furnace in combined brick and monolithic liningNon-ferrous MetallurgyLong service life in copper shaft furnacesIn the secondary copper industry, ceramic bonded SiC materi-als provide long service life in shaft- and casting furnaces. Also chromium-corundum bricks are successfully used in this applica-tion. Different production processes also enable STEULER-KCH toproducelargescalesegmentbricksfortheliningofshaft kilns with a stable high grade quality.Special qualities for the aluminium industryFor the melting and holding furnaces of the aluminium industry, Steuler has developed special phosphate-bonded bauxite gra-des for the application in the upper bath area. The company offers high-quality re clay and andalusite grades for use in the bath area itself and for the burners. In this area, STEULER-KCH offers lining concepts which are tailored to the specic appli-cation, combining brick- and monolithic linings.Above: Trolley melt furnace with brickwork wear lining.Front faceThe front wall basically serves the function of charging the incinerator. The solid wastes are fed via the chute into the rotary furnace; liquids and slurries are fed via lances and burners.Rotary kiln The rotary kiln is the heart of every incinerator. The refractory lining in this part of the plant is subject to extreme conditions.Inlet and transition zone In connection with the operation of the rotary kiln, the stresses impar-tedontherefractoryliningareprimarilymechanical.STEULER-KCH uses materials with high abrasion resistance and pressure resistance in this zone.Main combustion zone and discharge Atcombustionchambertemperaturesofupto1400degreesCelsi-us, aggressive slag and changing operating conditions exert extreme stresses on refractory materials.Thermal waste treatmentWaste gas and waste water incineratorsLiquid waste and waste gas incinerators with both high ring temperatures and harsh chemical conditions require special refractory materials. Also for these process plants, STEULER-KCHsupplieshighlywear-resistantmaterialsforfrontwall brickwork and permanent lining.Moreover,thescopeofgoodsandservicesofSTEULER-KCH also includes cost-effective solutions for wood, sewage sludge and household waste incinerators.Post combustion chamberInthepostcombustionchamber,therefractorybrickliningis generally subject to very harsh chemical stress from highly alkali conditions. In combination with high combustion chamber tem-peraturesofupto1350degreesCelsius,liquidslagseverely erodes the brick. Post combustion chamber ceiling, ceiling boxes and accessory componentsSTEULER-KCHdesigns,suppliesandinstallsrefractoryceiling systemsnotonlybasedondry-pressedshapedbrickbutalso as monolithic linings. The range of heat-resistant cast and steel components and ceramic anchoring bricks offered suggest many possible solutions depending on the specic loadingChemical and petrochemical industryAbove: Sulphuric acid cracking unit completely lined by STEULER-KCH refractory materials.Claus plantsClaus plants are used for the industrial recovery of sulphur from sulphur hydroxides found in the ue gases generated while pro-cessing coal into coke. Claus plants are also used in the desulp-hurisation of crude oil in reneries.For the lining of a Claus furnace, the specially developed refracto-ry ceramics supplied have to withstand different conditions depen-ding on how they are installed in the furnace unit. Low-iron reclay and andalusite are used here and under extreme loadings also corundum grades.Pox reactorThe processing plants used in the petrochemical industry, such as primaryandsecondaryreformers,crackingfurnacesandPOX reactors are subject to an extremely wide range of loading con-ditions and therefore also require different refractory materials.These include complete bre linings, combination linings with for-med materials, and pure, high-quality speciality products made of synthetic corundum materials with an Al2O3 content of more than 99%. In combination with similarly high-quality insulation materials based on hollow bead corundum and very sophisticated enginee-ring, STEULER-KCH offers complete concepts from a single source.Below: Pox-reactor in the petrochemical industryCarbon Black ReactorIn the production of carbon black, process reactor temperatu-res of up to 2000 C are reached. This can only be achieved usingspeciallydevelopedhigh-temperatureceramics.And hightemperaturesarenottheonlychallenge.Othercondi-tions such as temperature changes, different atmospheres and extremeflowrateswithchangingpressuressubjectrefracto-rymaterialstoextremelyhighstresses.Theseprocessesuse materials based on corundum and mullite, which have been especially developed to withstand these stresses.STEULER-KCHsuppliesalltypesofalu-mina-basedliningsalongwithinsulation and rear linings for the complete cement unitfromtheheatexchangertothe calciner and tertiary air line to the safety zone and the upper transition zone.STEULER-KCHproductsarealsousedin the discharge zone, kiln hood and cooler.Above: Installation of STEULER-KCHrefractory liningLeft:White Liquor Plant at UPM Uruguay S.A., Fray Bentos, Uruguay.Photo by ANDRITZCement, paper and cellulose industryReduction resistant materials for the lime industryAndalusiteandreclaybricksareusedinthelimeindustryfor bothshaftfurnacesandrotarykilns.Withtheirparticularlylow ironcontent,thehigh-redreclaygradesofSTEULER-KCHare exceptionally abrasion-resistant. For that reason, this type of brick is mainly used in the ring and transition zones of these kilns.Special reclay grades are also available for the charging and cooling zones.Because of the large dimensions of these kilns, specially shaped bricks in tongue-and-groove design are very often used here.Above: White Liquor Plant at Veracel Celulose S.A., Trs Lagoas,Brazil.Photo by ANDRITZAnchoring brickSTEULER-KCHdevelopsandproducesanchoringbrickforsus-pendedceilings,ceilingboxesandwallsfortheanchoringof monolithic materials. Anchors must be used to secure monolithic delivery system components depending on their dimensions and arrangement.Theanchorsarepartoftherefractoryliningand attach it to the steel structure. The individually anchored elements can be replaced as necessary without threatening the integrity of theadjacentlining.STEULER-KCHanchoringbricksaresuitable forusewherevermetalanchoringsystemscannotbeuseddue tohightemperatureloadingorstrongchemicalattackfromthe combustion atmosphere.The ceramic anchoring brick is anchored to the steel structure by meansofholdingclamps,hangersorthreadedretainerswhich are matched to the product and the application case.The type and geometry of the anchor selected depends on many factors:Application temperature, service temperatureQuality of the monolithic materialsWear prole of the unitFurnace chamber atmosphereThermodynamic calculationsRoof- and wall constructions withceramic anchoring systemsSTEULER-KCH FE fastening and expansion joint systems Nearly all refractory brickwork requires expansion joints in order to compensate for stresses incurred while heating up and cooling down.STEULER-KCHdevelopsandproducesFEfasteningand expansionjointsystemsindifferentdimensionsandqualitiesfor many types of furnaces.Shapes bricks and special applicationsPower plantsBack-drawing shafts of brown coal red power plants are lined withSTEULER-KCHreclaybricksandhighabrasiveresistant monolithic materials. SiC-castables and chromium-corundum ma-terials nd their application in melting chamber boilers. STEULER-KCH offers hand-rammed and pressed shaped bricks for special applications(e.g.burnerblocks,nozzlebricksortaperbricks). By producing bricks with the hand-ramming method it is possible to manufacture very small series and most complex geometries of alumina-andSiCcontainingbricks.Fromtheengineeringover the building of the required moulds up to the production you get everything from one source. Special shaped bricks are available in all our refractory material qualities. Dry-pressedtongue-and-grooveSTEULER-KCHchimneybricksin special grades according to DIN 1057 protect against damage causedbythermalandchemicalstressfromuegasesasthey owthroughthechimney.STEULER-KCHchimneybricksfeature very good dimensional accuracy, mechanical strength and high acid-resistance. Right:Brick-lined stack in a power plant.Shapes bricks and special applicationsMetal recovery, titanium dioxide production, activated carbonFor many industries and special applications, STEULER-KCH sup-pliesabroadrangeofalumina-basedproductsasmaterialfor wear linings, backup linings or insulation which can be adapted to meet the specic requirements. For example, STEULER-KCH develops special, chemically bonded andalusite grades for zinc recovery plants grades which offer outstanding service life in rotary kilns. Alkali-resistant materials are used in the dust chambers.In titanium dioxide production STEULER-KCH offers andalusite and reclaygradesasliningmaterialsforrotarykilnsanduidised bed plants.The production and reactivation of activated carbon uses reduc-tion-resistant reclay and andalusite grades which satisfy the high demandsrelativetotemperaturechange-resistanceandsafety. STEULER-KCH relies on special reclay grades for the production of barium carbonate.Below:Burner bricks, pocket blocks, anchor bricks and other shapes in various material qualities.Above:Fully refractory lined rotary kilns for the recycling of zinc.Ceramic industry and powder metallurgyPowder metallurgyOur customers take advantage of our decades of experience and the continuous advances made by our research and development departments, thereby extending service life and reducing opera-ting costs. In combination with thermal, mechanical and chemical requirements,thegeometriesdesignedtosatisfycustomerspe-cicationsareconsideredtogetherasacomplete,rationaland qualitative system.The use of special kiln furniture, for example, can also minimise post-processing costs for sintered powder metal parts, because the more even the ring slab, the more even the moulded part after heat treatment. Only ceramic ring slab mate-rials provide satisfactory ring results. STEULER-KCH manufactures kiln furniture using the dry pressing method only, so tolerances are very small.Ceramic industryConstantly rising energy costs and frequently changing products in the ceramic industry necessitate versatile rack systems. Optimum use of the available ring space is a must. The variable kiln car system from STEULER-KCH offers the required exibility and stability. This also makes STEULER-KCH kiln car systems well suited for use in applications such as automatic tunnel kilns, mufe kilns and shuttle kilns.STEULER-KCH developed a special connecting system for severe mechanical loads, espe-cially for long hauls in the tunnel kiln circuit. Stable kiln assemblies are installed without mortar, thereby ensuring trouble-free operation. Special anchor stub connections also com-pensate for thermal stresses during heat-up and cool-down phases.Above: Sintered rings Unground and ground sintered rings serve as carriers for annular sintered parts such as synchroniser rings or gear wheels. If the sintered product requires very precise seating, rings can be ground to a atness of 0.03 mm on both sides.Ceramic industry and powder metallurgyAbove: Extremely robust but lightkiln car setting system with special props.Below: STEULER-KCH kiln furniture for themost diverse applications and requirements. Steuler Tcnica S.L.SpainSteuler France S.A.R.L.FranceDitescor S.A. de C.V.MexicoSteuler Maroc S.A.R.L.MaroccoAlphaplast S.A.SpainSteuler Nordic ABSwedenShanghai STEULER-KCH Anticorrosion Engineering Co. Ltd.ChinaCIMA S.r.l.ItalyKCT Sp. z o.o.PolandSteuler IndustrialCorrosion ProtectionPty. Ltd.AustraliaSteuler New Caledonia S.A.R.L.New CaledoniaSTEULER-KCHBranch Saudi ArabiaSTEULER-KCHBranch AustriaAll data relate to our current state of knowledge; they do not represent quality specications.Technical details subject to change.STEULER-KCH GmbHRefractory Systems DivisionGeorg-Steuler-Strae 56203 Hhr-Grenzhausen | GERMANYPhone:+49 26 24 13-586Fax: +49 26 24 13-305Mail:[email protected] Protection SystemsPlastics TechnologyPool ConstructionsBerggarten 1 56427 Siershahn | GERMANYPhone:+49 26 23 600-0Fax:+49 26 23 600-513Mail:[email protected] with its international subsidiaries and representations, STEULER-KCH offers its customers a worldwide network which deve-lops and implements comprehensive system solutions.SURFACE PROTECTION SYSTEMSLining and ooring systems Cements, jointing materials, masonry systems, rubber liningsPLASTICS TECHNOLOGYThermoplastic lining systemsEquipment, piping and tanks made ofduroplastics and thermoplasticsREFRACTORY SYSTEMSHigh temperature refractory liningsPOOL CONSTRUCTIONSTEULER-Q7 lining systems