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Facts about cat’s eye gemstone

Apr 08, 2017



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Facts About Cats Eye GemstonePresented

Cats eye gemstone is an intriguing gemstone which raises the curiosity among all the gem lovers due to its peculiar color and distinct features. We discussing the important facts of Cats Eye Gemstone.

Cats Eye is regarded as the stone which relates with the fierce planet Ketu which is further acknowledged being a shadow planet. Ketu planet has the capability to create a significant effect on the lives of all living creatures.

Cats Eye stone also called lehsunia stone because the ray of light which strikes exactly from the center of this stone, giving this stone a totally different appearance.

Cats Eye gemstone is worn by those people who are suffering from ketu dasha. Wearing cat eye or lehsuniya stone will mitigate the ill-effects caused due to the presence of ketu planet.

Cats Eye stone is related with the vengeful planet ketu that brings instant result either positive or negative, it totally depends upon its placement in the horoscope or birth chart.

Cats Eye stone favorable for those peoplewho have invested money in share market or trading. People love to adopt the Cats Eye stone in the form of different jewelry items.

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