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Evolving With Expectations | CUNA Virtual Discovery Conference

Nov 02, 2014


As financial institutions look to differentiate themselves from the competition, many marketers and executives are turning to the latest industry trends as a means to do so. Whether it’s social media initiatives, mobile banking, new products, or microsites targeting a specific market segment, banks and credit unions are exploring any and every option to get and stay ahead.

In struggling to break free from industry commoditization, many institutions forget there are times when perceptions of parity should be fostered. Consumer expectations have accelerated rapidly in recent years—and, your ability to meet these expectations can be the difference between attracting, keeping and/or losing valuable customers. Rather than emphasizing differentiation for the sake of being different, this session will discuss how consumer demands in general have shifted and the importance of meeting a new series of expectations. This session will explore some notable industry trends, and will highlight examples of how these initiatives have been implemented—both successfully and unsuccessfully.

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  • 2. Evolving with Expectations
    The Importance of Parity in Keeping Up with Consumer Expectations
    Joe Sullivan, CEO - Market Insights
  • 3. What is Parity?
  • 4. What is Parity?
    The quality or condition of being equal or equivalent; a like state or degree; equality; equivalence; close correspondence
  • 5.
  • 6. Consumer Expectations are Growing
    Brands are barely keeping up with consumer expectations now. Every day consumers adopt and devour the latest technologies and innovations, and hunger for more. Smarter marketers will identify and capitalize on unmet expectations. Those brands that understand where the strongest expectations exist will be the brands that survive - and prosper.
    From: 10 Branding and Marketing Trends for 2010
    By: Robert Passikoff, President of Brand Keys
  • 7. How have your members expectations changed?
  • 8. Its not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do whats required.
    Winston Churchill
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  • 10.
    • Products
    • 11. Delivery Channels
    • 12. Websites
    • 13. Social Media