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EMR Integration with DaRT - Populating EMR

Aug 07, 2015


  1. 1. Populate EMRsAutomatically, UsingDictationEmdats DaRT (Discrete Accurate Reportable Transcription)offers medical facilities an electronic medical record (EMR)implementation approach that minimizes operational change andcompletely eliminates physician productivity loss.Physicians continue to dictateEmdats DaRT tags transcription content (Eg. Chief Complaint, MedicalHistory, Family History, etc.) and discretely populates your EMRautomatically, as if the clinician had entered it themselves. With DaRT, hospitals and clinics can embrace the future of healthcarewithout requiring change in clinician behavior, while still meetingWe deliver superb functionalitymeaningful use guidelines. Clinicians can spend their valuable time doingand client satisfaction by providingwhat they do best: practicing medicine.streamlined workflow and EMRintegration, all with no contracts,no capital investment and rapiddeployment. Contact us to learn [email protected] justmytypetranscription.comPOWEREDBY
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