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Dec 18, 2014



Technogroovy Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
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  • 1. Techogroovy Systems India Pvt Ltd ,, Cell- +917500347448 , +91-7533940322 Mail : [email protected]
  • 2. The embedded system is a combination of computer hardware, software additional electrical & mechanical parts A computer is used in such devices primarily as a means to simplify the system design and to provide flexibility. Embedded systems employ the use of a RTOS (Real-Time Operating System)., Cell- +91-7500347448 , +917533940322
  • 3. Block Diagram of Embedded System, Cell- +91-7500347448 , +917533940322
  • 4. Microcontroller A smaller computer. On-chip RAM, ROM, I/O ports... Example:- Motorolas 6811, Intels 8051 and PIC 16X CPU RAM ROM I/O Port Serial Timer COM Port Microcontroller A single chip, Cell- +91-7500347448 , +917533940322
  • 5., Cell- +91-7500347448 , +917533940322
  • 6. The 8051 Microcontroller : The 8051 is the first microcontroller of the MCS-51 family introduced by Intel Corporation at the end of the 1970s. The 8051 family characteristics: The 8051 family characteristics: 4K Bytes ROM 128 Bytes RAM two timer/counters (16 bit) A serial port 32 input/output port Interrupt controller, Cell- +91-7500347448 , +917533940322
  • 7. 8051 Internal Architecture, Cell- +91-7500347448 , +917533940322
  • 8. IC 8051 Pin Description Voltage Supply (+5V) Ground, Cell- +91-7500347448 , +917533940322
  • 9. IC 8051 Pin Description Port 0 from Pin-39 to Pin-32 An 8-bit open drain bidirectional port. DUAL FUNCTION Used to access both data and address, Cell- +91-7500347448 , +917533940322
  • 10. IC 8051 Pin Description Port 1 from Pin-1 to pin-8 8-bit bidirectional I/O port with internal pull-ups, Cell- +91-7500347448 , +917533940322
  • 11. IC 8051 Pin Description Port 2 from Pin-21 to pin-28 Used to access address and I/O, Cell- +91-7500347448 , +917533940322
  • 12. IC 8051 Pin Description P3.0 : RxD(serial input port) P3.1 :TxD (serial output port) P3.2 :INT0 (external interrupt 0) P3.3 :INT1 (external interrupt 1) P3.4 :T0 (timer 0 external input) P3.5 :T1 (timer 1 external input) P3.6 :WR (external data memory write strobe) P3.7 :RD (external data memory read strobe) Port 3 from Pin-10 to Pin-17, Cell- +91-7500347448 , +917533940322
  • 13. IC 8051 Pin Description External memory reset Add. Latch enable Program Store Enable crystal, Cell- +91-7500347448 , +917533940322
  • 14. IC 8051 Daily Applications Moving message display 7 Digital clock, Cell- +91-7500347448 , +917533940322 segment display Traffic Light
  • 15. IC 8051 Addressing Modes Immediate addressing modes ADD A, #23h (Add immediate data to Acc) Register addressing modes ADD A, R2 (Add register to Accumulator) Direct addressing modes ADD A, 40h (Add data at location 40h to Accumulator) Register Indirect addressing modes ADD A,@R2 (Add indirect RAM to Acc), Cell- +91-7500347448 , +917533940322
  • 16. Interrupts in 8051 An interrupt is an external or internal event that interrupts the microcontroller to inform it that a device needs its service The advantage of interrupts is that the microcontroller can serve many devices (not all at the same time) Program Program Interrupt service time, Cell- +91-7500347448 , +917533940322
  • 17. Interrupts in 8051 EA - ET2 ES ET1 EX1 Internal Interrupts EX0 ET0 EX1 ET1 ES ET2 -EA Enables or disables external interrupt Enables or disables timer 0 overflow interrupt Enables or disables external interrupt 1 Enables or disables timer 1 overflow interrupt Enables or disables the serial port interrupt Enables or disables timer 2 overflow or capture interrupt Not implemented, reserved for future use Disables all interrupts External Interrupts P3.2 :INT0 (external interrupt 0) P3.3,1) (external interrupt Cell- +91-7500347448 , +917533940322 ET0 EX0
  • 18. General Purpose Microprocessor CPU for Computers No RAM, ROM, I/O on CPU chip itself Example--Intels x86: 8086,8088,80386,80486, Pentium CPU GeneralPurpose Microprocessor Data Bus RAM Many chips on mother board ROM I/O Port Timer Address Bus General-Purpose Microprocessor System, Cell- +91-7500347448 , +917533940322 Serial COM Port
  • 19., Cell- +91-7500347448 , +917533940322
  • 20. The 8085 Microprocessor : The features of INTEL 8085 are : It is an 8 bit processor. It is a single chip N-MOS device with 40 pins. It has multiplexed address and data bus.(AD0-AD7). It works on 5 Volt dc power supply. The maximum clock frequency is 3 MHz while minimum frequency is 500kHz. It provides 74 instructions with 5 different addressing modes., Cell- +91-7500347448 , +917533940322
  • 21. IC 8085 Pin Description, Cell- +91-7500347448 , +917533940322
  • 22. IC 8085 Pin Description AD0-AD7: Multiplexed Address and data lines. A8-A15: Tri-stated higher order address lines. ALE: Address latch enable is an output signal.It goes high when operation is started by processor . S0,S1: These are the status signals used to indicate type of operation. RD: Read is active low input signal used to read data from I/O device or memory. WR: Write is an active low output signal used write data on memory or an I/O device., Cell- +91-7500347448 , +917533940322
  • 23. IC 8085 Pin Description READY: This an output signal used to check the status of output device.If it is low, P will WAIT until it is high. TRAP: It is an Edge triggered highest priority , non mask able interrupt. After TRAP, restart occurs and execution starts from address 0024H. RST 5.5,6.5,7.5: These are maskable interrupts and have low priority than TRAP. INTR&INTA: INTR is a interrupt request signal after which P generates INTA or interrupt acknowledge signal. IO/M: This is output pin or signal used to indicate whether 8085 is working in I/O mode(IO/M=1) or Memory mode(IO/M=0 )., Cell- +91-7500347448 , +917533940322
  • 24. IC 8085 Pin Description HOLD&HLDA: HOLD is an input signal .When P receives HOLD signal it completes current machine cycle and stops executing next instruction. In response to HOLD P generates HLDA that is HOLD Acknowledge signal. RESET IN