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Mar 31, 2015



Haven Ingham
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This document is posted to help you gain knowledge. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think about it! Share it to your friends and learn new things together.
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Email -

Web site -

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Email Basics

• Attachments

• Cc v. Bcc

• Contact Lists

• Folders

• Spam

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Surfin’ the Web• Browsers: Internet Explorer,

Firefox, Chrome, Safari• Google and other Search

Engines• Wikipedia: World-wide

cooperation for the benefit of all.

• Bookmarks(Favorites)

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Cool Stuff from the web:• Calendars That Work • Playing for Change • Ethan Zuckerman: Listening to global voices

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From your computer you can:

• Upload to the web: an email to a friend, a blog for all to see, photos to share, or many other posts.

• Download from the web: A web site, an email from a friend, a video, a song, a pdf file. Information.

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Using a search engine such as Google, you can easily find newspapers, such as:

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What Everyone Should Know• How to go to a web page

Type the URL (web page address) here.

Press Enter.

Note: You must type the URL exactly, with no extra spaces or punctuation and exact capitalization, or you won’t get the page.

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What Everyone Should Know• Select your browser’s home page

• Click Tools• Click Internet Options

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What Everyone Should Know• Browser home page (2)

• Click Use Current

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What Everyone Should Know• Change desktop background (PC only)

• Hold down the Start key (Windows key) and click D to show desktop.

• Right click on desktop.• Select Properties.• Click Browse and find the picture

you want to use, or select an image from the list.

• OR, in Internet Explorer, rightclick on an image and choose“Set as Background.”

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MS Word project4-fold greeting card

1. Fold blank sheet.

2. Roughly sketch front and inside panels.

3. Unfold. This is what we have to reproduce in Word.

4. Open new Word doc.

5. Change Page orientation to landscape

6. Create new 4x4 table

7. Insert art in upper left cell. Rotate 180º

8. Insert text in lower left cell. Format it.

9. When it looks good, print it and fold it. If necessary, tweak the layout.

10.When the fold looks good, trim it with scissors. paper cutter or knife and straight edge.