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    300-9 Yomgok-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 137-749, Republic of Korea TEL: +82-2-3460-7114 FAX: +82-2-3460-7777

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    Fuel for Your Business Success!The Driving Force behind World Trading Power

    Your global businesspartner!KOTRA!The world economy never sleeps. Neither does KOTRA.From New York City to Damascus, from Beijing to Khartoum,KOTRAs vast global network connects Korea to the rest of the world 24/7.KOTRA again proved its mettle during the recent financial crisis, steeringKorea safely out of the economic doldrums with its creative strategies.At KOTRA, we are proud to support the globalization of your business andpropel your enterprise to success.As an organization underpinned by strong international businessexpertise, KOTRA is everywhere that economic opportunities are,supporting and accompanying Korea on its way to a greater future.

    C O N T E N T S

    01 Prologue

    02 CEO Message

    04 Major Accomplishments

    08 Main Activities (Business Areas)

    12 Main Activities (Roles)

    16 Main Activities (FDI Inbound/Outbound)

    20 Ethical Management

    21 KOTRA Timeline / Organization Chart

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    Looking to Do Business with Korea?

    KOTRA Can Help!

    CEO Message

    Hwan-Eik Cho, President & CEO of KOTRA

    Since being established in 1962 to assist with Koreas transformation into an export-driven nation, KOTRA has p

    indispensable role in the growth of the Korean economy.

    During the 1960s-1970s, a period which saw rapid economic development in Korea, KOTRA spearheaded a cam

    develop export channels overseas, ultimately helping Korea become one of the worlds largest trading nations. Du

    1990s in the wake of the Asian financial crisis, Invest KOREA, Koreas national investment promotion agen

    established, thus improving the systems with which to attract much-needed foreign investment that would help st

    nation out of the crisis.

    In the face of the recent global economic downturn, KOTRA has hosted large-scale trade shows such as Buy Kore

    have breathed new vitality into the Korean economy. KOTRAs efforts to support partnerships and cooperation b

    Korean and overseas firms will continue unabated into the future. Going forward, the agency plans to increase its

    activities toward global cooperation in promising business fields including knowledge services, the medical, biote

    green industries, and government procurement. In the coming years, KOTRA will also strive to stimulate inter

    exchange in skilled human resources through Contact Korea, a division newly established in 2008. Furthermore,

    provides comprehensive support for inbound and outbound direct investment, and stands behind efforts to expa

    exports and imports.

    As Korea looks forward to hosting the G20 Summit in 2010, becoming a responsible and contributing membe

    international community is an important goal as a nation. To this end, KOTRA will spare no effort to support pro

    business projects with Korean firms, accompanying our clientele every step of the way on the path to success.

    The support you have shown KOTRA so far is greatly appreciated and we hope this support and interest will cont

    into the future.

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    Creative Thinking and InnovativeStrategies for Success!

    Major Accomplishments

    In the wake of the global financial crisis, some foreign media voiced pessimistic viewsabout Koreas economic outlook. At KOTRA, meanwhile, we remained confident aboutKoreas ability to ride out the economic storm.Thinking innovatively and acting boldly in the face of the crisis, we found the solutionthrough international trade. At KOTRA, we believe in innovation and strategy to turnchallenges into economic opportunities.

    A Successful

    The worlds largest, economic network, consisting of 99

    KBCs(Korea Business Center) located in 72 countries.We bring the news from economic scenes worldwide tokeep your enterprises in Korea abreast with the latestdevelopments around the globe.


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    Major Trade Shows to Steer the Economy out of theworld economic Crisis! Buy Korea, the trade show hosted by KOTRA on major export products of Korea,

    provided it with opportunities and solutions to rise above the economic crisissweeping the world.

    A US$ 27 million deal on airplane boarding bridges successfully negotiated with the BAA.

    Supporting Multi-Party Cooperation with GlobalCorporations to Boost the Competitiveness of businesses! A project for joint R&D between Korean SMEs and Qualcomm and Sanofi-Aventis

    and FDI in Korea is underway.Opportunities for direct transactions with global corporations such as Toyota.Marketing assistance toward Korean auto part makers such as GM Autoparts Plaza.

    Joint Logistics Centers Serving as OverseasDistribution Hubs! KOTRAs joint logistics centers are set up in 21 major cities and regions around the

    globe, including Shanghai, Antwerp and New York City.Lowering logistics costs for SMEs for competitiveness of businesses.Business meeting for large North-American online retail channels.

    Effort to Identify Potential Overseas Buyers! A new division (Bachatsa) in charge of identifying potential buyers and ass

    Korean businesses to obtain export deals.

    New export deals worth US$ 19 million were made since the launch of Bachat


    endeavor forKoreas BrighterFuture continues

    Inroads into Overseas Government ProcurementMarkets, Creating New Stable Export Channels!KOTRA helped land an airport renovation project on seven UK airports, a five

    project worth GBP 6.5 billion. Government procurement support centers in three regions: North Am

    (Washington DC), UN (New York City), EU (London). US Government Procurement Week hosted annually in Washington DC to pro

    cooperation between Korean and US government suppliers and help make ininto the US federal procurement market.

    Major Accomplishments

    Opening New Channels to Chinese Market! Korean Product Direct Marketing Center set up by Alibaba, Chinas largest online re Xian KBC opened for developing western China.

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    We SupportNew Business Sectors and,Change the Paradigmin Overseas Marketing!KOTRA has always been a trailblazer. Charting new economic frontiers never explored by anyonelse before has always been our goal. Over the forty-eight years of its existence, KOTRA has beesupporting SMEs expansion overseas. KOTRA regularly restructures itself to keep up with chan

    business environments and to support new business sectors. At KOTRA, setting new milestonesglobal business never stops.

    G-LEAD 2020 is a strategy by KOTRA for taking its rolebeyond the current role of a trade and investment supporter tothat of a global economic partner, over a long term.

    A Global Business

    Main Activities (Business Areas)


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    2,100 Korean SMEs are participating in a programin which they use KOTRAs network of overseasfacilities as their branch offices.2,100

    A Global Market

    We can Help SMEs Build a GlobalPresence anywhere in the world!KOTRA is carrying out projects to help small-medium sized Korean firms become a world playeUsing our in-depth knowledge of major trade issues and up-to-date information gathered by KBin worldwide locations, we help Korean firms assess overseas market. We facilitate theirparticipation in industry fairs in Korea and abroad and engage in marketing support activities forSMEs. KOTRA is developing trade and investment manpower, a critical asset for the Koreaneconomy. A dedicated supporter of Korean businesses, KOTRA will continue to be at the forefronof trade activities to help them tap market opportunities in advance.

    Main Activities (Roles)

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    KOTRA, selected as the worlds best trade andinvestment promotion organization by the WTO and ITC.In 2009, KOTRA received the highest rating in amanagement evaluation for public institutions.1

    A Reliable Investment

    Korea, the New GlobalInvestment Centerin the Era of Borderless InvestmenKOTRA is the Trusted Bridge for Koreas Future as the New Global Center of Investment.Using customized strategies, KOTRA attracts inward FDI by leading global corporations and takmeasures to change the investment environment in Korea more attractively. KOTRA also providsupport to Korean firms overseas ventures, assisting them with setting up a company and otheneeded procedures and supplying local information related to the investment destination. As a gbusiness partner to accompany your business on its way to success, KOTRAs work to enhance national brand of Korea will continue into the future.

    Main Activities (FDI Inbound/Outbound)

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    Leading Koreaon its way to Success

    Global Business Developer

    Subway line no.2 (Gangnam Station) _ exit #6 Subway line no.3 (Yangjae St

    From either subway station, take any of the buses listed below and get off at

    Nonghyup Hanaro Mart, Hyundai-Kia Motors. Kotra is located across the street.

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