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Easter Plantation

Mar 09, 2016



Located in the famed Red Hills, long viewed as the quail hunting capital of the world, Easter Plantation represents a world-class, traditional hunting plantation, offering the year round pursuit of a wide variety of game. Easter supports a bountiful wildlife population that is as diverse as the land itself. Towering longleaf pines and an understory of wiregrass and other native grasses provide incredible habitat for the illustrious bobwhie quail. A 135 acre cypress slough forms the headwaters of the Aucilla River and plays host to countless thousands of ducks and waterfowl, in addition to the plant and flood duck pond. Easter also has explosive populations of turkey and quality whitetail deer. Imporvements on the property include a professionally designed 12 run dog kennel, 10 stall horse barn, mulitple storage barns and grain towers, managers house, and guest house. Without doubt, Easter Plantation represents the best price point for a turnkey operation within the Red Hills.
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NVOV HLJ ~ÅêÉëÄêççâë Åçìåíó


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long viewed as the quail hunting capital of the world, Easter Plantation represents a first-class,

traditional hunting plantation. The plantation culture has long played an integral part in both

our community and in the preservation of this unique area and its history. The RedHills spans

from the Aucilla River to the Ochlockonee River drainage and consists of over 300,000 acres.

Locatedwithin these natural boundaries exist the largest concentration of traditional quail hunt-

ing plantations in theUnited States. Easter presents an incredible opportunity to be a part of this

exclusive culture at a price point that is unmatched in today’s market.

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Easter Plantation possesses the gently rolling landscape, interspersed

with fields and hardwood creeks, that has come to define the area. Towering longleaf pines

and an understory of wiregrass and other native grasses provide optimal habitat for the

illustrious bobwhite quail. The property has been extensively maintained with an emphasis

on quail, underscored further by adjoining plantation owners who share the same preserva-

tion and management ethic.

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A 135 acre cypress head located on the property serves as the headwaters of the Aucilla River.

This ecologically unique area plays host and serves as a refuge to countless thousands of

ducks and other waterfowl. Situated immediately below the cypress slough is an incredible

15 acre plant and flood duck pond. This pond features 4 free

standing blinds with additional room for boat blinds and has

historically offered excellent shooting. The pond can be gravity

filled from the refuge above or with the existing eight inch well.

headwatersçÑ íÜÉ ~ìÅáää~ êáîÉêheadwatersçÑ íÜÉ ~ìÅáää~ êáîÉê

Ring-Necked Duck, Aytha Collaris

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& Barns





















Interior Roads

Easter Plantation

Agricultural FieldBottomland HardwoodCypress Lake

Dove Field

Plant/Flood Duck PondEquestrian


Mixed Pine HardwoodOpen Field

Planted Pine


Upland Pine

Utility Easement

Dog Kennels& Stables

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Easter supports a bountiful wildlife population that is as diverse as the land itself.

Numerous fields and wildlife food plots not only create optimal edge habitat for quail, but

greatly benefit the turkey and migratory bird populations. The property includes two

excellent and established dove fields complete with utility lines. The hardwood creek

bottoms also attract whitetail deer of incredible proportions. A study was conducted in the

1960s whereby Wisconsin whitetail where released in the area and evidence of this large

strain of whitetail deer still exists in the present population.

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The improvements on Easter have been very thoughtfully executed.

A professionally designed 12 run dog kennel has been constructed

alongside the 10 stall horse barn. Three attractively fenced large

paddocks are centrally located around the barn. A restored farm

house serves as both the gate house and the manager’s residence.

The farm headquarters consists of a large shop, pole barn, hay barn, flight pen, and grain tow-

ers. Two additional homes are located on the property and can service guest or staff.

Bobwhite Quail, Colinas Virginianus

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Thomasville is located 45 miles west of I-75 at Valdosta, Georgia, and 35 miles northeast of

Tallahasssee, Florida, on U.S. Highway 319, in the heart of the land known as the Red Hills

Region. The land, with extremely fertile soil, is home to tall stands of longleaf pines, graceful

live oaks, and a profusion of dogwood, azalea, and wisteria. Thomasville is accessible by

commercial air through the Tallahassee Regional and Valdosta Regional Airport. In addition,

Thomasville offers a municipal airport 10 minutes from town that can accommodate four

engine jets with charter flights available. The four seasons we experience are a mild spring,

subtropical summer, warm but pleasant fall, and cool-to-chilly winter. The annual average

temperature high is 78 degrees and the low is 55 degrees.

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Åçåí~Åí íÜÉ ïêáÖÜí ÖêçìéÔ éêáÅÉ ~î~áä~ÄäÉ ìéçå êÉèìÉëí Ô

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Real Estate Advisory & Brokerage Services120 East Jackson Street • Thomasville, Georgia 31792


Ben W. McCollum, • 229.221.6680

Eric J. McCollum, Timberland • 229.200.4457

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