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Jan 01, 2022



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4–17 discover local habitats, connect with
the natural landscape, and develop great
friendships—a tradition we’ve maintained
since 1956. We seek to foster a lifelong bond
between campers and the land through
carefully designed camp activities and
outdoor exploration. Campers experience
as they care for farm animals, practice
sustainable farming, observe native wildlife,
and discover the science behind nature. At
the heart of Drumlin Farm Camp are three
leading concepts:
Community Campers feel free to try new things and make new
friends in our welcoming, supportive community.
Interdependence Campers learn about natural cycles and the
interconnectedness of people, agriculture, wildlife,
and habitats.
Stewardship Campers learn how they can care for the world
around them as they discover the importance of wild
spaces and the benefits of sustainable farming.
Welcome to Drumlin Farm Camp!
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call 781-259-2244
COVID-19 SAFETY The health and welfare of our campers and staff remains our highest priority. We feel confident that the success of Mass Audubon Camps in designing and offering a safe summer of camping in 2020 will guide us into another great summer in 2021. We will continue to stay informed and engaged with the work of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the American Camp Association to ensure best practices with regard to staying safe as we move through the developing phases of the COVID-19 pandemic.
We anticipate that we will continue to practice the wearing of masks, physical distancing, small group sizes, enhanced sanitizing protocols, and all other recommended health and safety guidelines. As we learn more from working closely with partners in public health, childcare, and camping, we will continue to keep our camp community updated.
Please note that any photos depicting children without face coverings were taken prior to 2020. All Mass Audubon program participants are now required to wear masks.
Campers explore their surroundings at a
developmentally appropriate level, in groups that
progress by grade. See page 2.
ONE-WEEK NATURE THEME CAMPS Nature Discovery (Entering Pre-K–Grade 1, Ages 4–6)
Our youngest campers develop their connection with
nature through fun weekly themes. See page 4.
Nature Builders (Entering Grade 2, Age 7)
Campers learn about nature from the ground up, then
create and build projects to share with the rest of camp.
See page 5.
Campers focus on climate change and design a climate
action project. See page 5.
NEW! Art Out of Doors (Entering Pre-K–Grade 8, Ages 4–13)
Campers try out nature journaling, create art projects,
and explore the beauty of nature. See page 5.
ONE-WEEK & 3-DAY FARM THEME CAMPS Farm Mania (Entering Pre-K–Grade 8, Ages 4–13)
Campers learn all about the farm and help care for
crops and livestock. See page 6.
Farmyard Frolics Mini-Camp
Campers wrap up the summer with a 3-day mini-camp
of farmyard fun. See page 6.
NEW! Farm Trekkers (Entering Grade 4–8, Ages 9–13)
Campers discover how farms, communities, and food
are connected in Lincoln and around the Boston area.
See page 7.
See page 12 for dates and times of all our camps.
We believe connection with the natural world
should be available to all. Support the Kids to Camp
Fund at
If finances are getting in the way of summer at
Drumlin Farm Camp, see page 10.
Summer 2021 At-a-Glance TEEN PROGRAMS NEW! Environmental Leadership Bootcamp
(Entering Grades 8–12, Ages 13–17)
Teens gain the necessary skills and knowledge to
develop and implement a climate change action plan in
their communities and become environmental leaders.
See page 7.
Counselors-in-Training (CITs) develop valuable
for younger campers. See page 8.
Session 1 June 28–July 9
Session 2 July 12–23
Session 3 July 26–August 6
HANDS ON NATURE Explore Drumlin Farm’s wild
habitats and farm and the
connections between them
through hands-on activities
exploration, nature walks,
nature or farm animal theme.
Seekers Entering Pre-K–Kindergarten, Ages 4–5 $1,040 members; $1,240 nonmembers, per session Use your senses to discover the secrets
of the farm and wildlife sanctuary.
Seekers will have quiet time each day
to relax and recharge.
Campers must be age 4 by June 1.
Trackers Entering Grade 1, Age 6 $1,040 members; $1,240 nonmembers, per session Follow clues left by animals large
and small in our farm, fields, forests,
and meadows. Discover the animal
residents of Drumlin Farm, from tiny
caterpillars to our biggest cow.
Trackers are divided into two groups. If
you would like your camper to be in the
same group with a buddy, please send
your buddy request prior to the first day
of camp.
Explorers Entering Grade 2, Age 7 $1,040 members; $1,240 nonmembers, per session Explore the homes and habitats of the
sanctuary’s wild animals, from farm
to forest to pond. Discover Drumlin
Farm’s diverse habitats and why
different plants and animals live
where they do.
Naturalists Entering Grade 3, Age 8 $990 members; $1,190 nonmembers, per session Grab a magnifying lens and a field
guide, and practice being a
naturalist. Learn how to identify
plants and animals, perform basic
science experiments, and examine
natural cycles.
Trailblazers Entering Grade 3, Age 8 $990 members; $1,190 nonmembers, per session Discover the connections between
trails and habitats as you journey
through forest, field, and farmland on
Drumlin Farm’s many footpaths, and
learn about ecologically responsible
skills rather than farm activities.
Farmers Entering Grade 4, Age 9 $990 members; $1,190 nonmembers, per session Experience the life of a farmer as you
complete farm chores, harvest crops in
the fields, and learn about the journey
of food as it travels from the farm to
our tables.
Biologists Entering Grades 4–5, Ages 9–10 $990 members; $1,190 nonmembers, per session Be a Drumlin Farm scientist as you
catch wild specimens in our fields
and ponds, perform experiments to
enhance your understanding of the
natural world, and discover the natural
history of Drumlin Farm. This program
focuses on nature and science rather than
farm activities.
Earthkeepers Entering Grades 5–6, Ages 10–11 $1,055 members; $1,255 nonmembers, per session Explore our fields and forests as people
did hundreds of years ago. Learn about
our interdependent relationship with
traditional crafts and hand tools,
and wildlife observation. This program
focuses on native and pioneer living rather
than farm activities.
Apprentices Entering Grades 6–8, Ages 11–13 $1,055 members; $1,255 nonmembers, per sessio Get hands-on with the farming
practices and natural habitats
and how organic farms rely on natural
cycles to produce food.
NATURE DISCOVERY Drop-off 8:45–9:00 am
Pick-up 3:15–3:30 pm
Weekly Sessions June 28–August 13
NATURE DISCOVERY Entering Pre-K–Grade 1, Ages 4–6 $585 members; $685 nonmembers, per week Learn, laugh, and connect with nature and
other campers! This program nurtures our
youngest campers through play, discovery,
and sensory exploration. Weekly themes
provide structure for our investigations while
games, crafts, and animal ambassador visits
develop connections that last a lifetime.
Campers must be age 4 by June 1. These camps take
place at our preschool building around the corner
from Drumlin Farm and will have limited to no time
on the farmyard.
NEW! Fuzzy Wuzzies June 28–July 2 Discover the wide world of caterpillars! Learn
about the process of metamorphosis, the
difference between butterflies and moths, and
get an up-close look at caterpillars as you care
for them!
NEW! Marvelous Mammals July 5–9 Discover what makes mammals different
from other animals and which mammals live
at Drumlin Farm, then meet some of our
resident wildlife.
Hidden Homes July 12–16 Humans live in houses, but where do animals
live? Search Drumlin Farm for the hidden
homes of our wild animals in field, forest,
and wetland habitats.
NEW! Get Dirty! July 19–23 Be ready to get down and dirty as you
investigate the incredible world of dirt!
Explore sand, soil, creatures that live in the
dirt, and how our world is shaped by the
mud beneath our feet.
NEW! Feathered Friends July 26–30 How do birds fly? What makes feathers
so special? Learn all about birds, their
adaptations, and the amazing things they
can do, then meet some of Drumlin Farm’s
wild and domesticated bird residents.
OTHER ONE-WEEK CAMPS Drop-off 8:30–8:45 am Pick-up 3:00–3:15 pm
NATURE BUILDERS Entering Grades 2–3, Ages 7–8 $570 members; $670 nonmembers, per week Grab blueprints, a tape measure, and a
roll of duct tape, and get ready to invent
as we explore how nature has influenced
human design. Each week, we test
theories and run hands-on experiments
to uncover how the natural world is built.
At the week’s end, share an experiment
or creation of your own with your fellow
builders at the Nature Builder’s Fair.
These camps focus on STEM learning and will
have limited or no time on the farmyard.
NEW! A Bug’s Life June 28–July 2 Investigate the lifecycles and anatomy
of insects, arachnids, and other
invertebrates in our fields, forests, and
ponds. Learn about their adaptations,
and build a creation inspired by the wide
world of bugs.
NEW! Nature’s Superheroes July 5–9 Flight, body armor, flexibility, and
super speed: these are just a few of
the incredible adaptations you’ll find
in nature! Discover the superpowers of
native plants and animals, and design
your own superhero based on their
special skills.
NEW! NEW! Damsels & Dragons August 2–6 Investigate the bug world’s most ferocious
aerial hunters: damselflies and dragonflies!
Follow their lives from predators of the
pond to rulers of the sky.
It’s a Watery World August 9–13 Discover the amazing world that exists
above and below the water. Find out how
waterways form and flow, and investigate
the creatures that live in our rivers, lakes,
streams, and oceans.
Cumulo-Nimbus 2000 July 12–16 Find out how to read the clouds, predict
the weather, and understand the
difference between weather and climate.
Produce and film your own weather
NEW! Landscape Architects July 19–23 What is a drumlin? Where did Cape Cod
come from? Investigate the mechanics
behind the forces that shaped our New
England landscape, and build your own
models to share with peers.
NEW! Rad Raptors July 26–30 Discover the world of the predators of the
sky! Find out how hawks, eagles, falcons,
and owls have become perfectly adapted
for aerial hunting, and meet some of the
raptors that live at Drumlin Farm.
Farmer’s Challenge August 2–6 How can we help our farmers? Learn
about the challenges farmers face and
design an invention our farmers can use
in the fields and the barns.
Life Aquatic August 9–13 Uncover the adaptations of aquatic
mammals, amphibians, reptiles,
borrowed from them to travel on—and
CLIMATE ACTION WEEK Entering Pre-K–Grade 2, Ages 4–7 $570 members; $670 nonmembers, per session
Entering Grades 3–8, Ages 8–13 $545 members; $645 nonmembers per week
August 16–20
about sustainable farming, find out
how climate change affects different
habitats as well as human and animal
communities, and design your own
project to act for the climate.
ART OUT OF DOORS Entering Pre-K–Grade 1, Ages 4–6 $570 members; $670 nonmembers per session
Entering Grades 2–8, Ages 7–13 $545 members; $645 nonmembers, per week
August 23–27 Get inspired by nature and let your
creative side thrive as we explore the
artistic side of the outdoors. Find the
beauty in pinecones, leaves, and flowers
and create art both on and off the pages
of your journal with the chance to
display your work for all of camp to see.
$570 members;
$545 members;
Dig into the dirt and experience the life
of a farmer during this exciting week of
hands-on farm activities! Each day will
focus on a different farm animal. Meet our
livestock, learn about their different roles
on the farm, and complete farm chores.
Along the way, sing songs, play games,
and make crafts.
FARMYARD FROLICS MINI-CAMP Entering Grades Pre-K–4, Ages 4–9
$350 members;
farmyard fun during this three-day mini-
camp! Meet our animals, groom the pony,
milk the cow, collect eggs, pet the sheep
and goats, learn how to work with wool,
and eat fresh garden veggies. Campers
will be divided into groups by age and
grade level.
This camp week was a
magical time for my daughter.
Collecting eggs, grooming
garden were just a few of her
dreams that came true this
summer. Thank you!
NEW! FARM TREKKERS Entering Grade 4–8, Ages 9–13
$475 members; $575 nonmembers*, per week
Weekly Sessions July 5–August 13
July 5-9 (Ages 9-10) Farms are Everywhere
July 12-16 (Ages 11-13) Farms are Everywhere
July 19-23 (Ages 9-10) Food Detectives:
From Farm to Plate
From Farm to Plate
Farm Camp for All is a new program and partnership
between camp programs at the Boston Nature Center and
Drumlin Farm. Each week, the program will bring together
10 Boston-area and 10 Lincoln-area children for a camp
experience focused around food and farming. Children
will have up-close time caring for the farm animals (cows,
sheep, goats, pigs, and chickens), explore the varied
habitats of Drumlin Farm and the Boston Nature Center
(field, forest, and wetlands), work in the crop fields and
gardens, and taste food that they gathered themselves.
Transportation will be provided. *Sliding scale tuition options
will be available for this program.
Session 2: July 12–23
Session 3: July 26–August 6
Session 4: August 9–20
Final expo for all participants: August 25
Jump-start your climate activism skills in this two-week
environmental leadership camp. Develop leadership
skills and action steps to combat climate change in your
community. Alongside your peers, you’ll learn how to identify
areas that are especially vulnerable to the effects of climate
change, and locate resources you can utilize to address
those vulnerabilities. You’ll participate in service projects
around the sanctuary, and see what climate action looks like
at Mass Audubon.
At the end of your two-week session, we’ll help you set goals
to take on a climate action project of your own in your
community. Connect with youth climate groups within Mass
Audubon and across Massachusetts, so that you can keep
the momentum going! At the end of the summer, on August
25, we’ll welcome all participants to join us for a final virtual
meeting, where you can share your progress and collaborate
with peers before summer’s end.
THE PROGRAM Develop your leadership skills by
working alongside our counselors and
sharing your love and knowledge of
nature with younger campers. Each
session, you’ll be assigned an age
group to work with for the full 1–2
weeks, enabling you to develop bonds
with campers as you assist with camp
training at the start of the summer,
giving them a chance to create a
community, share experiences,
about nature and agriculture. Ongoing
feedback from our staff will help
you find and develop your individual
teaching and leadership styles as you
create new lessons and assist with
games, songs, crafts, and wacky
camp fun.
hours spent volunteering may count
toward community service requirements
host a mandatory CIT training during
the week of June 21–25. Each CIT will
be required to attend for two and a
half days, either June 21–23 or June
23–25. During that training, you’ll learn
about child development, safety, and
best practices for working at camp.
Camp staff lead trainings and offer
mentorship to CITs to supplement
their development. Plus, we’ll
have a community-building
sessions, and additional sessions may
be attended at no charge if space is
available. CIT sessions overlap with our
two-week Nature Camp sessions and
one Farm Mania session.
only. If you are interested in
participating, please tell us more about
your experience and interests
Session 2 July 12–23
Session 3 July 26–August 6
Session 4 August 9–13
$390 members; $590 nonmembers, per two-week session
$300 members, $400 nonmembers, per one-week session
mature educators, naturalists, and
than "just a summer job." They have
experience working with youth, a
passion for nature and farming, and
a deep commitment to sharing that
connection with children.
alumni who help foster a shared love
of our sanctuary and a belief that
it is a special place where magical
things happen. Our tight-knit staff
community creates a cohesive and
enjoyable experience for our campers.
It’s easier to pass on a smile when you
have one yourself!
development and supervision, health
farm animal care, environmental
education best practices, and
CPR and first aid certified and have
undergone background and reference
on-call doctor, and EMS services
within one mile.
are outstanding: vibrant,
learning opportunities are well-
to drumlinfarmcamp@!
her) and Assistant Camp Director
Chloe Briskin (they/them), bring a
combined 20 years of experience with
camp, outdoor education, and nature-
based education programs. They are
both passionate about exploring
and all things camp!
TO REGISTER FOR CAMP Visit Call 781-259-2244 Mail or bring this form and payment to: Drumlin Farm Camp 208 S. Great Road Lincoln, MA 01773
REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION A confirmation letter/email containing important documents and information will be sent once your camper’s registration has been processed.
DEPOSIT A nonrefundable deposit is required to register for camp as follows:
One-Week Sessions One-Week and Three- Day Sessions: $100/camper/session Two-Week Sessions: $200/camper/session
The deposit will be applied to your camp tuition and cannot be transferred to another camper, family, or camp location. If registering after May 15, payment in full is required (unless a payment plan has been established with the Camp Director).
REFUND POLICY A full refund, minus the nonrefundable deposit, is provided to camp families who cancel in writing on or before May 15. After May 15, no refund is available. Deposits are not transferable, and refunds are not given for participant dismissal, failure to attend, absence, or sick days. If we must cancel a session, you will receive a full refund.
MEMBERSHIP & DISCOUNTS Mass Audubon members at the Family level or above receive a discounted rate. To qualify, your membership must be current through your camper’s last session, and you must be the parent, grandparent, or legal guardian of the camper being enrolled. Membership can be purchased or renewed at the time of registration.
IMPORTANT DEADLINES If registering after May 15, payment in full is required and a specific camp form deadline will be set for you. A camper cannot attend camp and his/ her spot is not guaranteed until all forms, waivers, and payments are completed (or a payment plan has been established). A fee of $25 per camper will be charged for incomplete or late forms and waivers.
CAMPER REQUIREMENTS Campers are expected to be able to follow all COVID-19 safety protocols, including wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. Camp families will be required to complete a daily health screening and attestation before their child can be admitted to camp.
Campers are also expected to meaningfully participate in age- appropriate activities, including outdoor exploration and nature study. To ensure a successful camp experience, please discuss any pertinent information regarding your child’s special needs with the Camp Director. We can accommodate on a case-by-case basis in order to establish the best strategy for a great summer camp experience. All campers must follow stated behavior expectations and safety rules.
The Camp Director reserves the right to dismiss a camper when, in their judgment, the camper’s behavior interferes with the rights of others or the smooth functioning of the group or activity, or violates the camp’s behavior policy. In such cases no refunds will be provided. If you have any questions regarding your child’s ability to participate in our camp program, please contact the Camp Director.
CAMP LICENSE Our camp complies with the regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (105 CMR 430) and is licensed by the Lincoln and Sudbury Boards of Health.
ACA ACCREDITATION We are proud to be accredited by the American Camp Association. Developed exclusively for the camp industry, this nationally recognized program focuses on program quality, health and safety, management, and camp operations.
CAMP POLICY REQUESTS You may request copies of our background check, health care, discipline, bullying, and grievance policies at any time.
BUDDY REQUESTS One buddy request per camper will be honored when possible. Both campers must be the same age, and both must request each other. All buddy requests must be made in writing at least one week prior to the first day of camp. Please indicate on your registration form if you would like your camper to be placed with a friend of the same age. We are unable to accommodate buddy requests on the first day of camp.
CAMP CONTACT INFORMATION If you have any questions or concerns regarding camp or your child’s attendance at camp, please contact the camp office, at 781-259-2244, or the Camp Director, at 781-259-2223.
CAMPER SCHOLARSHIPS We believe connection with the natural world should be available to all. If
finances are getting in the way of a summer at Drumlin Farm, financial
assistance is available based on demonstrated economic need and available
funds. Scholarships are limited to one session per child; however, all
applications are considered. Applications are accepted and approved on a
rolling basis. Please call the Camp Director to request a scholarship application
or download one at Payment plan options are
also available; please contact the Camp Director.
All camp forms, wavers, and the balance of tuition are due
MAY 15
Payment Options Please check one:
Option 1: Pay total now (Required if registering after May 15) I have included a check for the total tuition
Charge my credit card now for the total tuition
Option 2: Pay installment by credit card
Charge my credit card 50% tuition now and 50% tuition on May 1. (This option NOT available with online registration)
Option 3: Pay deposit
I have included a (nonrefundable) check de- posit ($200 per two–week session, per camper, $100 per one–week session, per camper)
Charge my credit card now for the deposit (per session, per camper)
Please make checks payable to: Mass Audu- bon with Drumlin Farm Camp in the memo line.
Office Use Only
Street Address:
Buddy Request: How did you hear about Drumlin Farm Camp?
T-Shirt size: Youth: S (2–4) M (6–8) L (10–12) Sanctuary Visit Brochure Camp Fair Word of Mouth Website
Adult: S M L XL Other:
Primary Parent / Guardian
Name: Evening Phone:
Address: Day Phone:
Email: Membership Number:
Drumlin Farm Camp Registration Form
To register: Visit, OR
Mail this form and payment to Drumlin Farm, 208 S Great Road, Lincoln, MA 01773 Please complete a separate form for each camper.
Questions? Call us at: 781-259-2244 or via email:
Payment Method
Check Included OR Credit Card Please make check payable to Mass Audubon with
Drumlin Farm Camp in the memo line
“I agree to allow the Massachusetts Audubon Society to charge my credit card in the amount(s) specified above and understand that refunds will only be provided in
accordance with the refund policy outlined in this brochure. I have read and agree to the refund policy outlined in this brochure.“
Payment Information
TOTAL DUE: $________
Balance Due by May 15: $________
Please consider donating to our Kids to Camp Scholarship Fund! Each year, we look to add more smiling faces to our Drumlin Farm community. With your support, we have the chance to invite in new and wonderful campers that might otherwise not have the opportunity to partake in our programs. Every contribution helps, and goes di-
rectly towards covering the tuition for campers at Drumlin Farm. Thank you!
Seekers, Ages 4–5, Pre-K–K $ 10 4 0 /12
4 0
Field Trackers, Age 6, Grade 1 $ 10 4 0 /12
4 0
Forest Trackers, Age 6, Grade 1 $ 10 4 0 /12
4 0
4 0
$ 9 9 0 /119
Session 2 Session 3
Biologists, Ages 9–10, Grade 4–5 $ 9 9 0 /119
$ 10 5 5 /12
$ 10 5 5 /12
$ 3 9 0 /5 9 0
Required Training
One W eek Cam
A Bug’s Life
Grades 4–8 $475/575
$570/670 Farm
$545/645 Farm
Pre-K–Grade 4 $340/405
Vacation Week Programs! Entering Pre-K–Grade 5 Turn out-of-school time into out-of-doors time at
our Vacation Week programs in February and April.
Experience Drumlin Farm in a whole new way as
you learn about what goes on behind the scenes
during winter and spring.
For details and to register, go to
Or call 781-259-2244
CAMPER SCHOLARSHIPS We believe connection with the natural world should be available to all. If finances are getting in the way of summer at Drumlin Farm Camp, see page 10.
WE’RE HIRING! For information on employment opportunities, see page 9 or visit
QUESTIONS? Call us at 781-259-2244 Email us at
MORE FOR MEMBERS Mass Audubon membership is not just about summer fun for your campers: It includes free year-round admission to our statewide network of wildlife sanctuaries, where the whole family can explore and enjoy the outdoors. Members also enjoy great savings on nature programs and gift shop purchases. Learn more at
There’s more to explore at Wildwood, Mass Audubon’s overnight camp in
New Hampshire:
• Teen Adventure Trips, grades 9–12
• Environmental Leadership for Teens, grades 10 & 11
• Family Camp, all ages!
Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary 208 South Great Road Lincoln, MA 01773
What a gift to offer this magical experience during COVID! Our children came home
every day energized and inspired, regaled us with stories of their encounters with
the farm animals, catching toads, playing games outside, meeting new friends,
and entertaining camp counselor stories about birds. THANK YOU to the amazing
Drumlin staff!” — 2020 Camp Parent
Mass Audubon protects more than 38,000 acres
of land throughout Massachusetts, saving birds and
other wildlife, and making nature accessible to all. As
Massachusetts’ largest nature conservation nonprofit, we
welcome more than a half million visitors a year to our
wildlife sanctuaries and 20 nature centers. From inspiring
hilltop views to breathtaking coastal landscapes, serene
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state’s natural treasures for wildlife and for all people—a
vision shared in 1896 by our founders, two extraordinary
Boston women.
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