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Dallas Recruiters Presentation

Nov 22, 2014




Presentation given October 18 to the Dallas Law Firm Recruiters on how they can help associates and summer associates start right for career success.

  • 1. Recruiters:Helping Lawyers Start Rightfor Career SuccessCordell M. Parvin 1

2. Law School TeachesThink like alawyer 2 3. Law School Does NOT TeachHow to Practice Law3 4. Law School Does NOT Teach Think like aclient4 5. Law School Does NOT Teach Law Firm Business5 6. Law School Does NOT TeachGet and Keep Clients6 7. Law School Does NOT TeachWork With Senior Lawyers and Staff 7 8. Law School Does NOT Teach Prepare Real Legal Documents8 9. Law School Does NOT TeachPresent Their Position 9 10. Law School Does NOT TeachDeal Professionally With Adversaries 10 11. Law School Does NOT TeachHow to Ask Questions11 12. Law School Does NOT TeachHow to Actively Listen 12 13. Law School Does NOT TeachHow to Build Relationships 13 14. Law School Does NOT Teach Clients Business and Industry14 15. Law School Does NOT TeachWhat it Takes to Succeed15 16. Law 2012 and Beyond16 17. Law 2012 and BeyondWhat Law Firms Look For17 18. Event / AchievementGraduating fromSuccessfulLaw School AssociatePassing the BarSuccessful LawyerFirst YearAssociate18 19. Successful Lawyers Whats Their Secret?19 20. Successful LawyersTake responsibility for careerKnow what they wantUse their time wiselyWork each day to become a betterlawyer 20 21. Successful LawyersUnderstand their clients needsDevelop relationshipsBuild a teamSpend quality time with their family 21 22. Successful LawyersSeen as Go To Lawyer 22 23. They Are the Architects23 24. Four Areas of Their Life1) Physical/Economic2) Mental3) Emotional4) Spiritual 24 25. WeeklyPLAN Goals 2006 PLAN 2013 Plan RolesCore Values How Steps to Achieve Why ImportantWhat Major Definite Purpose25 26. When it comesto the future, thereare three kinds of people:those who let it happen;those who make it happen;and those who wonder, what happened? -John M. Richardson, Jr.26 27. Why They Need A Plan?27 28. Making Time - Big Rocks28 29. Making Time -Accountability and Follow Through 29 30. ExecuteThey should spend2,500 hours each yearon their career30 31. Execute How They Spend Their Time Weekly 4056 Sleep Non-Billable Free 10Billable 62 How you spend yourHow they spend theirHow you spend non- How they spend non- free time determines thefree time determinesbillable time will determine billable time will determinethe qualityof their lifelifequality of your the quality of your careerthe quality of their career31 32. Teach the Prioritization MatrixHigh Return / Low InvestmentHigh Return / High InvestmentDo rst and do often Break down into smaller piecesLow Return / Low Investment Low Return / High InvestmentDo when you have timeSay NO graciously! 33. Goals-Why They Must Be Written 33 34. Development GoalsBrainstorm Ask WhyList Steps toAchieve 34 35. Full Attention in Segments 35 36. David Allens Approach36 37. Brook Weeks Webinar37 38. Five Step SystemDOReviewOrganizeProcess Collect 39. What They Need to DoFocus First on Developing Legal Skills 39 40. What They Need to DoDo The Best Work Possible40 41. What They Need to DoCreate a Written Plan WithWritten Goals41 42. What They Need to DoLAWYER DEVELOPMENT PLANFY 2013 Attorney Development Plan _______________ 20132013 Performance Plan @ Actual Rates (based upon hrs)42 43. What They Need to DoDevelopAction Steps 43 44. What They Need to DoWritten Plan Each Week 44 45. What They Need to DoTreat Supervising Attorney Like Client 45 46. What They Need to Do 46 47. What They Need to DoUnderstand and Use Tools in TheirToolkit 47 48. What They Need to DoDevelop Skills Capital Develop Social Capital48 49. What They Need to Do Dress for Success 49 50. What They Need to DoTeam Up With a Colleague 50 51. Keith McMurdyAccountability51 52. What They Need to DoPractice, Practice, Practice 52 53. Deliberate PracticeNetworkingElevator Speech/QuestionsIdentifying Issues Impacting ClientsWriting Articles Designed to Get HiredPublic SpeakingQuestions for Clients and Potential ClientsActive Listening53 54. Do the best you can in every task, no matter howunimportant it may seem at the time. No one learnsmore about a problem than the person at the bottom.- Sandra Day OConner54 55. 55 56. Career Success and satisfaction does not comefrom focusing on success, happiness or money.Instead it comes from focusing on your passion,developing your talent and identifying the needsof those you want to serve. - Cordell M. Parvin 56 57. Recruiters:Helping Lawyers Start Rightfor Career SuccessCordell M. Parvin 57