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CUSTOMER SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT ... our Customer Service Annual Report. ... Governor’s Customer Service Hero Award in May 2017 for this heartfelt commitment to customer service. But

Jun 27, 2020





    Every day is customer service day at MDOT


    From the Secretary

    On behalf of the 10,206 employees of the Maryland

    Department of Transportation, I am pleased to present

    our Customer Service Annual Report.

    MDOT shares the Governor’s commitment to putting

    customer service at the forefront of everything we do

    on behalf of the state’s residents and visitors. It is at the

    core of MDOT’s culture.

    MDOT is actually comprised of a number of

    transportation business units that serve the public

    in a variety of ways. There is the Maryland Aviation

    Administration, the Motor Vehicle Administration,

    the Maryland Port Administration, the State Highway

    Administration, the Maryland Transit Administration, and

    the Maryland Transportation Authority. But we all work in

    unity as the Maryland Department of Transportation in

    making every day a customer service day.

    We are pleased that a majority of Marylanders polled

    approve of the job we are doing throughout the state.

    Our constant mission is a safe, reliable, efficient, and

    affordable transportation system to create jobs and

    enhance economic opportunities across the state, from

    the Eastern Shore to Western Maryland and throughout

    the Baltimore-Washington Corridor.

    In 2016, we launched the customer-focused Excellerator

    Performance Management System, a comprehensive

    program across all of our transportation business units

    that uses detailed reporting and analysis to create

    a constant state of improvement in the services we

    provide to our customers. Our MDOT Excellerator

    program monitors dozens of metrics, many of them

    focused directly on customer service, and identifies

    best practices being deployed throughout MDOT. From

    a driver purchasing an E-ZPass to access our express

    lanes, to someone flying out of BWI Marshall Airport or

    taking a cruise from the Helen Delich Bentley Port of

    Baltimore; from a truck driver securing a hauling permit

    through our first-in-the-nation automated system, to

    a commuter looking for an environmentally-friendly

    transportation option; in each of those situations, and

    in all the other interactions Marylanders have each day

    with MDOT and its services, we are always striving to

    deliver better, faster, and value-oriented solutions to our

    customers. We are vigilant stewards of taxpayer dollars

    at all times.

    The following pages touch on some of the work we

    have been doing to improve upon the customer service

    experience. MDOT will continue to put the customer at

    the center of everything we do because every day is

    customer service day at MDOT.

    Pete K. Rahn

    Secretary of Transportation


    From the Secretary

    FY17 Customer Service Highlights

    Recognition Given to MDOT Employees

    Leadership Analysis of FY17 and Summary of FY18 CS Approach

    Detailed FY17 CS Results and FY18 CS Plans

    Customer Inquiry Response Times and Overall Time-to-Resolution

    Improving the Customer Experience from Multiple Perspectives








    Table of Contents


    FY17 Customer Service Highlights

    The MDOT Excellerator Performance

    Management Program continues

    to put objective data behind our

    customer-driven culture. The MDOT

    Excellerator program focuses the

    entire organization on constant

    assessment and improvement

    in numerous metrics related to

    customer service, delivery of

    services, and other objective

    performance measures across the

    Department and our transportation

    business units. Best practices are

    identified and expanded, problem

    areas are overhauled. MDOT

    Excellerator reports are shared

    quarterly across the Department’s

    more than 10,000 employees and

    released publicly.

    MDOT MVA rolled out its safe and

    secure driver’s license, the most

    secure in the country. The licenses

    are processed in a protected facility,

    sorted and mailed in four days or


    The Department and its

    transportation business units

    expanded website and mobile-ready

    online services and added kiosk and

    tablet service at customer service

    centers, saving customers time and


    MDOT and its transportation

    business units have won more than

    167 Awards and Acknowledgements

    in the past two and a half years for

    the delivery of expert transportation

    products and services.

    All 10,206 MDOT employees will

    complete customer service training

    this year, with an annual refresher

    course moving forward which will

    ensure the entire organization

    continues to be driven by our

    customer-focused mission.

    The average call center wait time

    across MDOT transportation

    business units has fallen dramatically

    and consistently since 2014.

    A supermajority of Marylanders

    polled believe MDOT is currently

    achieving its mission to be “a

    customer-driven leader that delivers

    safe, sustainable, intelligent, and

    exceptional transportation solutions”

    for the state’s residents and visitors.


    FY17 Customer Service Highlights

    Recognition Given to MDOT Employees As part of MDOT’s customer-focused mission, the

    Department recognizes standout employee performances

    that put customers first in a way that inspires one’s

    colleagues and instills confidence with our customers.

    Celebrating such best practices is important to the

    morale of an organization and also reinforces to all

    employees that everything MDOT does is, in the end, for

    its customers.

    Among the more extraordinary examples of exemplary

    customer service in 2017 were the efforts of MDOT MVA

    employees Natasha Jones and Jessica Mencos. Natasha

    and Jessica provided assistance to an elderly customer

    who needed an ID card for medical benefits and other

    purposes but was homebound in a nursing home and

    thus unable to visit an MDOT MVA branch office. Natasha

    and Jessica visited the nursing home to take her photo

    and collect all the necessary information. Once back at

    headquarters, they worked with the IT team to complete

    the process. Natasha and Jessica were awarded the

    Governor’s Customer Service Hero Award in May 2017 for

    this heartfelt commitment to customer service.

    But great customer service need not be so dramatic to

    be worthy of recognition. There are employees working

    across MDOT’s transportation business units who are

    customer-focused every day in ways big and small that

    make a meaningful difference to the Department’s

    customers. MDOT SHA and its response partners assist

    motorists with emergencies on Maryland’s highways

    each and every day. The follow-up surveys indicate broad

    satisfaction with the help received, including unprompted

    testimonials like this one: “Replaced a flat tire with spare

    tire. Chris Beach, Truck 9501, was my hero today! He was

    incredibly kind and courteous.”

    Each MDOT transportation business unit recognizes

    these superlative performers within its ranks:

     E-ZPass Maryland Customer Service and Account

    Manager Karen Riecke was presented the Secretary’s

    Extra Mile Award for Exceptional Customer Service

    for her efforts during the implementation of the new

    E-ZPass Maryland citation process.

     Cheryl Jordan was presented the

    Maryland Transportation Authority’s

    Customer Service Award, granted to

    those who “consistently, promptly

    and effectively respond to the needs

    of external and internal customers.””

     MDOT SHA has established a

    Customer Service Promise Award for those “who have

    exemplified one or more of the Governor’s Customer

    Service Promises by excelling in customer service,

    developing processes that streamline systems for

    customers, or creating ways to reduce customer cost.”

    Recipients of the award include:

     Sigismond Ajegwu, Utility Area Engineer

     Constance Beulah, Utility/Permit Inspector

     Janice Bess, Customer Service Manager

     Darryle Dennis, Field Maintenance Technician

     Ben Flaherty, Heavy Equipment Maintenance Supervisor

     Eddie Gordon, Maintenance

     Christopher Hood, Transportation Engineer

     Paul Nicol, Transportation Engineer Technician

     Raymond O’Neil, Maintenance

     Mark Pusey, Field Maintenance Technician

     Kim Sone, Computer Information Services Specialist

     Dean Sullivan, Maintenance

     Charles Triesh, Sr., Team Leader, Maintenance

     Ryan Wengerd, Maintenance

     For MDOT MTA, Bus Operator Jame

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