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Crowdsourcing Nepal’s Prosperity A Media Ecology Strategy for Development Using ICT4D and Mobile4D Prepared for the founding meeting of Synergy Nepal International 7/13/2010 by Jan Herder 3 Dimensional Environments for Emergence http://www.facebook. com/#!/SynergyNepal

Crowdsourcing Nepal's Prosperity

May 07, 2015



Jan Herder

An idea to crowdsource knowledge base building using web 2.0 tools and mobile for digital literacy in Nepal. Presented to Synergy Nepal International.
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Page 1: Crowdsourcing Nepal's Prosperity

Crowdsourcing Nepal’s ProsperityA Media Ecology Strategy for Development

Using ICT4D and Mobile4D

Prepared for the founding meeting of Synergy Nepal International 7/13/2010by Jan Herder 3 Dimensional Environments for Emergencehttp://www.3de4e.com!/SynergyNepal

Page 2: Crowdsourcing Nepal's Prosperity

ICT4D & M4D Offers Nepal a Way

to Leap Frog“From the constraints of the past to the opportunities of the future” Leonel Fernandez, President of the Dominican Republic.

Page 3: Crowdsourcing Nepal's Prosperity

Key Ideas•Pay the People of Nepal to build a

Knowledge Base using micro payments over the cell phone (Dedicated Tourist Tax)

•Creative Economy and Self Reliant Approach to Development (Eco-tourism, etc)

•Do It Yourself Nepal University

•Incubate eCommerce sites hyperlocally

•Network existing Telecenters, Libraries, etc

Page 4: Crowdsourcing Nepal's Prosperity

Do It Yourself Nepal University

Page 5: Crowdsourcing Nepal's Prosperity




Page 6: Crowdsourcing Nepal's Prosperity

iTunes University

Page 7: Crowdsourcing Nepal's Prosperity

Existing ICT Infrastructure

Investing in knowledge about NEPALCreated and organized by the people of Nepal

A Repository of what is unique about Nepal

Page 8: Crowdsourcing Nepal's Prosperity

Bio Regional Inventory Building•A Knowledge Base is the Foundation for

wealth in a Global Knowledge Economy.

How Do We Build Wealth?

Page 9: Crowdsourcing Nepal's Prosperity


Page 10: Crowdsourcing Nepal's Prosperity

Page 11: Crowdsourcing Nepal's Prosperity

HyperLocal KnowledgeIntimate and detailed content from every place in Nepal

Languages and Culture--People, the natural resources of the 21st Century Knowledge


Page 12: Crowdsourcing Nepal's Prosperity

Teledensity rate in Nepal 20.45%Nepal Telecom’s subscriber base has pushed up the penetration rate from 10.12% to 13.28%. This has led to increase in country’s teledensity rate to 20.45%.

In the first eight months, NT, Nepal’s largest telecom company, distributed 705,469 additional GSM mobile phone lines, taking up the number of NT’s GSM cell phone subscribers to 2.42 million. It also reported 206,016 additional CDMA phone lines in the first eight months. NT is intending to distribute two million additional GSM phone lines and 462,000 CDMA lines within this fiscal year.

“In the next two years people can see more people using mobile phone service even in the rural areas,” Amar Nath Singh, Chief of NT, reportedly said. “We are also actively pursuing the task of installing VSATs to operate mobile phone services in remote places,” he added.

Telecenter Locations Courtesy of Bidyasri

Page 13: Crowdsourcing Nepal's Prosperity

A Convergence of Interests and

Technology•WEB 2.0: User Generated Content

•Mobile Phone Use

•Telecenter and ICT4D Network

•Commercial Interests



Page 14: Crowdsourcing Nepal's Prosperity

We Follow Best Practices M4D

Page 15: Crowdsourcing Nepal's Prosperity

Start With What you Have

•Start Today

Page 16: Crowdsourcing Nepal's Prosperity

Next StepsYOU

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