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Company Profile - Dianetti Vini · PDF file Company Profile. COMPANY PROFILE Dianetti Vini. Elegance, expressiveness, light extraction, roundness and ... A fruity Montepulciano produced

Oct 05, 2020





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    Dianetti Vini

  • Elegance, expressiveness, light extraction, roundness and dynamism in the mouth. These are the characteristics we seek and translate into our wines, thanks to vineyard quality and small parcel winemaking, which allow for a better understanding of the wine’s journey.


  • Who we are.

    We are a family of long-time

    experienced winemakers in

    Val Menocchia, where the marriage of vines and soil has lasted for centuries.

    This is where the

    winemaker’s experience can

    bring out the grapes’ unique

    character that microclimate

    and terroir lend to our

    vineyards day after day.


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  • Our Vineyards. AN ENCHANTED PLACE


  • Val Menocchia is an enchanted place, where among these

    harmonious and wild hills, you will forget to be not too far from

    the coast. The amphitheatre where Emanuele’s vineyards are

    located is breath-taking, and is a key ingredient of the magic

    formula for the harmony of its wines, thanks to great day-to-night

    temperature variations arising from the combination between

    daytime sea breezes and winds coming from Sibillini Mountains.

    Carassai (AP)

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    My father didn’t produce wines, but my

    grandfather did. Things were different then.

    Wine was sold in large demijohns. But then I

    thought: ‘These wonderful grapes and this amazing area should be enhanced, they should not end up inside a large jug.’ So I started studying, from books and through

    close interactions with others. I am a

    self-taught winemaker, indeed. I absorb like

    a sponge. I think you should learn by gaining

    knowledge from people you are close to.

    I have been asking for advice and made the

    right questions to the people I know, I read

    a lot and researched and made so many

    experiments. The world of oenology has

    drawn me in.


  • We do not produce wine. We simply bring

    out the idea that it holds inside.

    Wine is like a sensory game that opens up with a strong emotion and closes with a


    Wine is the love story of the land, the vine and the man. Through our wines we describe ourselves,

    our origins, the values we preserve and we

    follow every day.

    To us, wine is a dream of freedom come

    true, the freedom to express ourselves

    through something of our own while feeling

    as one with nature.


    Our philosophy.

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  • Our wines.


  • Crisp but not ordinary, fresh, floral and

    tasty. A cheerful wine.

    It’s an expression of its land. Juicy, clear

    and easy-drinking.

    Marche IGT Passerina

    Piceno DOC

    100% Passerina

    Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Merlot e Syrah

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  • Full and refined. Its full-body mouth-feel

    and a properly brisk texture make it a

    dynamic wine with a deep and salty finish.

    A fruity Montepulciano produced through

    a simple, non-invasive winemaking process,

    which brings out the most elegant notes of

    its grape variety.

    Offida Pecorino DOCG

    100% Pecorino

    Offida Rosso DOCG

    100% Montepulciano


  • An ancient vineyard, a project, a dream

    that takes shape through this precious and

    unique wine.

    Marche IGT Rosso

    Bordò (Grenache biotype)

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  • co nc

    ep t:

    m ar kd

    es ig n st u d io .it

    Contrada Vallerosa, 25 - Carassai (AP)

    +39.338.3928439 - [email protected]

    Azienda Agricola Emanuele Dianetti

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