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Cold chain equipment

Apr 15, 2017



  • Cold Chain EquipmentD.Dutta

  • Classification of CCE

  • Electrical CCE Walk-in-Freezers (WIF) : Walk-in-Freezer is a pre-fabricated modular Polyurethane foam (PUF) insulated panels assembled cold room with two identical Refrigeration units Standby generator set to provide the uninterrupted power supplyAn alarm or hooter system is also provided to alert regarding temp excursion.

  • WIFWIF is used for bulk storage of OPV and preparation of frozen ice packsWIF maintain a temperature between - 15C to -25C. WIF sizes are 16.5, 20, 32 and 40 Cubic meter. Walk-in-Freezers are usually installed at National, State & Regional vaccine store.

  • Electrical CCE WIC Walk-in-Cooler (WIC) :. WIC is a pre-fabricated modular Polyurethane (PUF) insulated panel assembled cold room with two identical Refrigeration units. WIC maintain a temperature of +2C to +8C. The sizes are 16.5, 32 and 40 Cubic meter.

  • WICWIC used for storage of large quantities of all UIP vaccines like, BCG, Hepatitis B, DPT, Pentavalent, IPV, Measles, MR and TT, except Polio.

    Generator for uninterrupted power supply.

    WIC comes with continuous temperature recorder and alarm system.

    Walk-in-Coolers are installed at GMSD, State , Regional vaccine store district vaccine store

  • Electrical CCE - WIC & WIFWICs/WIFs are equipped with following interfacing equipment:

    Temperature recorder:

    Measures cold / freezer room temperature continuously on circular chart. Data loggers are installed with and inbuilt mini printer.

    The print out from the data logger are being used for remote temperature monitoring of WIC and WIF using internet / GSM services.

    Alarm systems: An alarm or hooter system is provided to give alert regarding temperature excursion / deviation.

  • Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer:

    Main power is connected through a Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer to safeguard the WIC/WIF from voltage fluctuations by providing a constant voltage.

    Diesel generator (DG) set: DG set is used to provide the standby power supply.

  • CCE- Deep FreezerDeep Freezer is an equipment, which operates on a vapour compression system similar to any conventional type of refrigerator operating on 220 volts, A.C. mains supply.

    DF has top opening lid to prevent loss of cold air during door opening.

    Cabinet temperature is maintained between -15C to -25 C.

    Used for storing of OPV and preparation of IP at district level and above only and also for freezing of ice packs at below district level CCP

  • Different sizes of DF (Large and small) as under:

    Make Model Net storage capacity No. of IP Storage capacity SizeHaier , HBD-286 , 200 350 Large

    Haier, HBD- 116 80 140 Small Vestfrost ,MF - 314 264 380 Large

  • CCE - ILRTop opening lid to prevent loss of cold air during door opening. Maintain a cabinet temperature between +2C to + 8C Used to store vaccines at District and PHC level. It can keep vaccine safe with minimum 8 hours continuous electricity supply in a 24-hour period. ILRs are available in different sizes as under.


  • Make Model Size Net Storage capacity (L) populationVestfrost MK-304 Large 108 3,30,000 Vestfrost MK-114 Small 45 2,60,000 Haier HBC-200 Large 100 330000Haier HBC-70 Small 50 260000 The larger ILR is usually supplied to district headquarters and smaller ILR to PHC headquarters

  • ECCE - ILRHow to Keep Vaccine: All the vaccines should be kept in the basket of the ILR. In case basket is not available, two layers of empty ice packs can be laid flat on the bottom of the ILR to avoid contact with the inside floor of the cabinet.Vaccines should never be keep on the floor of the ILR. Place a thermometer in the basket in between the vaccines. Freeze sensitive vaccines (DPT,TT,IPV, Penta and HepB) at the top of the basket.

  • Heat sensitive vaccines (OPV, BCG, Measles & JE) in the bottom of the basket. The vaccines should be arranged as per their expiry dates. (Early expiry should be above the further expiry ones).

  • ECCE - ILR

  • Installation of ILR & DFSpacious room ( minimum size 3.5 m x 3.0 m) with good air ventilation.The electric point should be nearest to the place where equipment is to be installed.There are should not be direct sun light on the equipment.Place the equipment in the leveled positionThe equipment should be placed at least 10 cms away from the wall and other equipment

  • Connect the voltage stabilizer for each equipmentsThe electric wiring should not be less than three core 7/20 cable of ISI markedThree pin 15 amps socket should be ISI marked and it should be nearest to the equipmentNo extension cord should be usedBefore starting the machine check the line for earthing and neutral

  • Installation of ILR & DF 3 pin 15 amps plug with ISI marked should be connected with stabilizerConnect plug with socketRotate the thermostat up to maximumSwitch ON the power supplyAllow to run the machine for 48 hours. See the temperature become stableKeep the thermostat at normal positionLoad the ILR / DF through ice packs/vaccine of desire quantity.

  • Hold Over TimeHold over time is defined as the time taken by the equipment to raise the inside cabinet temperature from its cut off temperature to maximum temperature limit of its recommended range. e.g. If in the case of ILR, the cut of temperature is 4C, then the time taken to reach 8C from 4 C will be the Holdover time for that ILR.

  • Hold over time depends on the following factors: Ambient temperature Frequency of opening of lid and use of basket Quantity of vaccines kept inside with adequate space between the containers Condition of icepack lining (Frozen/partially frozen / melted) inside Electrical /Non electrical cold chain equipment

    Note: Deep Freezer does not have Hold Over time like ILR

  • Associated CCE

    Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Icepacks Generator (DG Set) Inverter

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