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Climate change tourism in greenland

Jul 19, 2015



Climate Change Tourism in Greenland

By: Diana Casapa, Mara Claudia Flores, Amy Kiyan

Tourism in Greenland Climate Change

When youre flying into Greenland, you almost feel like youre going into outer spaceYou look at the ice sheet, and its like nothing youve ever seen before

Scientists have found that the rate of melting of some glaciers in the south and west of the island is increasing very fast.

-You can find 10% of freshwater in the world.-If this ice melts, it could flood some countries or disappear them -The production is requested by countries northers because they live from that.-Their clothing is sold by many countries, therefore, it is importantImportance

In Peru

Piura: MancoraLambayeque: MuseumOf the Lord of SipanLa Libertad: Chan ChanAncash: HuascaranLima: City of LimaIca: Paracas,Lines of NazcaArequipa: MistiPuno: Lake TiticacaCuzco: Macchu PicchuMadre Dios: National Park ManuLoreto: Amazonas river


Promote tourism in our country.The dont use machines, they make their crops by old tools.Citizens have jobs since they teach tourist about history.Improve economy. Sometimes change people mind.

Cuzco is not growing because 80% of money go to Lima and 20% is for Cuzco.Contaminate the enviroment.Get damage in land. Dont respect enough the touristic places.

SolutionsEarning money need to be equal or more for Cuzco than Lima.Make some harsher laws to tourists so they will respect more the place.Give maintenance to the places.Renew a schedule to visit Macchupicchu (with less hours).Create an organization that look for everything.