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NanoClarithromycin Nanomedicine for Clarithromycin From

Clarithromycin , nanoclarithromycin

Jan 18, 2015


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Mewa Singh

A nanomedicine for clarithromycin from
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Nanomedicine for ClarithromycinFrom

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OPPORTUNITYAccording to Chinese Business Association reported that in 2007, with erythromycin-based macrolide antibiotics, total global sales of more than 90 million sales of clarithromycin in the global market has risen to 15 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for international macrolide antibiotics 18% of total sales, of which Abbott's patent-name drugs clarithromycin only half of the remaining shares are contributed by imitation. Because clarithromycin Preparation Popular hospital in the country, the domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers spotted the opportunity to develop the production of clarithromycin

Join us to take NanoClarithromycin to Clinic

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What is Needed?

Emulsifier is an egg phosphatide. No Need of It!

Bio-available at all pH in all parts of digestive system in oral delivery formulations. pH independence needed.

Soybean oil, an egg phosphatide, oleic acid, hexanoic acid and glycerin elimination fro formulations. Zero Need Of It!

An effective, safe and most inexpensive nanomedicine for Clarithromycin. It is Needed!

To eliminate acids from formulation. Take It out !

A Genuine need is fulfilled

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PROBLEMClarithromycin has relatively low solubility in water. Consequently, a tablet that comprises Clarithromycin and a water soluble filler such as sorbitol, without any disintegrant will dissolve too slowly to enable full release of the Clarithromycin after ingestion.

No Nanomedicine formulation developed so far.

Poor bio-availability


Problem Solved

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Issues & NeedsIt has been found that erythromycin fat emulsions are locally non-irritative. The antibiotic clarithromycin, however, has a low solubility in fat emulsions even in the presence of oils, and will precipitate out of such emulsions. It has heretofore not been possible to solubilize clarithromycin so as to achieve stable injectable compositions at concentrations which are high enough for therapeutically effective pharmaceutical purposes.

There is a continuing need for stable injectable compositions of clarithromycin at therapeutically acceptable concentrations that do not cause severe pain at the injection site.

A genuine Project for investment

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What is new?Present invention releases drug at all pH and faster than any existing formulation.

Invention for nanomedicine

Patented nanomedicine to prevent generic cliff

Most inexpensive manufacturing of nanomedicines.

Your manufacturing set-up remains same.

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Why the market so big( $15Billion Market?)

Multiple uses

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CompetitionFor Me-too


We stay away from Me-too

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What has been Established

SOP for pilot scale production

Analytical testing procedures for testing

Raw material

Lab. Testing

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Funds ForTo move in cGMP manufacturing

Clinical trials


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Alexander Project USA 2000

PK/PD breakpoint based on current approved

dosing regimens

Susceptible breakpoint NCCLS PK/PDS. pneumoniae H. influenzae ALL


Clarithromycin 0.25 8 0.25

Solubility is a genuine needResolved by Meda Biotech llc.

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1. New molecule MR007 for nanoparticle2. MR007 provides synergistic3. Lowest manufacturing cost4. Strong patent5. No need of existing facility change6. No need to hire new staff

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Tablets Stable and 10X more potent



Nanomedicine for all

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