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Christmas Celebrations in Zimbabwe

Feb 20, 2016



The Occasion of Christmas can be made to bring forward Christmas travel deals and tour packages involving in getting to know the Christmas culture as well as exploring various landmarks across the country.

  • Public Christmas carol sessions in parks and communes

    Church service at Christmas Eve as well as morning of Christmas day

  • A lot of people get their biggest stereo speakers out and put them outside the front of

    the house and play their favourite music very loudly! It is not only Christmas music that

    is played, but also the latest pop tunes and old African favourites.

  • Concept of Santa Claus is present only at public appearances like commercial squares/stores

    The tradition revolves around bringing the elders in the family for distribution of gifts within the house

  • Christmas tree is replaced with locally available Ivy Tree

    Decoration arrangement made from household memorabilia

  • Delicacies: Chicken with rice (rarely offered)

    Household items: Bread, jam, cornmeal porridge, sugar, tea etc

  • Local & Foreign Tourism: Victoria Falls, Hwange national park, Matobo national park, National Heroes acre Harare, Chimanimani park & other national landmarks of Harare

  • Private chartered toursBus network gets real crowded from rural urban migration, & minivans

    stop operating in main Christmas days

  • Christmas Pass hotel, along with hotels having restaurants serving special Christmasmenu of dishes

  • Harare from 723Ethiopian Airlines 10 Dec, 2015 - 24 Dec ,2015Call: 02031372316

    Bulawayo from 1,354 South African Airways 11 Dec, 2015 - 31 Dec ,2015Call: 02031372316

    Victoria Falls from 1,434South African Airways 16 Dec, 2015 - 27 Dec ,2015Call: 02031372316

  • For Reservation and Booking: 020 3137 2316

    Customer Services: [email protected]

    Fax: 0207 900 6369

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