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Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church 2012-13 Parish Directory

Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

Sep 10, 2019



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Page 1: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church

2012-13 Parish Directory

Page 2: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

Name and Title Phone Number E mail address

The Rev. Canon Win Lewis 627-5665 x 14

Rector, Time Certain

Mrs. Charlie Davey 627-5665 x 11

Assistant for Formation and Pastoral Care

Mrs. Joyce Safford 627-5665 x 15

Business Administrator

Mr. Charles Porter 627-5665 x 12

Executive Assistant to the Rector

Ms. Jane Dembert 627-5665 x 15

Finance and Membership Assistant

Mr. David Lee Roberts 627-5665


Mr. Kevin Kwan 627-5665 x 18

Organist and Director of Music

Ms. Marjorie Setnicky 582-3978

Assistant Organist

Page 3: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 1Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church


Adams, Mr. OrnadoPO Box 2481Virginia Beach, VA 23450-2481Preferred Phone: 419-4981Ornado

Business Phone: 557-1600

Anderson, Mr. Christopher6220 Rolfe AveNorfolk, VA 23508-1027Preferred Phone: 321-1499Preferred E-Mail:

Anderson, Ms. Marsha715 Stanwix SqNorfolk, VA 23502-3905Preferred Phone: 757-818-7494Preferred E-Mail: ddegnana@yahoo.comMarsha

Mobile Phone: 757-818-7494

Andrews, Mrs. Elizabeth (Betsy)Harbor's Edge Apt 9011 Colley AveNorfolk, VA 23510-1038Preferred Phone: 622-4584Preferred E-Mail: WCA3@aol.comBetsy

Mobile Phone: 620-1060

Archer, Dr. RobertArcher, Dr. Linda

619 Mowbray ArchNorfolk, VA 23507-1852Preferred Phone: 622-5566Preferred E-Mail: archerlr@evms.eduLinda

Business Phone: 446-6190

Atkins, Mr. A. (Brad)Waibel-Atkins, Mrs. Christine (Chris)

919 Jamestown CresNorfolk, VA 23508-1432Preferred Phone: 489-8566Alexander, Christine

Atkinson, Mr. Dean7211 Granby St room 123Norfolk, VA 23505-4001Preferred Phone: 440-7434

Atkinson, Ms. Joan7219 Shirland AveNorfolk, VA 23505-2937Preferred Phone: 440-6951Preferred

Avery, Mr. ClarkAvery, Mrs. Kelly

7011 Mallard DrNorfolk, VA 23505-4340Preferred Phone: 423-0058Preferred E-Mail: kellyavery@cox.netKelly

Alternate:7468 N Shore RdNorfolk, VA 23505-1756Phone: 216-3708

Mobile Phone: 285-0264Lucille, Camilla

Avery, Mr. Edward (Waightstill)Avery, Mrs. Brook

6120 Sylvan StNorfolk, VA 23508-1034Preferred Phone: 423-6840Preferred E-Mail: ewavery@msn.comPreferred E-Mail: bbsavery@msn.comWaightstill

Business Phone: 496-0995Brook

Mobile Phone: 647-4340Emily (Straeten), Leah, Meredith (Meredith)

Avery, Dr. StanleyAvery, Mrs. Lee Ann

509 Brackenridge AveNorfolk, VA 23505-4325Preferred Phone: 423-5346Preferred E-Mail:

Awuou, Mr. DengDeng, Mrs. Rabecca

2884 E Princess Anne RdNorfolk, VA 23504-3145Preferred E-Mail: aderayenewec@yahoo.comPreferred E-Mail: ayendeng@hotmail.comDeng

Mobile Phone: 339-4295Rabecca

Alternate:730 Harrison Rd Apt 3Norfolk, VA 23505-1353

Mobile Phone: 339-6985Deng, Ader

Page 4: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 2Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church


Backus, Mr. RobertBackus, Mrs. Cynthia (Cindy)

800 Bryan CtChesapeake, VA 23320-8311Preferred Phone: 548-2167Preferred E-Mail: rsbackus@aol.comPaige

Baird, Mr. Edward (Eddie)Baird, Mrs. Abby

1711 Cloncurry RdNorfolk, VA 23505-1717Preferred Phone: 423-1923Preferred E-Mail: edwardbaird@mac.comPreferred E-Mail: abbybaird@cox.netEddie

Business Phone: 627-4217Abby, Mr. Edward (Ned)

Baker, Ms. CarolynGoe, Ernie

1305 Llewellyn AveNorfolk, VA 23517-2266Preferred Phone: 630-6890Preferred E-Mail: cbbaker51@yahoo.comPreferred E-Mail: ernie.goe@gmail.comCarolyn

Mobile Phone: 630-6890Ernie

Mobile Phone: 646-2500

Baker, Mrs. Mary Ellen363 Pender CtNorfolk, VA 23517-2262Preferred Phone: 622-3443

Baker, Mr. Robert-Allen (Allen)1700 Ashland AveNorfolk, VA 23509-1234Preferred Phone: 757-416-5364Preferred E-Mail: allenvital@cox.netAllen

Mobile Phone: 757-375-5273

Ballard, Mr. Caroll (Chad)Ballard, Ms. Caroline

5421 Walton AveNorfolk, VA 23508-1335Preferred Phone: 610-864-0538Preferred E-Mail:caroline.c.ballard@gmail.comChad

Business Phone: 617-2543

Ballard, Mrs. Dorothy (Dottie)7433 Flicker PtNorfolk, VA 23505-3113Preferred Phone: 423-1236Preferred E-Mail:

Barnes, Ms. Nora613 Colonial AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1805Preferred Phone: 627-1867Preferred E-Mail: Norabarnes@cox.netNora

Business Phone: 624-3434

Batten, Mrs. Jane8104 Ocean Front AveVirginia Beach, VA 23451Preferred Phone: 481-9532Preferred E-Mail:

Beauchamp, Dr. RichardBeauchamp, Mrs. Mary

308 Botetourt StNorfolk, VA 23510-1104Preferred Phone: 624-3614Preferred E-Mail: beaucham@cnu.eduPreferred E-Mail: mary@liveoakfas.comRichard

Business Phone: 594-7960Mary

Business Phone: 624-9575

Bell, Dr. CharlesBell, Mrs. Carlotta

6150 Eastwood TerNorfolk, VA 23508-1113Preferred Phone: 423-1222Preferred E-Mail: cbell60@cox.netCharles

Mobile Phone: 389-3323Carlotta

Mobile Phone: 214-4220

Belvin, Mr. Michael5357 Achilles DrVirginia Beach, VA 23464-2402Preferred Phone: 490-7135Preferred E-Mail: winepup1@aol.comMichael

Mobile Phone: 477-3027

Page 5: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 3Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Bernert, Dr. Lawrence (Larry)Bernert, Mrs. Carter (Carter)

1421 W Princess Anne RdNorfolk, VA 23507-1040Preferred Phone: 622-8472Preferred E-Mail: labjr@cox.netPreferred E-Mail: carterrgb@cox.netLarry

Mobile Phone: 620-2580Carter

Mobile Phone: 535-8472

Bernick, Mrs. Gail5501 Briarwood LnPortsmouth, VA 23703-3517Preferred Phone: 484-6920Preferred E-Mail: glab543@verizon.netGail

Business Phone: 686-8400Mobile Phone: 729-1860

Bernick, Miss Sarah351 Court Street#3Portsmouth, VA 23703-2526Preferred Phone: 484-6920Preferred E-Mail: sebernick@gmail.comSarah

Mobile Phone: 515-9078

Bernick, Mr. Stephen (Steve)501 Jewell AvePortsmouth, VA 23701-1528Preferred Phone: 679-0424Preferred E-Mail: sabernick65@gmail.comSteve

Business Phone: 539-8787Josef

Berry, Mr. David (David)528 Redgate AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1715Preferred Phone: 622-7157

Berry, Mr. ScottBerry, Mrs. Donna

300 Farrell StNorfolk, VA 23503-4914Preferred Phone: 583-7462Preferred E-Mail: thescottybmail@gmail.comPreferred E-Mail: dmberry38@yahoo.comScott

Mobile Phone: 633-0786Donna

Business Phone: 531-3080Mobile Phone: 207-712-4865

Grace, Kate, Molly

Berry, Mr. WayneBerry, Mrs. Diane

1213 Hartford CtVirginia Beach, VA 23464-5847Preferred Phone: 474-2220Preferred E-Mail: berrywc@aol.comPreferred E-Mail: Berrydb1@aol.comWayne

Business Phone: 519-9665Mobile Phone: 439-8241Business E-Mail:

DianeBusiness Phone: 547-0169Mobile Phone: 439-1848

Bickford, Mr. James (Jim)Bickford, Mrs. Blair

7220 Shirland AveNorfolk, VA 23505-2938Preferred Phone: 423-1090Preferred E-Mail: jim@bickford.comPreferred E-Mail: blairbickford@verizon.netJim

Business Phone: 252-261-6565Mobile Phone: 757-395-0860

BlairMobile Phone: 287-2668

Bilisoly, Mr. John (Lindsay)Bilisoly, Mrs. Kathleen (Koggie)

1435 W Princess Anne RdNorfolk, VA 23507-1040Preferred Phone: 626-0131Lindsay

Business Phone: 640-8234Mobile Phone: 675-1858

William (Nash), John

Page 6: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 4Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Black, Ms. Caroline429 West York St Apt 3ANorfolk, VA 23510-1126Preferred Phone: 282-1646Preferred E-Mail: cblack@diosova.orgCaroline

Business Phone: 213-3377Mobile Phone: 282-1646

Blasch, Mr. Robert (Bob)Blasch, Mrs. Betty

303 Atlantic Ave Apt 800Virginia Beach, VA 23451-3650Preferred Phone: 425-7946Preferred E-Mail:

Bonney, Mr. Mark711 Stockley Gardens Apt 1Norfolk, VA 23507Preferred E-Mail:

Boring, Mr. DavidBoring, Mrs. Alisha

7042 Kirby CresNorfolk, VA 23505-4215Preferred Phone: 757-223-0121Preferred E-Mail: alishaboring@gmail.comAnne

Born, Mr. John1138 Larchmont CresNorfolk, VA 23508-1405College:

Csu 4117P O Box 8793Williamsburg, VA 23186-4117

Preferred Phone: 757-451-3549Preferred E-Mail: born1138@msn.comJohn

Mobile Phone: 757-451-3549Rachael

Bozman, Jeff420 Monticello Avenue Apt B306Norfolk, VA 23510Preferred Phone: 609-306-0562Preferred E-Mail: jeff.bozman@gmail.comJeff

Mobile Phone: 609-306-0562

Bozman, Dr. Raymond (Ray)Bozman, Mrs. Patricia (Patti)

6528 Harbour Pointe DrSuffolk, VA 23435-3180Preferred Phone: 757-686-2238Preferred E-Mail: rebozman@yahoo.comPreferred E-Mail: patti.bozman@gmail.comRay

Business Phone: 757-953-1198

Branch, Mr. MalBranch, Mrs. Nancy

334 W Olney RdNorfolk, VA 23507-1821Preferred Phone: 622-4123Preferred E-Mail:

Brewster, Ms. Baylies1111 Llewellyn AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1850Preferred Phone: 622-3673Preferred E-Mail: bayliesbrewster@aol.comBaylies

Mobile Phone: 477-7256

Broaddus, Ms. Susan1323 Lafayette Blvd Apt 1Norfolk, VA 23509-1059Preferred Phone: 623-0205Preferred E-Mail: broaddussusan@aol.comSusan

Mobile Phone: 613-7004

Brock, Miss Ann1 Colley Ave Apt A304Norfolk, VA 23510-1038Preferred Phone: 625-0415

Broecker, Ms. Connnie1 Colley Ave Apt 1516Norfolk, VA 23510

Brown, Mr. Norman (Norm)Brown, Mrs. Elaine

408 Dundaff St Apt 703Norfolk, VA 23507-2044Preferred Phone: 233-9252Preferred E-Mail: oldancer@excite.comPreferred E-Mail: evbrown@udel.eduNorm

Business Phone: 867-7331Mobile Phone: 302-530-6233

ElaineMobile Phone: 302-530-2393

Page 7: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 5Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Buchholz, Mr. Donald (Don)Buchholz, Mrs. Constance

333 Big Pond LnChesapeake, VA 23323-1752Preferred Phone: 487-7851Preferred E-Mail: buchholz9@verizon.netDon

Business Phone: 617-1735

Buckle, Mr. StewartBuckle, Mrs. Joan

7327 Barberry LnNorfolk, VA 23505-3001Preferred Phone: 451-0404Preferred E-Mail: thebuckles@cox.netStewart

Business Phone: 625-2595Joan

Business Phone: 625-2595Mobile Phone: 621-1888Business

Matthew, Spencer

Bugg, Dr. James (Jim)Bugg, Mrs. Anne

1 Colley Ave Apt 903Norfolk, VA 23510-1051Preferred Phone: 489-1921

Burdett, Mr. DouglasBurdett, Mrs. Pamela

1301 Baecher LnNorfolk, VA 23509-1230Preferred Phone: 623-5910Douglas

Business Phone: 627-4800Norwood (Harry), Emma

Burnham, Mr. JohnBurnham, Mrs. Carolyn

224 Elm AvePortsmouth, VA 23704-2118Preferred Phone: 399-4037Preferred E-Mail: johnmburnham@cox.netJohn

Mobile Phone: 757-567-4837

Burroughs, Mr. FrederickBurroughs, Mrs. Erin

2002 Willow Point ArchChesapeake, VA 23320-6881Preferred Phone: 323-3244Preferred E-Mail: ERINJJAMIS@aol.comErin

Business Phone: 567-8886

Bussard, Mr. Clifford (Cliff)Bussard, Mrs. Elizabeth (Perry)

626 Shirley AveNorfolk, VA 23517-2026Preferred Phone: 623-1910Preferred E-Mail: pwbussard@cox.netCliff

Business Phone: 836-0089


Cahill, Dr. Anne-Taylor7320 Glenroie Ave Apt 11KNorfolk, VA 23505-3051Preferred Phone: 489-8127Preferred E-Mail: acahill12@aol.comAnne-Taylor

Business E-Mail:

Camp, Mr. JohnPO Box 10272Norfolk, VA 23513-0272Alternate:

3408 Norway PlNorfolk, VA 23509-1263

Preferred Phone: 389-6765Preferred E-Mail:

Campbell, Mr. Stephen (Steve)Campbell, Mrs. Susan

612 W Mowbray CtNorfolk, VA 23507-1855College:

Mail Box E 7212 Fallen Acorn TrlBlacksburg, VA 24060-2581

Preferred Phone: 622-9296Preferred E-Mail:steve_campbell@cartermachinery.comPreferred E-Mail: scampbell@jbdenny.comSusan

Mobile Phone: 641-0848Grayson, Austin

Page 8: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 6Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Carter, Mrs. AngelaCarter, III, Robert

837 Botetourt GdnsNorfolk, VA 23507-1814Preferred Phone: 627-6475Preferred E-Mail: ablackwell@hrccva.comPreferred E-Mail: rw.carter3@yahoo.comAngela

Business Phone: 664-2528Blackwell, Mark, Blackwell, John

Cheney, Mr. Wesley (Wes)Cheney, Mrs. Jennifer

236 Lucile Ave.Norfolk, VA 23504Preferred Phone: 757-627-1020Preferred E-Mail: friendwes@mac.comWes

Business Phone: 757-676-0121Jennifer

Business Phone: 757-451-0929Abigayle, Kelvin

Cherry, Mrs. Linda1440 Cloncurry RdNorfolk, VA 23505-1714Preferred E-Mail: lindawcherry@cox.netLinda

Home Phone: 451-1848

Chick, Wendell1711 Hancock AveNorfolk, VA 23509-1025Preferred Phone: 757-640-1441

Clancy, Mrs. Elizabeth (Betty)1210 Colonial Ave Apt 905Norfolk, VA 23517-2058Preferred Phone: 640-1112

Clancy, Mr. PaulClancy, Mrs. Barbara

6156 Rolfe AveNorfolk, VA 23508-1026Preferred Phone: 440-5521Preferred E-Mail: pbclancy@juno.comPaul

Mobile Phone: 286-2766Barbara

Business Phone: 441-5660

Clary, Mr. James (Jim)Clary, Mrs. Ashley

7436 Muirfield RdNorfolk, VA 23505-1754Preferred Phone: 804-380-0113Preferred E-Mail: coachclary@gmail.comPreferred E-Mail: agclary@yahoo.comJim

Business Phone: 366-4370Ashley

Business Phone: 388-3049Mobile Phone: 804-380-0116

Miss Riley, Mr. James (Jac), Mr. Beverley(Evan)

Cleary, Mr. Jeffrey (Jeff)Cleary, Mrs. Jane

1444 W Princess Anne RdNorfolk, VA 23507-1041Preferred Phone: 622-1947Preferred E-Mail: jeff.cleary.82@gmail.comPreferred E-Mail: jgcleary1@me.comJane

Mobile Phone: 633-7762Walker, Mitchell, Wrenn

Compo, Mr. GeorgeCompo, Mrs. Saunders

1301 Laurel CresNorfolk, VA 23505-3007Preferred Phone: 440-1194Preferred E-Mail: gcompo@cox.netGeorge

Business Phone: 858-2184Mobile Phone: 617-5077Business

SaundersMobile Phone: 651-6422

Elizabeth, Miss Virginia (Hunter)

Connelly, Mr. Lorenz918 West Princess Anne Road Apt. B5Norfolk, VA 23507-1244Preferred Phone: 757-965-3906

Connors, Mr. Charles (Mark)Connors, Mrs. Cornelia (Nelee)

1362 Westmoreland AveNorfolk, VA 23508-1321Preferred Phone: 423-6336Preferred E-Mail:cmarkconnors@hotmail.comElizabeth (Finley), Mary

Page 9: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 7Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Conrad, Mr. WalterConrad, Mrs. Constance (Connie)

1219 W Princess Anne RdNorfolk, VA 23507-1022Preferred Phone: 625-1283

Cook, Dr. Stephen1629 Coyote AveNorfolk, VA 23518-2908Preferred Phone: 967-7722Preferred E-Mail: szcook@gmail.comStephen

Mobile Phone: 967-7722

Cooke, Mr. Wylie318 Colonial AveNorfolk, VA 23507-2202Preferred Phone: 757-675-0658Preferred E-Mail:wcookw@mmmdesigngroup.comWylie

Mobile Phone: 757-675-0658

Copeland, Mrs. Mary Pem (Mary Pem)400 Stuart CirNorfolk, VA 23502-4457Preferred Phone: 455-5233Preferred E-Mail:

Copeland, Tracy1501 Catalpa StNorfolk, VA 23508-1001Jack, Darden

Corliss, Mr. DavidCorliss, Mrs. Elizabeth (Beth)

5922 Glenhaven CresNorfolk, VA 23508-1102Preferred Phone: 423-6297Preferred E-Mail: elizabethcorliss1@cox.netDavid

Business Phone: 623-2382Mobile Phone: 285-2259

BethBusiness Phone: 261-6573Home Phone: 285-2260

David, Mary

Cornelius, Mr. James (Jamie)Cornelius, Mrs. Cecilia

2521 Queens Elm PlVirginia Beach, VA 23454-1128Preferred Phone: 440-0002Preferred E-Mail:cecilia.cornelius@gmail.comCecilia

Mobile Phone: 469-4963Margaret (Maggie), Emilie, James

Costantino, Ms. Teresa (Terry)3730 Pamlico CirNorfolk, VA 23513-3510Preferred Phone: 855-8776

Coupland, Mr. W. Claiborne (Claiborne)Coupland, Mrs. Linda

6401 Eleanor CtNorfolk, VA 23508-1009Preferred Phone: 423-2795Preferred E-Mail: claycoupland@cox.netPreferred E-Mail: wooc@cox.netClaiborne

Business Phone: 499-5977Mobile Phone: 630-6905

LindaMobile Phone: 651-1236


D'Angelo, Karen528 Pennsylvania AvenueNorfolk, VA 23508Preferred Phone: 757-515-3280

D'Angelo, Mr. Thomas (Michael)D'Angelo, Mrs. Deborah

528 Pennsylvania AveNorfolk, VA 23508-2835College:

500 Houston St Apt 14Blacksburg, VA 24060-4652

Preferred Phone: 627-9636Deborah

Business E-Mail: E-Mail:

Michaela (Leigh)

Page 10: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 8Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Dailey, Mr. CurtisDailey, Mrs. Sara

770 W 52nd StNorfolk, VA 23508-2026Preferred Phone: 962-3635Preferred E-Mail: cwdailey1@gmail.comPreferred E-Mail: ssdailey@gmail.comCurtis

Business Phone: 757-826-5075Sara

Alternate:410 Forest Park Rd Unit 201Wilmington, NC 28409-5769Phone: 703-200-7772

Charles, Caroline (Caroline)

Daley, Mr. Kenneth (Ken)Daley, Mrs. Patricia (Ann)

1146 Larchmont CresNorfolk, VA 23508-1405Preferred Phone: 423-5320Preferred E-Mail: 3daleys@verizon.netDavid

Daniel, Mr. William (Billy)Daniel, Mrs. Mary (Jeanie)

1411 Claremont AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1225Preferred Phone: 623-9101Preferred E-Mail: wsd_1411@msn.comBilly

Business Phone: 482-1414Jeanie

Business Phone: 489-4929Mary, William (Will)

Dare, Mr. James (Jim)Dare, Mrs. Lane

3514 Norway PlNorfolk, VA 23509-1248Preferred Phone: 622-8882Preferred E-Mail: ldare@odu.eduLane

Business Phone: 489-0007

Davey, Mr. Philip (Phil)Davey, Mrs. Charlie

1524 Blanford CirNorfolk, VA 23505-1706Preferred Phone: 489-3687Preferred E-Mail: lawofsea@cox.netPreferred E-Mail: CDavey.csl@verizon.netPhil

Business Phone: 622-0100Business

CharlieBusiness Phone: 627-5665 Ext: 14Mobile Phone: 270-8150

Davis, Mrs. Carol1635 Morris AveNorfolk, VA 23509-1218Preferred Phone: 769-7179Preferred E-Mail: cdavis31@cox.netCarol

Business Phone: 252-256-0244

Davis, Mr. TerryDavis, Mrs. Betty

7451 N Shore RdNorfolk, VA 23505-1777Preferred Phone: 423-2999Terry

Business Phone: 461-4100Home E-Mail:

Denniston, Mrs. Elizabeth (Betty)Denniston, Mr. Edward (Eddie)

601 Pembroke Ave Apt 304Norfolk, VA 23507Preferred Phone: 622-8318Preferred E-Mail: denniston34@verizon.netBetty

Mobile Phone: 472-7051

Derrickson, Mrs. Barbara5632 Hearth CirVirginia Beach, VA 23464-5212Preferred Phone: 366-8682

Deutsch, Dr. BrianDeutsch, Mrs. Melissa

1032 N Lexan CresNorfolk, VA 23508-1239Preferred E-Mail: bdmaps@cox.netMelissa

Mobile Phone: 408-1279Susan, Douglas

Page 11: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 9Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Dickerson, Ms. Kellie307 Maycox AveNorfolk, VA 23505-3420Preferred Phone: 489-0937Preferred E-Mail: ckdickerson@verizon.netKellie

Business Phone: 823-7835

Dudley, Audrey5726 Shenandoah AveNorfolk, VA 23509-1432

Dudley, Mr. Roy5726 Shenandoah AveNorfolk, VA 23509-1432Preferred Phone: 853-8263Preferred E-Mail: royallandudley@cox.netRoy

Mobile Phone: 409-1743

Dupilka, ErikClayton, Crystal

905 High Point AveVirginia Beach, VA 23451-470Preferred Phone: 757-971-0383Preferred E-Mail: edupilka@gmail.comErik

Mobile Phone: 757-971-0383

Durica, Dr. DavidDurica, Mrs. Diane

4612 Norman RdPortsmouth, VA 23703-4927Preferred Phone: 484-8177Preferred E-Mail: ddurica@cox.netDavid

Business Phone: 397-1201Mobile Phone: 576-5690

DianeMobile Phone: 576-5665


Easley, Mr. Wendell (Brian)Easley, Mrs. Victoria (Vickie)

1120 Hawthorne DrChesapeake, VA 23325-2930Preferred Phone: 424-0167Preferred E-Mail: beasley73@cox.netPreferred E-Mail: veasley54@cox.netBrian

Mobile Phone: 667-8682Vickie

Mobile Phone: 757-818-3694

Ehrhard, Mr. KeithEhrhard, Mrs. Merrifield (Merri)

226 E 42nd StNorfolk, VA 23504-1016Preferred Phone: 627-7043Preferred E-Mail: kehrh@aol.comKeith

Business Phone: 757-443-1027Merri

Mobile Phone: 477-2600Graham

Elder, Mrs. Johanna1329 Graydon AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1008Preferred Phone: 627-9863Preferred E-Mail:

Enright, Mr. E. (Tom)Enright, Mrs. Margaret (Peggy)

5644 Shenandoah AveNorfolk, VA 23509-1430Preferred Phone: 853-8688Preferred E-Mail: tom.enright@proforma.comPreferred E-Mail:peggyenright@williamewood.comTom

Business Phone: 627-7468Mobile Phone: 708-1776

PeggyBusiness Phone: 625-2580Mobile Phone: 718-8688

Enright, Mr. Edward (Ted)6028 Westwood TerraceNorfolk, VA 23508-1139Preferred Phone: 853-8688

Etheridge, Mrs. Elizabeth (Liz)1 Colley Ave. Apt. 802Norfolk, VA 23510Preferred Phone: 440-2900Preferred E-Mail:

Ewell, Mr. Frederick (Fred)Ewell, Mrs. Barbara

512 Graydon AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1764Preferred Phone: 622-1269Preferred E-Mail:barbaraandfreddy@verizon.netFred

Business Phone: 623-0999Barbara

Business Phone: 623-0999

Page 12: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 10Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Ewell, Mr. Jeffrey1706 Keswick DrNorfolk, VA 23518-4926Preferred Phone: 855-0754Katie


Faber, Miss Sarah3462 Pamlico CirNorfolk, VA 23513-5404Preferred Phone: 232-0980Preferred E-Mail:

Faivre, Mr. HenryFaivre, Mrs. Constance (Connie)

706 Water Hickory Ct SChesapeake, VA 23320-9275Preferred Phone: 410-8570Preferred E-Mail: c.favire@cox.netPreferred E-Mail: cfaivre2009@gmail.comHenry

Business Phone: 436-1949Connie

Mobile Phone: 515-0306

Faivre, Mr. ScottFaivre, Mrs. Paula

704 Canal DrChesapeake, VA 23323-4315Preferred Phone: 966-9487Preferred E-Mail: paula.faivre@vmacs.netPaula

Business Phone: 486-4000Joshua, Klimmek, Jacob

Fenning, Mr. RobertFenning, Mrs. Katherine (Kati)

328 Westover AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1846Preferred Phone: 623-0098Preferred E-Mail: kfenning@verizon.netRobert

Mobile Phone: 757-617-0195

Finke, Mr. Robert (Bob Matthews)Peters, Mrs. Dawn

7517 Shirland AveNorfolk, VA 23505-2907Preferred Phone: 489-3564Preferred E-Mail:bobmatthewsfinke@gmail.comPreferred E-Mail: dmptrs86@gmail.comBob Matthews

Business Phone: 222-2984Mobile Phone: 651-7789

DawnBusiness Phone: 777-3140Mobile Phone: 651-7786

Madison, Julia

Fisher, Dr. Stephen1501 Angeli ArchChesapeake, VA 23322Preferred E-Mail: sifisher@sentara.con

Ford, James (Jamie)164 W Belvedere RdNorfolk, VA 23505-4720

Ford, Dr. JohnFord, Mrs. Sarah

164 W Belvedere RdNorfolk, VA 23505-4720College:

0109b Mell HallUniversity of GeorgiaAthens, GA 30602-0002

JohnBusiness Phone: 683-3587Mobile Phone: 408-8358Business E-Mail: jbford@odu.eduHome E-Mail:

SarahMobile Phone: 757-408-8177Home E-Mail:


Fortin, Ms. Paula3821 Augustine CirPortsmouth, VA 23703-2502Preferred Phone: 686-9544Preferred E-Mail:

Page 13: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 11Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Foster, Mr. C. Allan (Allan)205 Marina CtChesapeake, VA 23320-3402Preferred Phone: 410-9993Preferred E-Mail: cafoster@olin.comAllan

Business Phone: 622-6546Mobile Phone: 620-4003

Freeman, JohnFreeman, Mary

3715 Hyde CircleNorfolk, VA 23513-3437Preferred Phone: 757-855-0618John

Mobile Phone: 757-375-9240

Fuller, Betty Ann635 West 26 St Apt 4Norfolk, VA 23517-125Preferred Phone: 757-589-1876Betty Ann

Mobile Phone: 757-589-1876Cierra

Fulton, Mr. James (Jim)Franklin, Mrs. Nancy

9039 River CresSuffolk, VA 23433-1305Preferred Phone: 238-9039Preferred E-Mail: j.fultoniii@yahoo.comPreferred E-Mail:franklinandcats@yahoo.comJim

Business Phone: 667-5511Nancy

Mobile Phone: 651-1795Ashley, Alexandra


Gaenslen, Mr. Carl1878 E Ocean View Ave Apt DNorfolk, VA 23503-2564Preferred Phone: 587-8062Preferred E-Mail: cgaenslen47@verizon.netCarl

Mobile Phone: 537-6553

Gibney, Dr. PaulGibney, Dr. Lucy

4109 Holly AveNorfolk, VA 23504-1036Preferred Phone: 228-5881Preferred E-Mail: lucygibney@cox.netColin

Gindroz, Mr. Raymond (Ray)Gindroz, Marilyn

1 Colley Ave Apt 400Norfolk, VA 23510-1043Preferred Phone: 412-478-5197Preferred E-Mail:marilynandraygindroz@mac.comRay

Mobile Phone: 412-478-5197

Goff, Mr. AndrewGoff, Mrs. Tara

228 Northview DriveChesapeake, VA 23322-4023Preferred Phone: 757-286-1250Andrew

Mobile Phone: 757-286-1250Home E-Mail:

TaraMobile Phone: 757-412-7360

Goff, Ms. Patricia228 Northview DrChesapeake, VA 23322-4023

Goode, Stacy324 Westover AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1846Preferred Phone: 287-1943Preferred

Graham, Mrs. Joan3100 Shore Dr Apt 527Virginia Beach, VA 23451-1161Preferred Phone: 496-1720

Graham, Ms. Virginia940 Gates Ave Apt C2Norfolk, VA 23517-1644Preferred Phone: 719-0671Preferred E-Mail: vgraham47@yahoo.comVirginia

Business Phone: 340-4388

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People DirectoryPage: 12Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Grandy, Mr. Cyrus (Cy)Grandy, Mrs. Edith

606 W Mowbray CtNorfolk, VA 23507-1855Preferred Phone: 625-5635Cy

Business Phone: 441-4767Business E-Mail: cyrusgrandy@gmail.comHome E-Mail:

EdithBusiness Phone: 622-7790Home E-Mail:

Grandy, Mr. Cyrus (Wiley)Grandy, Rebecca (Gray)

1248 Westover Ave Apt 4Norfolk, VA 23507-1359Preferred Phone: 757-621-0931Preferred E-Mail: wileygrandy@gmail.comPreferred E-Mail: grandy.gray@gmail.comWiley

Mobile Phone: 757-621-0931Gray

Mobile Phone: 434-989-3814

Granger, Mr. WilliamGranger, Mrs. Diedre (Didi)

5730 Shenandoah AveNorfolk, VA 23509-1432Preferred Phone: 853-0221Preferred E-Mail: diedremg@aol.comDidi

Mobile Phone: 620-6533William (Woody), Anderson

Grant, Dr. Thomas (Tom)Grant, Mrs. Janet

1451 W Princess Anne RdNorfolk, VA 23507-1040Preferred Phone: 626-3309Preferred E-Mail: jsgrant62@cox.netTom

Grice, Mr. Alexander (Sandy)Ianuzi, Mrs. Sandra

1633 Melrose PkwyNorfolk, VA 23508-1730Preferred Phone: 423-4898Preferred E-Mail: apgrice@verizon.netPreferred E-Mail: sianuzi@yahoo.comSandy

Business Phone: 423-0085

Grice, Mrs. Barbara1005 Shirley AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1231Preferred Phone: 625-7057Preferred E-Mail:

Griffey, AndrewSturtevant, Stefanie

7421 Gardner St.Norfolk, VA 23518Preferred Phone: 321-3107Preferred E-Mail: andrewpgriffey@yahoo.comPreferred

Guvernator, Mr. George (Chris)Guvernator, Mrs. Channing

7487 Gleneagles RdNorfolk, VA 23505-1742Preferred Phone: 451-8111Preferred E-Mail: chris.guvernator@obg.orgPreferred E-Mail: cguvernator@verizon.netChris

Business Phone: 431-2966 Ext: 15Mobile Phone: 287-0059Home E-Mail:

ChanningBusiness Phone: 440-7844Mobile Phone: 663-8534

Luba, George (Quint), Lana


Hale, Mr. Christopher (Chris)Hale, Mrs. Lynn

3528 Colmar QuarterNorfolk, VA 23509-1247Preferred Phone: 533-5473Preferred E-Mail: navcv66@aol.comChris

Mobile Phone: 272-4582Business

LynnBusiness Phone: 625-0471

Page 15: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 13Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Hale, Mr. Jeffrey (Jeff)Hale, Mrs. Megan (Megan)

1350 N Shore RdNorfolk, VA 23505Preferred Phone: 965-7547Preferred E-Mail: jeffrey.d.hale@gmail.comPreferred E-Mail: halemeg@gmail.comJeff

Mobile Phone: 715-3528Megan

Mobile Phone: 703-609-5767

Ham, Mr. W. Bernard (Bernie)3878 Karlin CirNorfolk, VA 23502-3343Preferred Phone: 466-8992

Hardin, Mr. Michael (Mike)2110 A East Indian River RdNorfolk, VA 23523Preferred Phone: 757-617-0950Preferred E-Mail:virginiadoglover@yahoo.comMike

Business Phone: 238-3600Mobile Phone: 757-617-0950

Harrison, Ms. Sarah494 W Ocean View AveNorfolk, VA 23503-1414Preferred Phone: 587-2335Preferred E-Mail:sarah.harrison2@verizon.netSarah

Business Phone: 515-9000

Haugh, Dr. James (Jim)Haugh, The Rev. Mrs. Susan

448 Hariton CtNorfolk, VA 23505-3331Preferred Phone: 440-9022Preferred E-Mail: James.Haugh@cox.netPreferred E-Mail: susan.haugh@cox.netJim

Mobile Phone: 636-1703Business E-Mail:

SusanMobile Phone: 636-1704

Haworth, Mr. Daniel (Dan)Haworth, Mrs. Susan

1920 Paddock RdNorfolk, VA 23518-4930Preferred Phone: 853-1678

Haycox, Mr. EdwardHaycox, Mrs. Thelma

9531 Norfolk AveNorfolk, VA 23503-2911Preferred Phone: 588-5240

Haycox, Mr. Timothy (Tim)Haycox, Mrs. Jennifer (Jenny)

516 Battersea RdNorfolk, VA 23503-3420Preferred Phone: 588-2910Preferred E-Mail: 22T7446@cox.netTim

Business Phone: 664-4662Mobile Phone: 449-5850


Haywood, Dr. Carl5228 Foxboro LndgVirginia Beach, VA 23464-5609Preferred Phone: 467-8971Preferred E-Mail: cwhaywood@nsu.eduCarl

Business Phone: 823-8565Home E-Mail:

Heflin, Mr. DanHeflin, Mrs. Trish

6233 Powhatan AveNorfolk, VA 23508-1042Preferred Phone: 423-5909Preferred E-Mail:danheflin@heflin-williams.comPreferred E-Mail: trishheflin@cox.netDan

Business Phone: 624-1114

Henry, Dr. Reginald (Bucky)Henry, Mrs. Barbara

1350 W Princess Anne RdNorfolk, VA 23507-1039Preferred Phone: 627-3248Preferred E-Mail:

Page 16: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 14Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Hickman, Mr. Matthew (Matt)Hing-Hickman, Mrs. Mary

718 Maryland AveNorfolk, VA 23508-2826Preferred Phone: 625-1997Preferred E-Mail: matthewhickman1@cox.netPreferred E-Mail: physicsphun@cox.netMatt

Business Phone: 365-2033Mobile Phone: 737-1028Business

MaryBusiness Phone: 421-4295Mobile Phone: 737-1027Business E-Mail:

Gabriel (Jake), James (Jim)

Higson, Mr. George1151 Little Bay AveNorfolk, VA 23503-1206Alternate:

827 Norview AveNorfolk, VA 23509-1540

Preferred Phone: 587-1547George

Mobile Phone: 650-0392

Hitch, Mrs. Barbara3100 Shore Dr room H399Virginia Beach, VA 23451-1199Preferred Phone: 496-1234

Holihan, Mr. KeithHolihan, Mrs. Margaret (Maggie)

1353 Westmoreland AveNorfolk, VA 23508-1320Preferred Phone: 757-769-5466Preferred E-Mail: holihanka@hotmail.comPreferred E-Mail: mgholihan@gmail.comKeith

Mobile Phone: 757-769-5466Ryan

Hollowell, Mr. William (Bill)Hollowell, Mrs. Catherine (Kelly)

1321 W Princess Anne RdNorfolk, VA 23507-1038Preferred Phone: 627-2736Preferred E-Mail: teamhollowell@gmail.comBill

Business Phone: 735-1234Mobile Phone: 717-4432

KellyBusiness Phone: 735-1234Mobile Phone: 717-5022

Catherine (Katie), William (Bray)

Hopkins, Mrs. Rachel513 Edwin DrVirginia Beach, VA 23462-4526Preferred Phone: 499-1496Preferred E-Mail:

Horton, Ms. Karen1912 Meredith RoadVirginia Beach, VA 23455Preferred Phone: 460-4194Preferred E-Mail: kghorton@cox.netKaren

Business Phone: 668-7283Miss Jessica, John (Jack), Harrison (Harry),Patrick (Patrick)

Hughes, Mr. PeterHughes, Mrs. Dorothy

250 W York St Apt 4507Norfolk, VA 23510-1581Preferred Phone: 970-471-4294Preferred E-Mail: hughes.peterc@gmail.comPreferred

Business Phone: 757-222-7152Mobile Phone: 970-471-4294

DorothyMobile Phone: 810-938-3900

Hughes, Mr. Robert (Bob)Hughes, Mrs. Jean

1379 Little Neck RdVirginia Beach, VA 23452-4751Preferred Phone: 463-2612

Page 17: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 15Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Hunt, Ms. Rebecca1717 Kingsway RdNorfolk, VA 23518-4317Preferred Phone: 472-9818Preferred E-Mail: rhunt1975@yahoo.caRebecca

Mobile Phone: 472-9818


Inge, Mr. H. Clifford (Cliff)Inge, Mrs. Margaret

3558 Shore Dr Apt 604Virginia Beach, VA 23455-1714Preferred Phone: 460-4822Preferred E-Mail: secnd10R@hotmail.comPreferred E-Mail:

Ingram, Mr. Roderick (Rod)1328 Lafayette BlvdNorfolk, VA 23509-1063Preferred Phone: 321-9893Preferred E-Mail: roderickingram@cox.netRod

Business Phone: 757-385-8212Mobile Phone: 831-5784

Ingram, Mr. WilliamIngram, Mrs. Robin

540 Pembroke AveNorfolk, VA 23507-2115Preferred Phone: 623-0749William

Business Phone: 628-2664Elizabeth, Mary Brandon

Innes, Ms. Barbara5412 Glenhaven CresNorfolk, VA 23508-1326Preferred Phone: 489-8703

Ipock, Mr. StephenIpock, Mrs. Amanda

112 Eagleton CirMoyock, NC 27958-9046Preferred Phone: 252-435-6813Preferred E-Mail: aipock@mchsi.comAmanda

Business Phone: 466-5430Mobile Phone: 620-3202

Lauren, Leslie

Isaksen, Mr. John (Bob)Isaksen, Mrs. Anne (Beverley)

201 College Pl Apt 411Norfolk, VA 23510-0913Preferred Phone: 321-2796Preferred E-Mail: bevike59@cox.netPreferred E-Mail: bevike1@cox.netBeverley

Mobile Phone: 638-3521


Jackson FamilyThe Rev. Judson Mayfield1747 Tait TerrNorfolk, VA 23509Preferred Phone: 440-7471Jackson, Ms. Marjorie

James, Mr. Franklin (Jeff)117 Sandy Lake DrSuffolk, VA 23435-3191Preferred Phone: 538-3661Preferred

Business Phone: 923-2244Mallory, Jay, Ryan, Benjamin

Jamison, Mr. EarlJamison, Mrs. Janet

818 Rockingham CtVirginia Beach, VA 23464-3217Preferred Phone: 467-9067

Jarrett, Mr. Henry (Hank)Jarrett, Mrs. Deborah (Debbie)

805 Kings Creek DrVirginia Beach, VA 23464-1658Preferred Phone: 420-7698Preferred E-Mail: hjarrett2@cox.netPreferred E-Mail:

Jett, Mr. Arthur1200 Brandon AvenueNorfolk, VA 23507-1112Preferred Phone: 757-622-4557

Page 18: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 16Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Jobe, AdamJobe, Takara

Preferred Phone: 757-404-5176Preferred E-Mail: adamtjobe@gmail.comPreferred E-Mail: Takarajobe@gmail.comAdam

Mobile Phone: 757-404-5176Parker

Johnson, AnnaPreferred Phone: 614-804-1736Preferred E-Mail:amjohnson1736@gmail.comAnna

Mobile Phone: 614-804-1736

Johnson, Mr. BryanJohnson, Mrs. Brittany

303 London StPortsmouth, VA 23704-2807Preferred E-Mail:johnsonbr@tmo.blackberry.netPreferred E-Mail: bbarh001@gmail.comBryan

Business Phone: 393-8866

Johnson, Mrs. Constance715 Botetourt GdnsNorfolk, VA 23507-1812

Johnson, Mr. J. Riley (Riley)7320 Glenroie Ave Apt 9ANorfolk, VA 23505-3063Preferred Phone: 705-1047Preferred E-Mail:

Johnson, Mr. Thomas (Tommy)Johnson, Mrs. Patricia (Patsy)

527 Fairfax AveNorfolk, VA 23507-2109Preferred Phone: 625-3598

Jones, Mrs. Josephine (Jo)3100 Shore Dr Apt 757Virginia Beach, VA 23451-7318Preferred Phone: 496-1507

Joyner, Mr. Douglas (Doug)1 Colley Ave Apt 1604Norfolk, VA 23510-1060Preferred Phone: 965-7921Preferred E-Mail:


Kahler, Ms. Mallory401 Rockbridge RdPortsmouth, VA 23707-2312Preferred Phone: 398-8818Preferred E-Mail: mallory.kahler@cox.netMallory

Business Phone: 393-8804Mobile Phone: 376-8640

Hunter, Mary Pembroke

Katherman, Mr. Ralph100 Forsythe St Apt E4Norfolk, VA 23505-4144Preferred Phone: 489-4812Preferred E-Mail:

Kennedy, Mr. ScottKennedy, Mrs. Caroll Lee

7468 N Shore RdNorfolk, VA 23505-1756Preferred Phone: 489-2855Preferred E-Mail: sgandcl@hotmail.comScott

Business Phone: 480-2885Layne, Ann (Carter)

Kercher, Dr. Lois1349 Graydon AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1008Preferred Phone: 627-8519Preferred E-Mail:

Kern, Ms. Lauri8805 Granby St # ANorfolk, VA 23503-4829Preferred Phone: 757-477-3278Preferred E-Mail: sashasmom@cox.netLauri

Mobile Phone: 757-477-3278

Kilduff, Mrs. Dixcy1006 Baldwin AveNorfolk, VA 23507Preferred Phone: 626-1341Courtney, Jack

King, Dr. Patricia (Pat)255 College Cross Apt 59Norfolk, VA 23510-1138Preferred Phone: 627-3863

Page 19: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 17Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Kinnear, Mr. AdamKinnear, Mrs. Andrea

1126 Rockbridge AveNorfolk, VA 23508-1418Preferred Phone: 440-5008Preferred E-Mail: adamkinnear@cox.netPreferred E-Mail: mom-24-7@cox.netJacob, Stephen, Elsa, Samuel

Kitterman, Mr. James (Sid)Kitterman, Mrs. Pamela (Pam)

6305 Powhatan AveNorfolk, VA 23508-1017Preferred Phone: 440-1545Sid

Business Phone: 393-8592Kathleen (Kelly), Savannah, Jamie

Kitterman, Mrs. Margaret7211 Granby St Apt 220Norfolk, VA 23505-4001Preferred Phone: 440-7458

Kloster, Mr. Ronald (Ron)Kloster, Mrs. Ann (Honey)

1415 Longwood DrNorfolk, VA 23508-1722Preferred Phone: 423-1825Preferred E-Mail: ronaldkloster@cox.netRon

Business Phone: 727-5640Honey

Business Phone: 889-5860Alix, Ella

Knighton, Mrs. Marie1602 Pasadena Crt.Norfolk, VA 23505-2954Preferred Phone: 440-9273

Knorr, Mrs. Jeanne6311 Granby St Apt 226Norfolk, VA 23505-4454Preferred Phone: 325-2112

Kuhlo, BobKuhlo, Mary Nell

7612 Nancy DrNorfolk, VA 23518-4636Preferred Phone: 282-6960Preferred E-Mail:


Land, Mr. Charles (Chip)Land, Mrs. Margaret

239 Duke St Unit 407Norfolk, VA 23510-0923Preferred Phone: 622-1489Preferred E-Mail: mdl53@aol.comMargaret

Mobile Phone: 515-3876Miss Julie, Charles

Langley, Mr. Leslie (Jack)3100 Shore Dr Apt 1011Virginia Beach, VA 23451-1163Preferred Phone: 496-1389

Larkin, Mr. Andrew (Andy)Larkin, Mrs. Ann

228 E 39th StNorfolk, VA 23504-1004Preferred Phone: 622-2383Andy

Business Phone: 441-6746 Ext: 201Mobile Phone: 201-8913

AnnBusiness Phone: 961-5531Mobile Phone: 201-8903

Matthew (Matt), Abigail (Abby)

Latimer, Mr. Robert (Bob)1120 Toler PlNorfolk, VA 23503-1213Preferred Phone: 480-1644

Lawrence, Mr. Lloyd (Larry)1210 Colonial Ave #904Norfolk, VA 23517-2062Preferred E-Mail:

Lawrence, Mr. RalphLawrence, Mrs. Virginia

1001 Cambridge CrescentNorfolk, VA 23510

Laws, Mr. Garrett (Gary)Laws, Dr. Barbara

263 Sir Oliver RdNorfolk, VA 23505-4442Preferred Phone: 489-4666

Laws, Mr. Virgil (Pay)Laws, Mrs. Constance (Connie)

3100 Shore Dr Apt 1109Virginia Beach, VA 23451-1163Preferred Phone: 757-496-1303

Page 20: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 18Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Lee, Mr. BrianLee, Mrs. Robin

247 E 39th StNorfolk, VA 23504-1003Preferred Phone: 622-0641Brian

Business Phone: 497-1000Ashby, Hunter

Leidy, Susan412 Mowbray ArchNorfolk, VA 23507Preferred Phone: (603) 496-2835Preferred E-Mail: jkalf@aol.comSusan

Home Phone: 623-3947Mobile Phone: (603) 496-2835

Leist, Stephen993 Larder PostVirginia Beach, VA 23455Preferred Phone: 859-338-9361Preferred E-Mail: sleist@vwc.eduStephen

Mobile Phone: 859-338-9361

Lewis, Mr. ErrolLewis, Mrs. Linda

1361 Brunswick AveNorfolk, VA 23508-1307Preferred Phone: 489-8508Preferred E-Mail: eglewis@cox.netErrol

Business Phone: 648-1778Mobile Phone: 617-1896Business E-Mail:

LindaHome Phone: 617-4607

Lewis, The Rev. Canon Irwin (Win)Lewis, Mrs. Catherine (Cathy)

356 Westover AveNorfolk, VA 23507Preferred Phone: 627-5665Preferred E-Mail: winat600@gmail.comPreferred E-Mail: cathy.lewis@whro.orgWin

Business Phone: 627-5665Mobile Phone: 286-8897

CathyBusiness Phone: 683-6787Home E-Mail:


Lewis, Mr. James (Jamie)1149 Farrcroft WayVirginia Beach, VA 23455-6874Preferred Phone: 617-4616Preferred E-Mail:

Lewis, Mr. John627 Graydon Ave Apt 1Norfolk, VA 23507-1765Preferred E-Mail: jtlewisll@gmail.comLewis, Mrs. Kelly

Home E-Mail:

Light, Mr. HenryLight, Mrs. Angelica

1221 S Fairwater DrNorfolk, VA 23508-1116Preferred Phone: 423-0149Preferred E-Mail: henry.light@Cox.netPreferred E-Mail: angelica.light@cox.netHenry

Business Phone: 623-3000Mobile Phone: 362-2102Business E-Mail:

AngelicaBusiness Phone: 423-0149Mobile Phone: 639-8018

Preston, Miss Catherine (Desha)

Lueth, Mr. John7623 Victory Drive Apt 119Norfolk, VA 23505Preferred Phone: 275-3506Preferred E-Mail:


Mace, Mr. Jack215 Brooke Ave Apt 804Norfolk, VA 23510-1237Preferred Phone: 627-3401Preferred E-Mail:

Macone, Angelica1206 Stockley Gardens Rd. No. 407Norfolk, VA 23517Preferred Phone: 739-6410Preferred

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People DirectoryPage: 19Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Marshall, Dr. DavidMarshall, Mrs. Elizabeth (Beth)

1440 Bolling AveNorfolk, VA 23508-1304Preferred Phone: 489-4806David

Business Phone: 489-4221Harrison (Woody), Virginia

Mason, Mr. JohnMason, Mrs. Georgia

505 Kenosha AveNorfolk, VA 23509-1501Preferred Phone: 855-2372Preferred E-Mail: GGMason@verizon.netRobert (Wes)

Maurice, Mr. Andrew (Andy)Maurice, Mrs. Kristin

6402 Olde Bullocks CircleSuffolk, VA 23435-2923Preferred Phone: 757-967-0753Preferred E-Mail: andym@alumin.ufl.eduPreferred E-Mail: kristinm@alumni.ufl.eduConnor, Allison

Mauzy, Mr. Albert (Al)Mauzy, Mrs. Elizabeth (Betty)

123 E Severn RdNorfolk, VA 23505-4827Preferred Phone: 423-1677Inga

McCaskey, Mrs. Sudie408 Dundafeff St. Apt. 706Norfolk, VA 23507Preferred Phone: 757-226-9792

McClain, Mrs. Cheryl McCracken (Cheryl)830 Botetourt GdnsNorfolk, VA 23507-1815Preferred Phone: 757-625-7797Preferred E-Mail: cherpl@yahoo.comCheryl

Mobile Phone: 757-536-7216

McClellan, Mr. Michael (Mike)McClellan, Mrs. Andria

531 Warren CresNorfolk, VA 23507-2128Preferred Phone: 963-7856Preferred E-Mail:mike.mcclellan@nscorp.comPreferred E-Mail: andria@sprintmail.comMike

Business Phone: 629-2653Mobile Phone: 615-6824

AndriaBusiness Phone: 679-2883Mobile Phone: 679-2883

Aidan, James (Lachlan), Roark

McCoy, Mr. HarryMcCoy, Mrs. Martha Lee

1 Colley Ave Apt 700Norfolk, VA 23510-1048Preferred Phone: 228-1074Preferred E-Mail:

McCoy, Dr. Stephen (Steve)McCoy, Mrs. Mary Helen

518 Redgate AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1715Preferred Phone: 622-0256Preferred E-Mail: drshmccoy@gmail.comPreferred E-Mail: mhmccoy@msn.comSteve

Mobile Phone: 685-8692

McCrory, Mr. W. HughMcCrory, Mrs. Alyssa

720 Colonial AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1808Preferred Phone: 423-6467Preferred E-Mail:

McCune, Dr. Thomas (Tom)McCune, Mrs. Mollie

603 Redgate AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1701Preferred Phone: 622-6228Preferred E-Mail: trmccune@ix.netcom.comPreferred E-Mail: mmccune@odu.eduTom

Mobile Phone: 757-641-7952Mollie

Mobile Phone: 407-1497

Page 22: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 20Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

McFadden, Mr. Joseph (Ted)McFadden, Mrs. Christine (Chris)

1412 Runnymede RdNorfolk, VA 23505-2936Preferred Phone: 761-1832Preferred E-Mail:tmcfadden@rawlsmcnelis.comPreferred E-Mail: cmcfadden3@verizon.netTed

Business Phone: 275-8057Chris

Mobile Phone: 580-8200Kathleen, Erin, Caroline

McGann, Mr. BryantMcGann, Mrs. Martha

1707 N Brandon AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1100Preferred Phone: 627-3001Preferred E-Mail: bmcgann@vanblk.comBryant

Business Phone: 446-8627

McGann, Mr. Samuel (Sam)McGann, Mrs. Cindy

249 Hillcrest DrKitty Hawk, NC 27949-3330Alternate:

230 W Tazewell St Apt 106Norfolk, VA 23510-1299

Preferred Phone: 252-202-3540Preferred E-Mail:

McGrady, Ms. Wendy40 Rader St Apt 104Norfolk, VA 23510-1035Preferred Phone: 622-5248Preferred E-Mail: wmcgrady@cox.netWendy

Business Phone: 622-6568 Ext: 2Jackson, Tucker

McGuire, Mr. Orville3100 Shore Drive Apt 951Virginia Beach, VA 23451

McKinley, Mrs. Jean401 College Pl Apt 15Norfolk, VA 23510-1131Preferred Phone: 627-0136Preferred

McKinney, Mr. Harold (Mac)794 W 48th StNorfolk, VA 23508-2014Preferred Phone: 489-0769Preferred E-Mail: MAC166688@aol.comMac

Business Phone: 397-8000

Melchor, Mrs. Elizabeth (Liz)1536 Cloncurry RdNorfolk, VA 23505-1716Preferred Phone: 423-7016Preferred E-Mail: eafife@cox.netLiz

Mobile Phone: 619-6906Mr. Douglas, Miss Margaret

Meredith, Ms. Betty207 89th StVirginia Beach, VA 23451-1835Preferred Phone: 622-0402Preferred E-Mail:

Midgette, Mr. Rodger601 Pembroke Ave Apt 202Norfolk, VA 23507Preferred Phone: 604-6122Preferred E-Mail: elvisland1@verizon.netRodger

Business Phone: 420-1140Home Phone: 622-5955Mobile Phone: 604-6122

Miller Family4702 Winthrop StreetNorfolk, VA 23513Preferred Phone: 333-7312Dominic

Miller, Mr. W. Sheppard (Shep)Miller, Mrs. Georgina (Gigi)

5310 Edgewater DrNorfolk, VA 23508-1324Preferred Phone: 489-9592Preferred E-Mail: shep.miller@kitcofo.comPreferred E-Mail: gigika40@aol.comShep

Business Phone: 216-2200Mobile Phone: 286-7437

GigiMobile Phone: 286-7438

Mr. William (Wills), Georgina (Gina),Katharine, Mr. Thomas (Gray)

Page 23: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 21Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Minguez, Mrs. Nancy439 Westover MewsNorfolk, VA 23507-1865Preferred Phone: 623-3315Meredith

Minor, Mr. ChrisMinor, Patrizia

Preferred E-Mail:

Minor, Mr. Matthew (Matt)8536 Culfor CresNorfolk, VA 23503Preferred Phone: 215-5820Preferred E-Mail: matt.minor@me.comMatt

Business Phone: 393-4093Mary ElizabethPsimas, Mr. Alan

Mobile Phone: 757-535-0228Business

Molloy, Mr. James6308 Baylor WayVirginia Beach, VA 23464-3723Preferred Phone: 757-335-0723Preferred E-Mail: molloyfineart@yahoo.comJames

Mobile Phone: 757-335-0723

Moneymaker, Dr. Carolyn1630 Melrose PkwyNorfolk, VA 23508-1731Preferred E-Mail: cmoneymaker@cox.netCarolyn

Mobile Phone: 406-2227

Moran, Mr. Christopher (Chris)Moran, Mrs. Gizelle

1409 Queens WayNorfolk, VA 23517-2253Preferred Phone: 832-647-5403Preferred E-Mail:chrismoran8103@gmail.comPreferred E-Mail: gizellenieves@yahoo.comChris

Mobile Phone: 832-647-5403Gizelle

Mobile Phone: 281-760-9348

Morlock, Mr. ShawnMorlock, Mrs. Sarah

3472 W Bonner DrNorfolk, VA 23513-4251Preferred Phone: 963-6759Shawn

Business Phone: 491-0904Sarah

Business Phone: 249-0480Cadence, Benjamin

Murphy, Mrs. Gloria5532 Poplar Hall DrNorfolk, VA 23502-4428Preferred Phone: 461-4610Preferred E-Mail:

Murphy, Mr. Thomas (Tom)Murphy, Mrs. Donna Marie

1214 Brandon AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1112Preferred Phone: 627-8920Preferred E-Mail: docsail@cox.netPreferred E-Mail: donnamarie01@cox.netTom

Business Phone: 728-9649Mobile Phone: 572-6824

Donna MarieBusiness Phone: 625-7201Mobile Phone: 572-6837



Naylor, Brittany696 Mowbray Arch Apt 210Norfolk, VA 23507-1837Preferred E-Mail:

Netzer, Mr. Daniel (Dan)Netzer, Mrs. Lydia

3811 Columbus AvenueNorfolk, VA 23504Preferred Phone: 624-9997Preferred E-Mail: jackets@rpsd.comBenjamin (Benny), Sadie

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People DirectoryPage: 22Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Neville, Mr. CarrollNeville, Mrs. Amy

6000 Westwood TerNorfolk, VA 23508Preferred Phone: 757-963-7967Preferred E-Mail: carroll.neville@nscorp.comPreferred E-Mail: amyneville2@gmail.comCarroll

Business Phone: 757-533-4922Home Phone: 757-963-7967

AmyBusiness Phone: 757-217-0333Home Phone: 757-963-7967

Jack, William

Noorbakhsh, Mr. MatthewNoorbakhsh, Mrs. Kathleen (Katie)

7330 Major AveNorfolk, VA 23505-3010Preferred Phone: 685-1108Preferred E-Mail: noorbamr@evms.eduPreferred E-Mail:


O'Donnell, Mr. Terence (Terry)O'Donnell, Mrs. Suzanne

1306 Brunswick AveNorfolk, VA 23508-1345Preferred Phone: 423-1453Preferred E-Mail: terryod@cox.netTerry

Mobile Phone: 270-9506Suzanne

Business Phone: 623-3676Elizabeth (Dixon), Suzanne (Annie)

O'Hagan, Ms. Beverly654 Lord Dunmore DrVirginia Beach, VA 23464-2658Preferred Phone: 729-8838Beverly

Business Phone: 322-4067

O'Neill, Ms. Gail7411 Hampton Blvd.Norfolk, VA 23505Preferred Phone: 374-6976Preferred E-Mail:

Oast, Edward (Ed)921 Graydon AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1207Preferred Phone: (757) 613-1838

Oberle, Mr. PeterOberle, Mrs. Sarah

1209 Brandon AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1111Preferred Phone: 623-1498Preferred E-Mail: poberle@verizon.netPeter

Business Phone: 314-2072Mobile Phone: 621-4707

SarahBusiness Phone: 664-3283Mobile Phone: 621-1498

Oksman, Mr. Tim2920 Replica LnPortsmouth, VA 23703-5219Preferred Phone: 483-5019Preferred E-Mail: toks1@verizon.netTim

Business Phone: 393-8731

Osborne, Mr. KendallOsborne, Mrs. Rebecca (Beckie)

6112 Sylvan StNorfolk, VA 23508-1034Preferred Phone: 489-2037Preferred E-Mail: beck@cavtel.netKendall

Business Phone: 441-6642Sarah, Laura

Overman, Mr. Robert4116 Dartmouth StPortsmouth, VA 23707-3712Preferred Phone: 397-8390Preferred E-Mail: r.overman@verizon.netRobert

Business Phone: 627-7045


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People DirectoryPage: 23Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Palmer, Mr. TobinPalmer, Mrs. Jennifer

1407 Monterey AveNorfolk, VA 23508-1732Preferred Phone: 489-3325Preferred E-Mail: tobinpalmer@cox.netPreferred E-Mail: jenniferpalmer@cox.netTobin

Business Phone: 397-0671Mobile Phone: 757-328-5101Business

JenniferMobile Phone: 409-0502

Megan, Emily

Parker, Carl (Denny)Kemper, Ms. Kay

6119 Studeley AveNorfolk, VA 23508-1044Preferred Phone: 641-1308Preferred E-Mail:kkemper@kemperconsult.comKay

Business Phone: 627-1988Mobile Phone: 576-0029

Patrick, Mr. BowerPatrick, Mrs. Elizabeth (Betty Ann)

516 Fairfax AveNorfolk, VA 23507-2110Preferred Phone: 627-5404

Pearce, Mr. George1013 Brandon AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1109Preferred Phone: 622-2848Preferred E-Mail: gp3rd@msn.comGeorge

Mobile Phone: 285-4408

Peltz, Mrs. EmilyPeltz, Mr. Jack

6063 Newport PtNorfolk, VA 23505-4732Preferred Phone: 233-6868Preferred E-Mail: Mcpeltz@hotmail.comEmily

Mobile Phone: 651-4391McCoy, Clay

Phillips, Mr. David801 Granby Street Apt3BNorfolk, VA 23510-2028Preferred Phone: 757-331-0263Preferred E-Mail: dphillips2@me.comDavid

Alternate:742 Washington Park Apt C6Norfolk, VA 23517-1933

Phillips, Mr. Jeffrey (Jeff)Phillips, Mrs. Erin

6014 Westwood TerrNorfolk, VA 23508-1139Preferred Phone: 757-416-6882Preferred E-Mail: erin.n.phillips@gmail.comBenjamin (Ben)

Pilson, Ms. Patricia (Pat)100 E Ocean View Ave Apt 707Norfolk, VA 23503-1633Preferred Phone: 587-9893

Polizos, Mrs. Catherine (Cathy)301 Brooke Ave Apt 305Norfolk, VA 23510-1344Preferred Phone: 623-2188

Porter, Mrs. Christine (Chris)103 Riverview AvePortsmouth, VA 23704-1918Preferred Phone: 757-673-7094Preferred E-Mail:chris_porter_soccer@yahoo.comChris

Mobile Phone: 757-620-4750

Porter, Ms. Langhorne304 Worthington SqPortsmouth, VA 23704-2440Preferred Phone: 399-4404Preferred E-Mail: lporter5@cox.netLanghorne

Mobile Phone: 287-5361

Powell, Mr. JohnPowell, Mrs. Sharon

329 W Princess Anne RdNorfolk, VA 23517-2211Preferred Phone: 623-6424

Page 26: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 24Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Poyner, Mrs. Hazel9528 Grove AveNorfolk, VA 23503-3269Preferred Phone: 587-6665

Poynter, Mr. William (Billy)Poynter, Mrs. Cameron

6127 Rolfe AveNorfolk, VA 23508-1025Preferred Phone: 489-3626Preferred E-Mail: wpoynter@gmail.comPreferred E-Mail: cfr3b@hotmail.comBilly

Mobile Phone: 679-3503John (Jack), William (Will)

Prescott, Mr. Stephen (Steve)Prescott, Mrs. M. Michelle (Michelle)

1040 Saint Lawrence DrChesapeake, VA 23325-2324Preferred Phone: 677-6225Preferred E-Mail: prescott-sm@cox.netPreferred E-Mail: prescott-mm@cox.netSteve

Business Phone: 846-4454Mobile Phone: 677-6225

MichelleBusiness Phone: 494-7585Mobile Phone: 635-1299Business E-Mail:

Elizabeth, Thomas (Tom), Katherine (Katie),Andrew, Rachel

Prillaman, Dr. Paul (Pepper)Prillaman, Mrs. Hannah

6400 Powhatan AveNorfolk, VA 23508-1020Preferred Phone: 423-7227Pepper

Business Phone: 547-2820Hannah

Business Phone: 547-2820Mobile Phone: 635-2031

Paul (Walker), Ellis, George (Hughes)

Primm, Ms. Bonnie1024 Gates Ave Apt 4BNorfolk, VA 23507-1101Preferred Phone: 652-7993Preferred E-Mail:

Prince, Mrs. Ann102 Belvedere RdNorfolk, VA 23505-4804Preferred Phone: 630-3274Preferred E-Mail: adrmprince@cox.netAnn

Mobile Phone: 630-3274


Queen, Mr. Dan (Danny)Queen, Mrs. Jeri

3611 Hennesy Cup WaySuffolk, VA 23435-3205Preferred Phone: 638-1474Preferred E-Mail:

Quist, Mr. Fred4521 Powells Point RdVirginia Beach, VA 23455-2115Preferred Phone: 464-4148

Quitter, Mr. James (Tim)Quitter, Mrs. Debra

4616 Brantingham DrVirginia Beach, VA 23464-5858Preferred Phone: 467-7771Preferred E-Mail: jtquitter@msn.comPreferred E-Mail: daquitter@verizon.netTim

Business Phone: 492-3051Mobile Phone: 641-9996

DebraMobile Phone: 641-3129

Cassandra, Margaret (Maggie)


Raffin, Mr. Andrew696 Mowbray Arch Apt 210Norfolk, VA 23507

Ramsdell, Geoffrey925 Harrington Ave Apt B1Norfolk, VA 23517-1531Preferred Phone: (804) 512-8128Preferred E-Mail: Gcramsdell@gmail.comGeoffrey

Mobile Phone: (804) 512-8128

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People DirectoryPage: 25Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Rankin, Mr. AndrewRankin, Mrs. Lucille

1117 Fairway DrChesapeake, VA 23320-9440Preferred Phone: 548-3310Preferred E-Mail: spaddriveramr@cox.netPreferred E-Mail: ltrankin9@cox.netAndrew

Mobile Phone: 650-5288

Rathbun, Mr. RossRathbun, Mrs. Melanie

208 E 39th StNorfolk, VA 23504-1004Preferred Phone: 623-2942Preferred E-Mail: rrathbun4@cox.netRoss

Business Phone: 531-3146Melanie

Business Phone: 531-3146Mobile Phone: 477-1590


Raynor, Beverly (Bev)2140 Vista Cir Apt 203Virginia Beach, VA 23451Preferred Phone: 757-748-7100Preferred E-Mail: bevraynor@gmail.comBev

Mobile Phone: 757-748-7100

Reeves, Mr. RossReeves, Mrs. Robin

1068 Algonquin RdNorfolk, VA 23505-3150Preferred Phone: 423-5120Preferred E-Mail: rreeves@wilsav.comPreferred E-Mail: r2me2@msn.comRoss

Business Phone: 628-5545

Reynolds, KenReynolds, Tracy

1298 Kempsville RdNorfolk, VA 23502-2669Preferred E-Mail: tracylreynolds@gmail.comTracy

Mobile Phone: 757-615-8798

Richard, Mr. S. Warren (Warren)930 Jamestown CresNorfolk, VA 23508-1433Preferred Phone: 423-1110Preferred E-Mail: Swrichard@cox.netWarren

Mobile Phone: 818-5667

Richards, Ms. Rosamond (Bonnie)1103 N Shore RdNorfolk, VA 23505-3121Preferred Phone: 423-3677Preferred E-Mail: sunshinerefo@gmail.comBonnie

Business Phone: 549-5676

Riddle, Mrs. Patricia (Pat)1102 Botetourt Gdns Apt B5Norfolk, VA 23507-1869Preferred Phone: 961-9193Preferred E-Mail: evoltap@aol.comPat

Mobile Phone: 617-3710

Riley, Mr. DamonRiley, Mrs. Elizabeth

6020 Westwood TerraceNorfolk, VA 23508-1139Preferred E-Mail: rileys4@cox.netPreferred E-Mail: riley.elizabeth@gmail.comDamon

Business Phone: 523-3821Elizabeth

Business Phone: 622-9264 Ext: 224Mobile Phone: 757-377-9508Business E-Mail:

Emma, Lisle (Carter)

Rinehart, Mr. RichardRinehart, Mrs. Joanna

406 Sparrow RdChesapeake, VA 23325-2232Preferred Phone: 424-1619Preferred E-Mail: jsrinehart@verizon.netRichard

Mobile Phone: 754-4463Joanna

Business Phone: 548-9280Mobile Phone: 335-1346

Page 28: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 26Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Ritter, Mr. Ronald (Ron)Ritter, Mrs. Susan (Debbie)

732 School House RdChesapeake, VA 23322-1710Preferred Phone: 482-4242Preferred E-Mail: rritter@earl-ind.comPreferred E-Mail: rkrearl@aol.comRon

Business Phone: 215-2500

Roach, Mrs. Brenda806 Kerr PlSmithfield, VA 23430-5929Preferred Phone: 357-0030

Roady, Mr. J. Samuel (Sam)Roady, Mrs. Priscilla

1091 Algonquin RdNorfolk, VA 23505-3153Alternate:

105 45th StVirginia Beach, VA 23451-2509Phone: 425-5586

Preferred Phone: 440-2402Preferred E-Mail: ptrinder@verizon.netPriscilla

Business Phone: 217-4200Mobile Phone: 621-0455

Rogers, Mr. Harris (Chip)Rogers, Mrs. Mary Ann

1123 Brunswick AveNorfolk, VA 23508-1510Preferred Phone: 489-1215Preferred E-Mail: rogerschip@yahoo.comPreferred E-Mail: mimlove003@yahoo.comChip

Mobile Phone: 589-2116Mary Ann

Mobile Phone: 589-2684Jalen, Whitney, Ms. Jean (Kendall), Shea

Ruddell, Mrs. Rosemary224 Palen AveNewport News, VA 23601-4014Preferred Phone: 599-5188Preferred E-Mail: Ruddell1@aol.comRosemary

Home Phone: 599-5188Mobile Phone: 879-9019

Rutecki, Mrs. Mary (Sandy)4622 Lake DrVirginia Beach, VA 23455-1415Preferred Phone: 362-4445Preferred E-Mail: srutecki@gmail.comSandy

Business E-Mail:


Satterfield, Mrs. Candace (Candy)3100 Shore Dr Apt 1221Virginia Beach, VA 23451-1164Preferred Phone: 496-1382

Schafer, Ms. Barbara (Barb)3069 Reese DrPortsmouth, VA 23703-4618Preferred Phone: 967-9519Preferred E-Mail: southernharmony@cox.netBarb

Business Phone: 953-0339Home Phone: 650-7252Business

Scharnhorst, Mr. KeithScharnhorst, Mrs. Shannon

332 Wexford Dr. Apt 103Virginia Beach, VA 23462Preferred Phone: 420-9141Preferred E-Mail:sewilliams1216@yahoo.comShannon

Mobile Phone: 620-5954

Scott, Mr. Glenn Allen (Glenn)Brower, The Rev. Anne

1016 Baldwin AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1224Preferred Phone: 622-5432Preferred E-Mail: gasscott@cox.netPreferred E-Mail: annec.brower@att.netGlenn

Mobile Phone: 373-0448Anne

Home Phone: 202-338-0118Mobile Phone: 373-0448

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People DirectoryPage: 27Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Scott, Mr. RobertScott, Mrs. Caitlin

6030 Westwood TerNorfolk, VA 23508-1139Preferred Phone: 423-1291Caitlin

Business Phone: 531-3150

Seward, Mr. Eugene (Gene)Seward, Mrs. Dorothy (Dottie)

2118 Soundings Crescent CtSuffolk, VA 23435-3737Preferred Phone: 488-7449Preferred E-Mail: deeseward@mac.comGene

Mobile Phone: 375-3949Dottie

Mobile Phone: 375-3947

Shaffer, Dr. W. Allen (Allen)Shaffer, Mrs. Glenis

624 Redgate AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1702Preferred Phone: 622-4542Preferred E-Mail: allenshaffer@cox.netPreferred E-Mail:

Shapiro, Mr. Craig3712 Van Buren Dr.Virginia Beach, VA 23452Preferred Phone: 757-641-8098Preferred E-Mail:

Shaw, Mr. MarkShaw, Mrs. Martha Lee

1506 Bolling AveNorfolk, VA 23508-1349Preferred Phone: 489-7771Preferred E-Mail: mbshaw1@msn.comPreferred E-Mail: mlshaw50@cox.netMark

Business Phone: 461-1265

Shepard, Mrs. Charlotte6141 Sylvan StNorfolk, VA 23508-1033Preferred Phone: 423-8470Preferred E-Mail: cpshep@whro.netCharlotte

Business Phone: 489-7770

Sherman, Mr. TedSherman, Mrs. Susan

1360 Botetourt GdnsNorfolk, VA 23517-2206Preferred Phone: 622-3500Preferred E-Mail: tsherman@cpcrealty.comPreferred E-Mail: cutester@aol.comTed

Business Phone: 284-6168Mobile Phone: 348-3524


Sherrill, Dr. RichardSherrill, Mrs. Phyllis

3725 Redwood Farm DrVirginia Beach, VA 23452-4640Preferred Phone: 486-3020Preferred E-Mail: plsandrws@cox.netRichard

Business Phone: 623-2123Mobile Phone: 478-0754

PhyllisMobile Phone: 270-7577

Shih, Dr. Chie-YounShih, Mrs. Heather

1265 Front StVirginia Beach, VA 23455Preferred Phone: 757-961-1444Preferred E-Mail: heatherandchie@cox.netHunter

Shumadine, Ms. Nancy303 Brooke Ave Apt 303Norfolk, VA 23510-1320Preferred Phone: 282-6520Preferred E-Mail: nancyshumadine@cox.netNancy

Business Phone: 667-3521Mobile Phone: 373-3430Business

Simmons, Mr. Bradford (Brad)Simmons, Mrs. Theresa (Tracy)

508 Whistle Town RdChesapeake, VA 23322-6804Preferred Phone: 410-4736Preferred E-Mail: tracybsimmons@cox.netBrad

Business Phone: 406-3713Tracy

Business Phone: 547-0166Mobile Phone: 620-3428

Madeleine (Madeleine), Aubrey

Page 30: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 28Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Simmons, Mr. JamesSimmons, Mrs. Sherry

412 Colllington DrChesapeake, VA 23322Preferred Phone: 639-3140Preferred E-Mail: hawkfam412@verizon.netJames

Home Phone: 482-7974Mobile Phone: 639-3140

SherryHome Phone: 482-7974Mobile Phone: 285-7305

Simmons, Mr. Peter632 Cardamon DriveVirginia Beach, VA 23464-1916Preferred Phone: 819-3493Preferred E-Mail:

Sinclair, Mr. AndrewSinclair, Mrs. Lauren

350 Mt Vernon AvePortsmouth, VA 23707-1625Preferred Phone: 650-1364Preferred E-Mail:andrew.m.sinclair@verizon.netPreferred E-Mail: laurenk171@yahoo.comAndrew

Business Phone: 757-472-8701Mobile Phone: 650-1364

LaurenMobile Phone: 329-0132

Smith, Mr. Kevin1220 Grace Hill DrVirginia Beach, VA 23455-2583Preferred Phone: 919-889-8376Preferred E-Mail: kev1980@hotmail.comKevin

Business E-Mail:

Smith, Mr. LeonSmith, Mrs. Anne McCaw (Anne)

316 Sea Pines CtVirginia Beach, VA 23451-2765Preferred Phone: 425-5460Preferred E-Mail:

Smith, Ms. Mary110 64th StVirginia Beach, VA 23451-2127Preferred Phone: 428-7712Preferred E-Mail: meenumss@aol.comMary

Mobile Phone: 757-286-3110

Smith, Mr. Robert (Bob)Smith, Mrs. Mary

109 64th StVirginia Beach, VA 23451-2126Preferred Phone: 428-7804Preferred E-Mail: maryandbob109@aol.comBob

Mobile Phone: 757-286-3009Mary

Mobile Phone: 757-286-3010

Smith, Mr. Robert (Bobby)570 Mowbray ArchNorfolk, VA 23507-2130Preferred Phone: 757-622-0504Preferred E-Mail: rsm3rdlaw@verizon.netBobby

Business Phone: 757-622-2341Mobile Phone: 757-286-3011

Snyder, Mrs. Adelaide939 Graydon Ave Apt 2Norfolk, VA 23507-1207Preferred Phone: 627-1785Preferred E-Mail: adelaidefromva@aol.comAdelaide

Business Phone: 222-6272Mobile Phone: 646-0963

Snyder, Mr. WilliamSnyder, Mrs. Vicky

123 Moon Dr.Smithfield, VA 23430Preferred E-Mail: william.snyder@ipaper.comPreferred E-Mail: chillmoms@yahoo.comAllison

Spear, Mr. Curtis1624 W 48th StNorfolk, VA 23508-1828Preferred Phone: 440-9271Preferred E-Mail: curtisvs3@juno.comCurtis

Mobile Phone: 470-9155

Spruill, Ms. Emily1340 Graydon Ave.Norfolk, VA 23507Preferred Phone: 385-0226Preferred E-Mail: elspruil@vbgov.comEmily

Business Phone: 437-4870

Page 31: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 29Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Stead, Mr. Daniel (Dan)Stead, Mrs. Karla

217 Sir Oliver RdNorfolk, VA 23505-4442Preferred Phone: 423-0062Preferred E-Mail: freestream@verizon.netPreferred E-Mail: kschmi05@yahoo.comDan

Business Phone: 864-9164Aaron

Stevens, Ilene (Elena)40 Rader St Apt 509Norfolk, VA 23510-1037Preferred Phone: 505-412-9909Preferred E-Mail: istevenssf@hotmail.comElena

Mobile Phone: 505-412-9909

Stillman, The Hon. Fred (Bradford)Stillman, Mrs. Suzanne

340 College PlNorfolk, VA 23510-1225

Stribling, The Rev. JessStribling, Mrs. Miriam

1 Colley Avenue, Apt 600Norfolk, VA 23510Preferred Phone: 622-2662Preferred E-Mail:

Strider, Mr. Leonard5268 Locke LnVirginia Beach, VA 23464-2643Preferred Phone: 424-3380Preferred E-Mail:

Sutton, Mr. Gregory (Greg)Sutton, Mrs. Ann

1429 Huntington CresNorfolk, VA 23509-1214Preferred Phone: 222-1191Preferred E-Mail: gsutton7@gmail.comGreg

Mobile Phone: 630-8172

Swan, Mr. WilliamSwan, Mrs. Sandra

5226 Riverwood RdNorfolk, VA 23502-4929Preferred Phone: 853-1033Preferred E-Mail: slswan3@cox.netWilliam

Business Phone: 393-8581Sandra

Business Phone: 408-6029

Szeligowski, Mr. Edward (Ed)Szeligowski, Mrs. Robyn

1645 Macgregory StVirginia Beach, VA 23464-7120Preferred Phone: 479-4408Preferred E-Mail: szeler@cox.netEd

Business Phone: 396-5271Mobile Phone: 373-3584

Morgan, Taylor


Taylor, Mrs. Joan1450 Graydon PlNorfolk, VA 23507-1011Preferred Phone: 625-2488

Taylor, Ms. Marjorie3100 Shore Dr Apt 1117Virginia Beach, VA 23451-1163Preferred Phone: 496-1274

Taylor, Mr. Timothy (Tim)Taylor, Mrs. Betty J. (B.J.)

6600 Newport AveNorfolk, VA 23505-4559Preferred Phone: 622-7743Preferred E-Mail: taylorasc@aol.comTim

Mobile Phone: 373-8701B.J.

Business Phone: 423-3230Mobile Phone: 373-6701


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People DirectoryPage: 30Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Thomas, Mr. G. Wilson (Bill)Thomas, Mrs. Martha

5630 Lakewood DrNorfolk, VA 23509-1447Preferred Phone: 858-1869Preferred E-Mail: gwthomasii@msn.comPreferred E-Mail: mjtkatie@msn.comBill

Business Phone: 422-8008Martha

Mobile Phone: 404-5965

Tobin, Adm. Byron (Jake)401 College Pl Apt 4Norfolk, VA 23510-1129Preferred Phone: 623-3934Preferred E-Mail: jayto@verizon.netJake

Mobile Phone: 757-647-1946

Traylor, Mrs. Anne955 Bolling Ave #303Norfolk, VA 23508Preferred Phone: 440-9595Preferred E-Mail:

Trexler, Mr. Peter (Pete)Trexler, Mrs. Vicki (Vicki)

1007 Manchester AveNorfolk, VA 23508-1242Preferred Phone: 489-3686Preferred E-Mail: kittytrex@gmail.comDickerson, Vicki Lee, Dickerson, C. Kellie

Trice, Mr. Frank1 Crawford Pkwy Apt 705Portsmouth, VA 23704-2611Preferred Phone: 477-1829Preferred E-Mail: ftrice3187@aol.comFrank

Business Phone: 965-8640Business E-Mail:

Tucker, Mr. Charles7325 Barberry LnNorfolk, VA 23505-3001Preferred Phone: 423-2542Preferred E-Mail: cftucker1@yahoo.comCharles

Business Phone: 446-8600

Turner, Mr. Benjamin (Beau)Turner, Mrs. Shannon

1411 Lafayette BlvdNorfolk, VA 23509-1035Preferred Phone: 615-8552Beau

Business Phone: 321-9649Shannon

Business Phone: 623-1641Mobile Phone: 615-8552

Dylan, Callum

Tuttle, Mrs. Rosalie13030 Warwick Blvd Apt 110Newport News, VA 23602Rosalie

Mobile Phone: 672-6520


Vansant, Mrs. Betty (Betty)3100 Shore Dr Apt 241Virginia Beach, VA 23451-1139Preferred Phone: 217-2205

Vest, Mrs. Gwendolyn (Gwen)7211 Granby St Rm 205Norfolk, VA 23505-4001Preferred Phone: 440-7439

Vick, Mr. George545 Warren Cres. Apt. 3Norfolk, VA 23507Preferred Phone: 640-9465Preferred E-Mail: georgevickIII@yahoo.comGeorge

Mobile Phone: 362-8340

Vislocky, Mr. Nicholas (Nick)Vislocky, Mrs. Susan

1316 Westover AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1026Preferred Phone: 627-4386Nick

Mobile Phone: 373-8220Susan

Business Phone: 625-0667Mobile Phone: 647-4006

Jonathan, Anna

Page 33: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 31Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Voight, Mr. Ricks (Rick)Voight, Mrs. Ann

1436 Brunswick AveNorfolk, VA 23508-1309Preferred Phone: 423-6615Preferred E-Mail: rsv2@cox.netPreferred E-Mail: aemv@cox.netRick

Mobile Phone: 714-1436Business E-Mail:

AnnMobile Phone: 718-3013

Thomas, Mr. Robert


Wagner, Mrs. Cordelia (DeeDee)308 Dunmore StNorfolk, VA 23510-1230Preferred Phone: 640-8404Preferred E-Mail: deedeewagner@cox.netDeeDee

Business Phone: 373-1238Mobile Phone: 630-3929

Waldo, Mr. Joseph (Joe)406 Boissevain AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1802Preferred Phone: 622-4566Joe

Business Phone: 622-5812

Waldo, Ms. Patricia (Pat)330 Raleigh AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1843Preferred Phone: 625-1041Preferred E-Mail: waldopg@cox.netPatrick

Walker, Mr. Gordon (Rex)Walker, Mrs. Stephanie

516 Liverpool CtChesapeake, VA 23322-5885Preferred Phone: 546-9298

Ware, Mr. Guilford (Guil)Ware, Mrs. Gay

7457 Saint Francis LnNorfolk, VA 23505-1757Preferred Phone: 423-4400Preferred E-Mail: gware@cwm-law.comGuil

Business Phone: 623-3000Mobile Phone: 286-3496

Welch, Mrs. RachelWelch, Joseph

9401 Mason Creek RdNorfolk, VA 23503-3319Preferred Phone: 472-4385Preferred E-Mail: rach1025@yahoo.comRachel

Mobile Phone: 472-4385

Weldon, Mr. KevinWeldon, Mrs. Becky

6008 Jake Sears Cir Apt 103Virginia Beach, VA 23464-5132Preferred Phone: 859-801-9093Preferred E-Mail: kwel444@yahoo.comKevin

Mobile Phone: 859-801-9093Nora

Wenger, Ms. Irene1005 Colonial Ave Apt 1Norfolk, VA 23507-1725Preferred Phone: 672-3737Preferred E-Mail: ikwenger@aol.comIrene

Mobile Phone: 672-3737

Werth, Mr. Matthew (Matt)Werth, Mrs. Murrell (Murrell)

512 Mowbray ArchNorfolk, VA 23507-2112Preferred Phone: 640-1338

West, Mr. William (Bill)West, Mrs. Melissa

419 Raleigh AveNorfolk, VA 23507-1811Preferred Phone: 440-7726Preferred E-Mail:billandmelissawest@cox.netBill

Mobile Phone: 647-7874Melissa

Business Phone: 423-4500 Ext: 103Mobile Phone: 692-3185Business

Mr. Travis Faber

Page 34: Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church - · Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

People DirectoryPage: 32Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Weymouth, Mr. Douglas (Doug)Weymouth, Mrs. Laurie

2091 Kenlake PlNorfolk, VA 23518-5328Preferred Phone: 855-2449Preferred E-Mail: athike@juno.comDoug

Mobile Phone: 439-2780Laurie

Mobile Phone: 409-2780

Wheeley, Mrs. Pamela (Pam)9551 Norfolk AvNorfolk, VA 23503-2911Preferred Phone: 588-5692Preferred E-Mail: pamandwilliam@cox.netPam

Business Phone: 451-6200Business

Whitaker, Ms. Sigur6501 Monroe PlNorfolk, VA 23508-1252Preferred Phone: 440-0433Preferred E-Mail: sigur@verizon.netSigur

Mobile Phone: 816-8285

White, Mr. Charles (Andrew)White, Mrs. Charlotte

6154 Powhatan AveNorfolk, VA 23508-1014Preferred Phone: 489-1787Preferred E-Mail: cawczw@verizon.netAndrew

Business Phone: 641-9050Charlotte

Mobile Phone: 757-647-2487Charles (Charlie), Benjamin

White, Mr. Robert (Bob)White, Mrs. Traci

6205 Rolfe AveNorfolk, VA 23508-1051Preferred Phone: 423-4476Preferred E-Mail: Bobandtraci@cox.netPreferred E-Mail: traci.white@cpschools.comBob

Mobile Phone: 375-5327Traci

Mobile Phone: 618-0683Taylor

Whitmore, Mr. EdwardWhitmore, Mrs. Allison

513 Warren CresNorfolk, VA 23507-2117Preferred Phone: 963-0051Preferred E-Mail: allisonwhitmore@cox.netJames (Will), Ella (Ellie), Jack

Wilbourne, Mrs. Eleanor601 Pembroke Ave Apt 1008Norfolk, VA 23507Preferred Phone: 423-0695Preferred E-Mail:

Willcox, Mrs. Judith (Judy)1 Colley Ave Apt 514Norfolk, VA 23510-1044Preferred Phone: 622-2300

Williams, Ms. Constance (Connie)17 Corby CirChesapeake, VA 23320-2407Preferred Phone: 420-9141Preferred E-Mail:connie.williams@cpschools.comConnie

Mobile Phone: 274-4866Colin

Williams, Mr. KimWilliams, Mrs. Anne

2416 Starfish RdVirginia Beach, VA 23451-1228Preferred Phone: 217-2382Preferred E-Mail:

Wilson, Mr. Douglas (Doug)Wilson, Mrs. Cynthia (Cindy)

1108 Cambridge CresNorfolk, VA 23508-1222Preferred Phone: 489-1412Preferred E-Mail: dwilson75@cox.netDoug

Business Phone: 609-4468Mobile Phone: 348-2931

CindyHome Phone: 235-0878

Thomas (Houston), Mary (Mary Douglas)

Wittwer, Mr. JayWittwer, Mrs. Kelly

512 Graydon Ave Apt 3Norfolk, VA 23507-1764Preferred Phone: 623-4096

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Wright, Mr. CharlesWright, Mrs. Anne

1509 Bay Point DrVirginia Beach, VA 23454-1406Preferred Phone: 636-2468Charles

Business Phone: 446-4021Anne

Business Phone: 333-4385

Wright, Mr. Clarence (Sonny)Wright, Mrs. Meriel

7320 Glenroie Ave Apt 8CNorfolk, VA 23505-3048Preferred Phone: 423-8683Preferred E-Mail: merielbv@cox.netMeriel

Mobile Phone: 428-8650


Yoder, Mr. Wayland3008 Falmouth DrChesapeake, VA 23321-5755Preferred Phone: 686-3605Preferred E-Mail:

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Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church

560 West Olney Road

Norfolk Virginia 23507-2135

Phone: 757.627.5665

Fax: 757.627.1523