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Chatbots - The Business Opportunity

Jan 07, 2017



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Current Scene

TrendsMessengers are more popular than social networks.

70% of Millennials &50% of people rather contact a business through chat than by phone.

The Power of ChatXbots provides chatbot and conversational AI solutions for your business, personalizing the customer experience.

End to end solutionTechnology leadersPersonal SupportIdea DevelopmentCustom NLPUser Experience

A chatbot is a service, powered by rules and sometimes artificial intelligence, that you interact with via a chat interface.

Messengers that support Chatbots





Personal Bots


Non-Profit Organization

>1 Billion users

BenefitsAutomatedEasy to deployFamiliar interfacePersonalized

Bots are the new apps.Satya NadellaCEO/Microsoft

You should be able to message a business, the way you would message a friend.Mark Zuckerberg


Security, you trust messengers and banks. || salesforce.com50%Want to receive text alerts from banks.

43%Believe primary bank does not send personalized offers.40%Believe bank uses wrong communication channel.

Security, you trust messengers and banks.

Conversational Banking AIBasic Info

Personalized Info

Basic Info: nearest ATM / BranchTimes branch openPhone number of branchCurrency rates

Personalized info:Latest transactionsAccount balanceWhat are my accountsMessages (from bank)My Info (IBAN)E-statements


Alert the user for deadlines on debt/liability payments and amount due.Alert the user for excess spending.Alert the user in case of security compromise.Alert the user in case of incoming payments/deposits.Subscribe/Unsubscribe to certain alerts

Check date & times that check account balance and prompt to displayMonthly ExpensesCheck if forecasted monthly expenses meet payments due ( )Import preferred monthly expenseSet a savings target and meet itPrompt certain services to user according to his usage

Responses to questionsConnect to a live representative (either phone or live on messenger)Redirect links to specific questions

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