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Chameleon Business Interiors Agile Agile Workspac · PDF file Agile Working Chameleon Business Interiors . 2 Designs for New Ways of Working As the world of work evolves, offices

Jul 14, 2020




  • Agile Working Chameleon Business Interiors

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    Designs for New Ways of Working

    As the world of work evolves, offices are becoming more representative of the diversity of people,

    technology and the agility of modern working life.

    With five royal openings, an enviable client list and a culture for creating innovative office interior design,

    Chameleon have been designing and refurbishing offices since 1998 and even in that short period of time, how we work, how technology has affected how we work and the

    demands of a smaller agile world has completely changed how we consider office space.

    The conventional nine-to-five structure has practically disappeared. The new digital office combines elements of domestic, retail and commercial architecture and design.

    We are not just changing appearance and the structure of the office, but the nature of the work itself.

  • Workspace design should be at the heart of any

    business plan

    Future office design should no longer be seen as a bolt-on service.

    For many years, businesses have viewed office and building design as something to think about after everything else. This is no longer the case.

    Workplace design is integral to any business plan, because of its impact on the way people work.

    Productivity, successful business process, and strategy go hand in hand with the work

    environment. Strategically led design positively influences businesses’ success and future


  • Generation “Y” in the UK

    Generational Shifts

    • Embracing Digital Technology • Social harmony to individuality • Personal growth > job security • Teamwork into collaboration • Higher expectations

  • The Changing Workplace

    Higher Utilisation = more people per desk

    2010 = 1.1 people : 1 desk 2016 = 1.8 people : 1 desk Moving in to a new building meant that SGS had a blank canvas for their office


    The design makes the most of the large open spaces, incorporating many collaborative working spaces to keep up with the latest trends and allowing agile working for their


  • Staff are now communicating with each other more efficiently and they are

    speaking to people they didn’t even know they worked with. It’s created a nice

    atmosphere in the work place and a positive office culture. The perfect outcome.”

    Mark Brady

  • Space Optimisation

    Why do organisations need to optimise their space?

    • Pressure to become leaner • Reduce real estate holdings • Maximise existing space • 40-60% of desks utilised • Accomodate new ways of working

  • Agile Working

    • Work: an activity, not a place • Performance over attendance • Relationships, not hierarchies • Innovation over bureaucracy • People over property

  • A Holistic Approach

    Organisation Corporate Ideas (Direction and Objectives)

    Management Culture (Inclusion, Trust) Operational Culture (Getting Things Done)

    Relationship with Managers

    People Role and Responsibilities (Personal Control) Personal (Experience, Training, Motivation)

    Reward (Salary and Work Contract) Work/Life (Flexibility, Autonomy)

    External (Home life, Well being, Cost of living)

    Systems Resourcing (People, Workload)

    Team Structure/ Dynamics (Formal/ Informal) Systems and Internal Processes

    Support for Individual/ Group Working

    Places Workstation (Ergonomics)

    Space (Layout, Social Space) Services (Facilities, Cleaning, Security)

    Environment (Temperature, Light, Noise)


  • Connections

    Connect People to People Connect People to Technology

    • Easier access to information • Facilitate information and ideas sharing

  • Collaboration Fuels Innovation

    Work is conducted through networks - who you know, who you trust.

    Group intelligence outperforms individual intelligence.

    • Access to diversity of experience and skills

    • Getting to ideas faster • Building motivation • Staying competetive

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    The distinction between working and socialising

    spaces is becoming increasingly blurred as office design takes cues

    from lounges and cafes in an effort to create more

    enticing environments for workers.”

  • It’s easier to reach business goals with more effective people than it is with cheaper space.

    People: A Strategic Asset

    The workplace is an important strategic asset. Facilities are about balancing efficiency of space

    and effectiveness of people.

    Turnover - costs = profit

  • People: A Strategic Asset

    • Fast decision making • Improvement in attraction and

    retention • Speed to market • Better communication • Enhanced reputation • Innovation

    What are they all worth?

    Imagine if knowledge travelled as quickly as a rumour...

  • Office design that is more reflective of its people

    can have a much bigger impact on productivity and performance than training

    and development.”

  • Design Solutions

    • Variety of Spacing • Team Space • Agile Workstations • “Retreats” • Flexible Meeting Rooms • Communal Space • Amenities • Efficient Adjacencies

    C4DI helps tech companies grow, and traditional businesses innovate. Central to

    this is how our space can be used effectively by a whole range of organisations from small businesses to global companies. Chameleon

    completely understood our aims and designed and delivered a space for us that

    really sets us apart. We are delighted with the results.”

    John Connolly Co-founder

  • Informal, Public and Multi-use Space

    • Meeting Areas • Corridors • Pantries • Lounges and Recreation




    People differ, tasks differ and workstyles differ. A flexible range of activity based settings supports and

    adapts to diverse needs.

  • Offices must reflect the personalities of the people working in them to get the best results.”


    Space is an icon of a brand, reflecting and demonstrating the organisation’s

    ethos and culture.

    Brand = your reputation

    = the people who build it

    Can you live your brand without living in your brand?

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    What We Do

    Interior design Fit out

    Furniture supply and install Project management

    Fit out finance Consultancy and audit

  • Why Choose Chameleon?

    Offices are more than a place to work – they are a business asset which must communicate, inspire and engage. A well designed, stimulating workplace is a

    powerful tool to help you make the right impression with clients, attract top people, encourage staff to

    produce their best work and optimise your work space to increase productivity.

    Chameleon is a leading provider of tailored commercial interior design, fit-out and furniture. Passionate about

    interiors and their impact on business performance our trusted team focus on understanding the culture, processes,

    and people within a business.

    We’re experts in agile workspaces and the benefits these can bring to your business efficiency. A thorough analysis means we can provide you with optimal use of space, light, materials

    and services, and provide workplace solutions to fully support and enhance your culture, now and in the future.

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