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Career Fair Do's & Don'ts - NetworkBash Ignite 2010

Oct 18, 2014




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NetworkBash IGNITECareer Fair Dos & Donts1

TechConnect & Connect2BusinessSeptember 15, 20101:00pm - 5:00pmLittlejohn Coliseum!2

Presentation OverviewPreparation & ResumeDressHow to obtain a list of employers attending?What to do when arriving?After the fairClemsonJobLink


PreparationDrop-in Resume Blitz 1pm to 5pm: September 8 Ballroom, 2nd floor, Hendrix Student Center

9 am to 12 pm: September 13 & 141:30 to 4 pm: September 13 & 14Michelin Career Center Library, 3rd Floor Hendrix

Career Fair - Inside EditionMonday, September 13, 5:00pm to 6:30pmMcKissick Theatre, 1st Floor, Hendrix Student CenterBring multiple copies do no be offended if someone does not take your resume. Would you like to have a copy of my resume?4

What to wear?DressProfessional and ConservativeIndustry Appropriate

Make sure you just take a shower that morning no heavy after shave or cologneSuitShirt/sweaterDress pants/skirtMinimal jewelry Polished shoes, no open toe for the ladiesPressed clothes or take to the dry cleaners, so they look good


Research Before the FairsHow to obtain a listing of employers attending?

Go to then click on ClemsonJobLink Log in with your novell user id and password. If you already have your profile, and resumes in the system you can go to your homepage and and to the right of the screen you will see Attend events Fall 2010 TechConnect Participants or Fall 2010 Connect2BusinessParticipants. Click on Advanced Search to narrow the search down to employers who are recruiting students in your major. Also you can filter for internships and full time6

NORTHWESTNOT AN ENTRANCESOUTHCAREER FAIR ENTRANCETechConnect RegistrationConnect2BusinessRegistrationTechConnect EmployersConnect2Business EmployersStudentLoungeStudentLoungeAZTechConnect SponsorsConnect2BusinessSponsorsAZWHAT TO DO WHEN ARRIVINGWhen you first arrive at the Career Fair, you need to register. The registration table will be located in the east lobby. You may enter the doors where the Bronze Clemson Tiger outside of Littlejohn is located. Registration is free. Please bring your CUID for an easy registration process. Look for the correct registration table for the fair you want to attend. You will receive a nametag that will list your name, major, and academic standing. When you register, you will receive a map of the Career Fairs, which is in the Tiger This map will show you where employers are located. There will also be a listing of which majors each employer is recruiting, and the types of positions they are recruiting for (such as full-time employment, internships). Students are also able to reach this information before attending the Career Fair on ClemsonJobLink. If you want to attend both fairs, please be prepared to justify why you are attending this fair. You will need to register for both events. We will have hand sanitizers located through the fairs. 7

After the FairThank you!

Sending a thank you note through email is a great way to leave a favorable impression and to continue staying in contact with the employers. The Career Fair is a great way to get your resume out to employers. Do not expect to walk out of the fair with a job offer or a possible interview. Your goal is to make connections and be invited back for interviews when they come up in the future. Every connection is a good connection!

Some employers might be conducting interviews the next day and others later on in the semester.


Job Searching TipsClemsonJobLinkCareerShiftGoing GlobalNetwork

Log into your ClemsonJobLink account at least twice a week to see what jobs and on-campus interviews are available for your major. Stay current on your job or internship search for the best opportunities! Other resources!!9

Dos & DontsMeet our Employers!!

10Upcoming NETWORKBASH EventsOctober 6Time TBAMcKissick TheaterLearn how to incorporate social media into your job search

November 46:00-8:00pmAlumni CenterPractice networking with Clemson alumni and recruiters


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