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Cae wt part2

Dec 18, 2014





  • 1. CAE Writing Paper Part 2

2. You can choose one task from a choice of questions . You may be asked to write any of the following: an article a contribution to a longer piece an essay an information sheet a letter a proposal a report a review a competition entryNumber of words: 220-260 3. Language for articles Rhetorical questions We are all supposed to hate advertising, but do we really? Whats (Barcelona) got to offer the tourist? So what are we really talking about? So is this really true?Addressing the reader directly Im fairly sure you will all agree with me when I say that... We all hate it when someone keeps us waiting. Why not give it a try? Youve got nothing to lose. Is this really the answer for all of us? 4. Language for articles Informal language Lets look at the problem from two different points of view. So, the government should really clear up this mess as soon as possible. It seems to me that what is important here is that...Finishing with a punch line On a personal note, Id like to say that ... How fantastic would that be? So all in all, that is why... 5. Contributions: brochures and guidebook entries Commenting on positive aspectsCommenting on negative aspects(The school/...) boasts a wide range of facilities.Admittedly, this is a rather expensive option, but...No trip to ... would be complete without a visit to...(The quality of the service) leaves a great deal to be desired.(The restaurant/...) is noted for ...Be warned, though: delays are not uncommon. 6. Contributions: brochures and guidebook entries Giving advice It is always wise to check... This is a point worth bearing in mind if... If price/location/class/size is a major factor when choosing (your school), you might want to consider... ... is certainly an option worth looking into. 7. Language for essays Commonly held viewsSaying what other people thinkIt is widely believed that... No one would dispute the fact that... Few people would contest / dispute that... It is generally agreed that...There are those who argue that... It has been suggested that... Some people claim that... Opponents / Supporters / of (hunting) argue that... 8. Language for essays Expressing an opinionReferring to sourcesThe first point to bear in mind is that...All the evidence suggests that...It is probably true to say that...A recent survey has proved that...There can be no doubt that...Judging by the comments made by...It is simply not the case that...Interviews with (students) have revealed that... 9. Language for essays Giving opinionsLinking ideas While it is true that..., it may not always be right to...I can honestly say that... Personally, I feel that... From my perspective it seems to be a good idea. In my view...Not only..., but also... ConcludingConversely, ... On the contrary, ...On balance, I feel that... Taking everything into consideration, ... In conclusion, ... 10. Information sheets You are expected to produce clear, factual information and/on advice on a topic. It should be clearly organised and may include headings. Give your information sheet a title. 11. Language for information sheets Giving background information Founded in ..., the city of... It was established in ... 1987 saw the creation of... Speaking about location Nestling in ... A short drive along ... takes you to... Directly opposite... you will find...Talking about facilities offered or products available The hotel offers ... Marine Sports facilities cannot be bettered. In addition to ... our company also... Listing points or features New developments include: a fully equipped laboratory ... Talking about future plans We hope to expand ... Among several future projects are plans to... 12. Language for informal letters ApologisingResponding to an invitation Im terribly/ awfully sorry about... Sorry I couldnt /didnt manage to...Inviting How about meeting up for ...some time? Why dont we try to get together some time soon? I was wondering if youd like to get together with the rest of us the next time you are in town.Thanks very much for inviting us to your party. Were really looking forward to it. I was really excited when I got your invitation. Unfortunately, Ive realised its the same weekend as my cousins wedding so I wont be able to make it / it doesnt look as if Im going to make it. 13. Language for informal letters Making a requestI was wondering if you happened to know anywhere we could stay. If youve got a spare moment, do you think you could find out when the music festival is on this year?Ending the letter I think thats all my news for the moment. Do write soon and let me know what youve been doing. Once again, thanks very much for being so nice to ... Cant wait to see you on ... in... Dont forget to say hi to ... from me. Give my love to... Speak to you soon. 14. Language for formal letters Stating the circumstanceIntroducing pointsI am writing with regard/ with reference to...Firstly/To begin with/Moreover/ Furthermore/In additionI am writing to express my concern about/ disappointment with/ disapproval of / apologies for...Finally (I feel) I must also (dis)agree with...I would like to draw your attention to/ point out certain inaccuracies...I should also like to point out that... According to your article / Your article states that...However, ... 15. Language for formal letters Listing complaintsMy most serious complaint is... Not only ... but also... If this were not enough...Request for action I would appreciate it/be grateful if you would... It seems only fair that you should... Unless you..., I have no choice but to... Otherwise, I will be forced to... I trust/very much hope that you will... 16. Proposal vs. Report The layout and format of a proposal can be very similar to a report.A report is usually based on an event or situation that has happened or already exists.A proposal tends to be based on a future situation or plan and is more forward looking. The recommendations section is the most important part of a proposal. 17. Language for proposals Stating the purpose of the proposalIn this proposal, I will describe / evaluate / present / assess... This proposal is for...Background information Feedback from students questionnaires suggests... Following a survey among college graduates... Interested parties were invited to attend... There were several issues arising from the last event, which was not a success... 18. Language for proposals Making recommendations and suggestionsA focus group should be set up by... There should be an investigation into...I recommend that a new centre be established...Final recommendationIn the light of the results of the survey / questionnaire, the introduction of a small fee would seem to be the best choice / option / solution. If these recommendations are followed, then the situation will be greatly improved. If these suggestions are implemented, there will be a marked improvement in the situation. 19. Language for reports Stating the purpose of the report The aim/purpose of this report is to describe / evaluate / present In this report, I will describe... This report provides a description...Describing how you got your information I spoke to / interviewed several members of staff... Members of the local police force answered a questionnaire... I visited three hotels: the Maritima... I conducted a survey among college graduates... Car owners were invited to attend a focus group... 20. Language for reports Reporting your results Most people said / expressed the opinion that... According to ... A high / small / significant proportion of those surveyed / respondents said that... 25% of the students... A small number felt that...Presenting a list The points in favour/ against introducing ... can be summarised as follows: ... 1... 2... The following reasons were given for (lack of attendance) firstly ..., secondly, ... Arguments put forward in favour of / against (the introduction of a local television channel) were: 1... 2... There are a number of ways in which facilities could be improved: 1... 2... 21. Language for reports Making recommendationsIn the light of the results of the survey / questionnaire, the introduction of a small fee would seem to be the best choice / option / solution. I would recommend, therefore, the purchase of... My recommendations are as follows... 22. Language for reviews Commenting critically ...providesafascinating/valuable/revealinginsightinto... Ifoundtheplotratherpredictable/disappointing. Theactingisveryimpressive/convincing. Shegivesacompelling/memorableperformanceas... Oneparticularstrength/weaknessofthefilm/bookis... Thedesign/characterization/productionissecondtonone/isnot itsbestfeature. 23. Language for reviews Encouraging others (not) to read / watch / listen Dontbeputoffbythetitle/critics/cover. Itwillhaveyouroaringwithlaughter/rushingouttobuythesequel. Itisadefinitemust-see. Iwoulddefinitelygiveitamiss. Iwouldhighlyrecommendittoanyoneinterestedin... Iwouldstronglyadviseyou(not)togooutandbuy/seeit. 24. Competition entry Foracompetitionyouhavetosubmitapieceofwritingtoajudge orpanelofjudges. Youwillusuallybeexpectedtonominatesomebodyforsomething orproposeyourselfforselectionforsomething(e.g.agrantto study). Acompetitionentrywillincludesomedegreeofpersuasionand givingreasonswhyyourchoiceisbest. Youshouldfinishyourentrywithastrongfinalparagraph. 25. Competition entry You may be required to write: Astory Anarticle Areviewofabook,film,etc Adescriptionofapersonoraplace 26. Sources: CAE Gold plus, Ready for CAE, Spotlight on CAE